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Coconut Dictator says The Economist. What would Coup Apologist like Crosbie Walsh & Thakur Singh say to this, Fiji citizens wonder???

Images: Dr Mere Samisoni.
Just before we take you to the article by The Economist which appeared in the United Nation Foundation website, we would like to just echo a few points on Professor Crosbie Walsh. There has been many for and against articles, blogs written about Fiji saga & the military dictator, Frank Bainimarama.

When we did a quick research into who is blogging what for Fiji, post 2006 coup, we have found that these two personalities name, Crosbie Walsh & Thakur Singh come up in the top fives of those propping up this 2006 illegal regime. We will not go into gory details but one can google search their names to get a glimpse of their rhetorics. Well at least Aotearoa allows people to express their views openly and so we get to hear first hand read [if we care] about what these two coup apologist are on about. Just to be sure you are on the same page as us, below you will find a piece written by an old student of Cros Walsh. As for Thakur Singh, we will run an article on him in due course.
To give you another take, heres an exerpt from Dr Mere Samisoni's blog re her old lecturer, Prof Crosbie Walsh; quote,

by Luvei Viti Think Tank @myvuw

"Dr Mere Samisoni Debunks Walsh Crosbie’s take Fiji’s saga.

I was actually Crosbie-Walsh’s student for one unit, Development Studies, when reading for my MBA at USP. Whatever Crosbie-Walsh’s personal opinion of me as a student, I survived his teaching methods to achieve my Doctorate, amused that he still feels the need to mark my work: “in a rambling disjointed statement … she then calls for elections.”

If my expression so offends Crosbie-Walsh, he may wish to remember that I, like most Pacific people, have English as a second language. I can express myself in English, but everything else, thoughts, analyses and aspirations, are ka dina Fijian. How interesting that an appointed Professor of Pacific Studies finds it necessary to get snobbish in the face of true Pacific thinking.

The issue stated in my analysis is that in the vision, mission and the selection of Epeli Nailatikau, democracy has been raped by the illegal illegitimate regime. To quote Brij Lal when interviewed by ABC, after he was verbally abused and ejected by the Military, no rape is good.

Crosbie Walsh needs to understand, is that there are now many local Pacific experts with much more to offer the process of modernization of their respective countries and the Pacific as we find our own road to development. We don’t need the gun, and we don’t need a self-seeking pseudo-dynasty.

Look at the process when our legitimately appointed Vice President, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, was unceremoniously removed along with the people’s legally elected Multi Party Cabinet led by the SDL deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase.

Since the coup of 2006, there has been a consistently invasive pattern of interference by the Executive over the Legislator. We even have an illegally appointed judiciary. Successful government must have separation of powers between the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, and that separation must not be interfered with. Our situation in Fiji, from Nailatikau’s illegal appointment right through to lack of qualified judges and insufficient medical supplies, is a direct result of the jumbling of those powers with a heavy dash of military interference. Accordingly, for public good, one cannot be Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Looking at his blog, Crosbie-Walsh clearly supports a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to governance, as does the illegal regime. But how can this illegal government measure its performance if it refuses to see our communities in all their diversity? It’s like giving a value for the average income in Fiji but only using the income figures of the richest 50% and neglecting to factor in the entire working population (including unpaid workers). An illegal regime can cook up all kinds of faux statistics, but what really counts, is what happens on the ground, and what the people want.
My “Miscarriage of Justice” article is a call for elections and stands for action, in light of the IIR continuing to the rape our democracy with the appointment and swearing in of the illegal President, and possibly enduring past 2014.

