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Foreign Diplomatic Relationship with Fiji Hits Bottom of the Barrel: "Fiji's Self Elected Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama Botches Again!!"

By Luvei Viti Think Tank group@ myvuw
Fiji people really need to take an intensive close look at the damage this regime is doing to Fiji's relations with Foreign Nations more so now with the most recent announcement. Frank Bainimarama, coup leader, now self elected Prime Minister of Fiji, has again expressed pointedly negative views about the two big Pacific neighboring Nations, New Zealand & Australia.

Is this another Faux-par?
Certainly not, Bainimarama, as Fiji coup leader, together with his 'inner circle' had the concept of insulting both these two Nations in their back pockets and had been been noted to be 'drip feeding' hints overtime in the recent months.
These Fiji regimes' arrogant and proud prickly ' inner circle' had the notion that it cannot be seduced into dancing the same tune with these two Nations. This attitude is very 'UN-FIJIAN' and anyone in their right mind and who are from Fiji will know what we are implying here.
The thrust of the recent announcement to expel foreign diplomats in Fiji and who are from New Zealand & Australia by Bainimarama resonates these points and can almost be likened to that of what happened in India during the British rule, quote, "transfer of power in India, and the collection and publication of the papers of many key Indian players in the processes of decolonisation."as observed in 'Shameful Flight: The Last Years of the British Empire in India, by Stanley Wolpert'
We believe, it must be noted, to those who may not be aware of the complexities of the relationship within the Fiji societies more so between the Indigenous Fijians and Fiji Indians exists vast range of differences in their thinking and attitudes towards Leadership and Governance. Fiji's Colonial Masters saw this and knew that the two races were 'poles apart' and may very well pose big problems in the future as is the current state, if it does not get reigned in. Fiji's late leaders were able to maintain peace in their effort to master this by exercising their insight, forbearance, consistency, perserverance, persistence and constancy.
Was Trouble Brewing in Fiji?
100 years plus after Fiji's Deed of Cession & ultimately its Independence from Great Britain in 1970 Fiji has enjoyed being guided into civilization under the British Rule. Did the Brits know about these impending issues that will one day haunt Fiji as it is doing now? Perhaps the learned ones or those valued thoughts from 'Turaga ni Vanua' (s) and Fiji elders, who are often forgotten, can point a way for us in this instance.
The fact is, Bainimarama & his 'inner circle' have driven Fiji far deeper into trouble, jeopardizing the Nations relationship not only with New Zealand and Australia but the Commonwealth Nations and other Super Powers within the International Communities. In a nutshell, Fiji's future generation will have to work extra hard to rebuild a Free & Better Fiji from the remnants of these two decades of Coup de tats and their type of governance. Meanwhile, how will Bainimarama & his regime regenerate confidence in their leadership?
Is Fiji weakening its Government to Government Diplomacy?
As noted by a US expert [PHK] in Whirledview, quote,
"Government-to-government diplomacy is an ancient and essential function, but public diplomacy is a newer tool that only governments with good things to share and relatively little to hide can use effectively. As the diplomatic tool par excellence of democracy, public diplomacy operates by precept and example.
Public diplomats disseminate information that can stand up to critical or even hostile examination—and when truth penetrates secretive or corrupt regimes the hold of tyranny erodes. Conversely, should an exemplar of good governance fall into patterns of deceit, dishonesty, abuse of power, corruption or hypocrisy, the way back is difficult. Credibility has been lost. " unquote.
Indeed, one can only deduce for themselves the outcome of Frank Bainimarama's most recent outburst on its bigger neighboring Nations, New Zealand & Australia.
Read more about Australian's take on Bainimarama's recent Diplomatic Botch.
Excerpts of article below:
"Fiji expels Australia's top diplomat."
AUSTRALIA is expected to formally expel a senior Fijian envoy today after Fiji's self-appointed Prime Minister ordered the high commissioners of Australia and New Zealand out of his country.
Commodore Frank Bainimarama said yesterday that he had told his Foreign Affairs Ministry to tell the Australian and New Zealand governments to recall their heads of missions within 24 hours.
"I have also informed them that our high commissioner in Australia is to be recalled with immediate effect,'' Commodore Bainimarama said.
Australian high commissioner James Bartley and New Zealand's acting high commissioner, Todd Cleaver, were expected to leave within hours.

Asked last night if he would formally order Fiji's acting high commissioner, Kamlesh Kumar Arya, to leave, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said he would make a considered decision today.
Mr Smith said he was very disappointed by Commodore Bainimarama's actions.
''It is very difficult to engage in dialogue when the other side won't have a conversation with you,'' Mr Smith said last night on Lateline."
In the same article, Michael Field & Tracy Watkins says this for NZ's reaction,
read on;
"Mr McCully said yesterday that he was disappointed at Fiji's action, which came as New Zealand and Australia had been making efforts to improve relations.
Australia had recently stepped up its representation and New Zealand had been considering similar moves.
Commodore Bainimarama accused both countries of being dishonest.
"They claim to be our friends yet on the other hand they failed to recognise the efforts that we are making in being a good international citizen,'' he said.

"That is why I cannot understand why Australia and NZ are engaged in dishonest and untruthful strategies, to undermine our judiciary, our independent institutions and our economy.''
The announcement came two days after Fiji's Australian Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, said Australia and New Zealand had counselled seven Sri Lankan judges against taking up appointments in Fiji.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says the judges were merely advised that once appointed they would be subject to travel bans in place since April when Fiji's constitution was abrogated and the judiciary sacked.

It said travel bans had been relaxed in the past on humanitarian grounds.
Some of the Sri Lankan judges were due to arrive in Fiji on Monday via South Korea, after they cancelled their planned transit through Australia, thinking that they would not be allowed in.
The Age

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