The negative side of human nature – greed – has unjustly tarnished the good reputation of the Fiji Military Forces and those highly decorated professional soldiers, who would vote the illegal Voreqe Bainimarama out. This is not theoretical rambling but real life manipulation of the few against the best interests of the many. I hope the International community will continue to pressure through TRUTH and DEMOCRACTIC RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF FIJI."
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni, SDL elected Member for Lami Open Constituency (deposed )
Comments on Article by The Economist "Coconut Dictator".

luveiviti Think Tank responded to one-tok in this article & wrote:
Nov 20th 2009 5:47 GMT

Quoting "One-tok wrote: Nov 13th 2009 5:22 GMT This article, nicely written in Australia, rubbishes the dictator but fails to explain in details what he intends to do." unquote.
The tilte of this article says it all and must state clearly that One-tok has got it so wrong. Its a wonder, the MSG group did not know whether they were 'arthur or martha' in giving their support just like what One-tok has showed here. Evidently, the idea is Sir Michael Somare & his group of MSG have supported Bhaini-in pajamas and so he must be doing good for the Indigenous populace. Thats so incorrect. As a case in point heres a link to our blog where we have cited the human rights abuse & brutality to the first people or Indigenous Fijians and we are of a 'Melanesian Storck'. Heres the link

Questions we ask are as follows;
1. On what grounds are the MSG and people like One-tok supporting this Coconut Dictator?

2. Has someone really researched the Human Rights abuses this regime is doing to the Indigenous people in Fiji of which they are closely connected with their Melanesian brothers i.e Solomons, Port Vila, PNG & New Caledonia?

3. How can One-tok blatantly overlook these important points?

4. The Coconut Dictator publicly stated in one of his international interviews that the Indigenous Fijian people were 'stupid'. How can he stoop so low to say such thing?

5. An Indigenous representation by the Coconut Dictator's high Chief from his village paid this man a visit with other village elders to stop the coup and give Fiji back to the people [this was before Easter rulling in April 2009] Following Traditional protocols, these Chiefs & elders took with them a valued 'Tabua' or whale's tooth which is used as a ceremonious gift given only at prestigious traditional events or trying to appease warring factions as in this case. The Coconut Dictator, Frank Bainimarama, arrogant as he is, threw the 'valued Tabua' back at the elders. The rest is history.

In Traditional Indigenous Fijian Culture, if this low level response is given to those visiting elders & Chief who had the best of intentions, it is said, that the sheer act of Bainimarama throwing the 'Tabua' back in such a manner will result in his Curse for the rest of his life. This can only be lifted if he atones himself.

To conclude, no matter what the Coconut Dictator tries to do, his days are numbered and one that is tagged with "Fijian Curse' on his head.
Below is the One-tok's response to Economist postings of the blog titled 'Coconut Dictator'
One-tok wrote:
Nov 13th 2009 5:22 GMT
This article, nicely written in Australia, rubbishes the dictator but fails to explain in details what he intends to do. I don't like the tit for tat approach but Australia's heavy hand approach to the Pacific, especially Melanesia, deserves a tough stance by the islanders. It's about the Melanesians rise-up to the Australian bullying attitude and protect their interests. We have enough of the heavy handed approach. Look at the Solomon Islands, they are running everything since 2003. For whose interest? Ask Canberra.Anyway the coup culture won't spread to the islands. It's not a bacteria

Nov 12th 2009 CANBERRA
From The Economist print edition

A coup leader who is tough on the outside, softer underneath

FIJI’S military strongman, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has thumped down his fist. He will restore relations with Australia and New Zealand only in 2014, he says, having booted out their High Commissioners on November 4th. He justified the expulsions by saying the countries were interfering in his efforts to replace judges he sacked when he abrogated the constitution in April.
This latest diplomatic crisis, as with previous such episodes, led to a ratcheting up of repression at home: Brij Lal, a persistent critic of the regime and a distinguished historian of the Indian diaspora, was taken to a military barracks, harassed and thrown out of the country. This week, the authorities started jamming anti-government bloggers, who have proliferated since the coup of December 2006.

Mr Bainimarama’s belligerence has divided the region. Kevin Rudd, Australia’s prime minister, gave warning that Fiji might spread its “coup culture” across the Pacific. Some Pacific island leaders, though, who think Australia and New Zealand are being overbearing, are more sympathetic to Fiji’s coup leader.

But while he talks tough in the region, back home the commodore is in trouble. Fiji’s economy is reeling. Sugar, its mainstay for over 100 years, has been devastated by big cuts in European Union preferential prices; the industry is failing to meet agreed shipments to the British company Tate & Lyle. Other export industries, including garments, bottled mineral water and gold, also face difficulties. Only tourism fared well in 2009, as Australians and New Zealanders stayed nearer home instead of going to Europe and America. The recent expulsions risk turning some of them away again.

Mr Bainimarama’s political position is being eroded, too. In August, two of his rivals—once arch-adversaries—joined forces against him. They are Laisenia Qarase, whom he deposed as prime minister in 2006 and who retains strong support amongst the 57% of the population who are indigenous Fijians, and Mahendra Chaudhry, who resigned from the government last year and whose Fiji Labour Party has long been the party of choice for the 37% of the population who are Indians. The two men want fresh elections by October 2010.

Of those politicians who remain in the commodore’s cabinet, most have no credibility, having been rejected at the last poll, held in 2006. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, who became president on November 5th, had his nomination as vice-president rejected in 2007 by the Great Council of Chiefs, then the appointing authority for both posts. As Mr Bainimarama made clear in July when he acknowledged that Mr Qarase would win an election if one were held soon, he has strong reasons for delaying both election and diplomatic normality until 2014.


  1. Good job Mr Voreqe Bainimarama and keep up the good work in leading the Republic of Fiji forward!

    The Government of Fiji is working at eradicating poverty by 2012 - way to go! The elections being moved to 2014 is the way forward, all to do with MDG.

    In fact as an indigenous I stand up for my people and cannot help noticing why other bigger nations are being busy bodies in our Pacific Island nation - Fiji!

    What is it that makes them create such a big fuss over the Republic of Fiji. Is because
    Australia and New Zealand were entrusted fundings to look after Fiji and other Pacific Island countries but have abused their trust. Because they were dealing with corrupted leaders in the Pacific Island countries......hmmmmm I wonder why?

    Soon the trade sanctions will be lifted and Fiji can then deal with the wider world.

    In fact Fiji is a God(Jesus) fearing nation, and of course we have the protection of the Almighty on our nation. We the indigenous are a kind people very tolerant living with immigrants in our nation - idol worshippers, heathens and pagans, yet we tolerate them and they have come and lived off the wealth of our land. Really you foreigners should be grateful. You have to work extra hard though and that's the price you have to pay!

    Mr Bainimarama knows what the indigenous people of Fiji need and he is doing just that. With this MDG (Millenium Development Goals)

    Fiji will be handed all the fundings to look after the Pacific Island countries. Probably shake Australia and New Zealand because they were never faithful to their commitment and they continued to bully and dictate their terms to Fiji.

    One recommendation if you really want to know what Mr Bainimarama is up get on your knees pray and ask the Almighty to reveal this to you! The God(Jesus) of Fiji is the only one who can reveal this to you.

    If there is anything you should really write about it should be prints that encourage people! Because the more you write negative things it really shows what you have stored up on the inside of you! You are just talking about yourself.

    You may say you are entitled to your opinion but after all this one day you will stand before God who will judge you for all you have written and said. So I encourage you to print positive and good things that encourage other readers>

    Looking ahead!

  2. Sera,
    Its great that you have strong affliations with what your hero Frank Bainimarama is doing to Fiji & its people. Please do not get personal in your posting or this will be the last of your posting that you see get posted here.

    Theres one thing we are certain of, unlike you,our team firmly believe the people & Fiji are suffering under this regime. They are being governed under dictatorship & are under 'Country Arrest'.

    It is those that think like you & who are so caught up with self importance that they forget that ordinary people are suffering. What good has this regime & bunch of failed politicians who make up the regime have brought to Fiji & its people post 2006 coup? Can you anwer that in earnest? We will give you an answer & ITS A BIG ZERO!!

    Nothing postive has emnated from this coup. But what we can say, your hero & his bunch of wannabe politicians who you are supporting for reasons only known to you have brought Fiji & its people to its knees. Wake up and stop having the wool pulled over your eyes!!

    You state, Aussies & Kiwis & other International communities should stay away from Fiji problems. Yeah right!! - Are you on dream mode or what??? Fiji is sinking into oblivion where coffers running dry & Bhaini is running around trying to catch his tails looking for funding from bigger nations who are slowly closing their doors unless Fiji is returned to a democratically elected government.

    In a nutshell, no matter what you say or those coup apologists like you say, Indigenous Fijians are getting educated and they will not sit around and take 'crap' orders from wannabes.

    Our Team have over the last 09 years worked hard to contribute towards lifting those that are caught up in the cracks of poverty in Fiji. And if this is a forum to air the voices of those that are marginalised and trapped in this poverty cycle as well as those that are crying out because their livelihood have been forcibly axed so that the regime can take big salaries & a big fat cheque as Christmas bonus for the military thugs, then so be it.

    Oh, an important point that you need to note carefully, the numbers of deaths caused by coupster Bhaini & his 'batikadi(s)' & for which he will have to answer for to Fiji people as well as the international communities that have vested interest in the pattern of Human Rights Abuses taking place Fiji ever since 2006 Coup.

    We ask therefore that after reading our response,can you then comfortably say that you feel the same way was we do? Obviously, not as our we talk on different wave lengths, You are Pro-Coup & We are Against-Coup. Period!! That position alone defines who we are or what kind of Indigenous Fijians we call ourselves.

    Last but not least, please don't try and bash the Bible in our faces as thats a peronal issue. If you wish to preach your conversion message, why don't you go to Fiji or if you are alreday in Fiji, join up with Pastor Atu Vulaono, who we're sure will welcome you & your ideas.

    For our Luvei Viti Think Tank team@myvuw, we will continue to expose this regime until Fiji is brought to some sort of nomralcy & democractically elected government for the people & by the people. It is amazing to note your comments saying, you are an Indigenous Fijian & propping up this regime. Do you think that most Indigenous Fijians agree with your position?? Try educating yourself and read other blogs written by well educated Indigenous Fijian lawyers & journalist as well as Academics, they are all disgusted with what your hero Bhaini-marama is doing together with his cohorts of corrupt failed politician.

    Yes, we have decided to leave your version & not delete it from this blog as we welcome views, however, we will also strongly support our position and rebut views such as yours.
    Luvei Viti Think Tank@myvuw

  3. Thursday, November 26, 2009
    Another insane raving by the mad dictator.
    From Blogger Peacepipe.

    He is so consumed by this deep seated hatred for the SDL it is manifesting in all his pronouncements regarding the SDL and political issues, that he makes irrational statements all the time. He talks of racism and hatred in general but has no specifics and keeps delving when pushed that qoliqoli and reconciliation bills are cases of racism and hatred. Sad to say that I have not seen any blatant example of anything the idiot claims. When the poor fijian landowners are being helped to progress the fool calls this racism. Fool because it is his own race that he is depriving and Fijians are the ones needing help Indians are mostly well.

    Ironically I can feel the hatred coming from the dictator when he makes all these rash statements about shutting out the SDL and accusing them of illogical things. He accuses others of hatred whilst he himself practices it. Another hyprocritical performance by our tinpot dictator.

    Posted by Rachel Solivakasama at 11:42 AM

  4. Hey you, Sera - why don't you check out your 'drunken tin-pot dictator',SHAME!!! from 4.5 blog

    The interim regime's prime minister and army commander, Frank Bainimarama, drank for 7 hours at Suva's most popular night spot last weekend and in the process deliberately violated the pub's opening hours.

    Sources have told Coupfourpointfive that Bainimarama, who arrived from his trip to Italy and Brussels last Friday morning (21 November), was driven in a private car to Traps Bar at 11pm the same night, accompanied by his wife Mary Bainimarama.

    Like all night spots and liquor bars, Traps also closes for business at 1am daily. The interim regime has been strict on the opening and closing hours of night clubs.

    However sources say Bainimarama demanded the bar remain open for him and his wife.

    Sources have told us that Traps Ba owner, Gary Apted, was also present and couldn't deny Bainimarama's demand. Gary Apted is the brother of well-known lawyer, Jon Apted.

    Bainimarama left Traps with his wife at 5am on Saturday in a highly intoxicated state. He was picked up and driven away in the same private car used to drop him off at Traps.


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