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Will Fiji Be Another Little Slum City like Mumbai in the Pacific? [Click to view].

This is an interesting threads of discussion in a Fiji Family Forum called It is interesting to read all the views of the ordinary people who genuinely wants some solutions to be reached so Fiji & its people can enjoy a peaceful existence once more in their beloved homeland.

It is obvious that all the well thought out reasons and/or excuses to say whether this coup has been good or bad, the bottom line, Fiji is in a terrible Mess as recently echoed by one of Fiji's seasoned Politician.

Read further to get a feel of what matters to these ordinary Fijians.

Luvei Viti Think Tank @ myvuw.
Dave Langi, (response by Na Dina FTCM)
[latest response to D.Langi's post which can be read @bottom of page]

Your threads makes a lot of sense indeed. Forget Eddie & others like him who are just bleeting out rhetorics to suit their cause. They remind us of what that man called Takur Singh who blogs at Pacific Scoop together with Cros Walsh, Robbie David, they are pushing for a Fiji 'Mumbai Slum city'!!

Its people like Eddie & co that likes to ride the waves of popularity because they are the illegal regime of the day. So what do they do; they shine the shoes of their masters with their faces!! Simple version 'soli maka deo' big time.

Fijians at this point in time are pitted against those like names mentioned above who are computer literate, they scam,spam, hack, & block your internet access because thats their trade.

These people are vocal, ambitious, money-minded, individualistic & are in a diffrent world of their own. They know fully well Fijians are disadvantaged in this sense so they come out in droves dominating the blogosphere, newspaper articles, radio news and any other media they can get their hands, feet & face on.

They have all gone beserck if you ask for our opinions, thats the bottoms line. Its Fiji lolly scramble or Chilli Scramble for that matter as it might suit what they are all about.

They promote suppression to the voiceless & marginalised. One only needs to see whether VB reaches out to each village or people in the streets in Fiji?

Evidence shows they select who they want to reach out to & this unfortunately is being dictated by the likes of those that think from their nose up!! So where does the ordinary Fiji person end up - no one cares' thats the attitude this regime has. This is why Fiji people need normalcy & democracy to be reinstated asapo PERIOD.
Just some excerpts of earlier threads of discussion

Na vakadonui koya vakataki koya ga, koya la o vunau taka toka qori e cake e tu sara ga qori vei kemuni Eddie. ..." but the one who execute well, I think is right.." Maumau nomuni dau vosa vakamaqosa, qai sega ni titobu nomu rai.. Your ideas are so fixed on Voreqe being the only one who can bring about changes to our Nation...bahhhhhhhhhhTovolea mo vakarabailevutaka na nomu rai, Mr. Koroitunalagi. Sa dina sara ni da masumasu kece tu oqo. I don't see why some hypocrites like you cannot accept the fact that if God had put VB there, then all the repercussions that are taking place now, are all part of God's plan as well.. Sega ni rawa ni ko na mai kaya tiko meda mai toso vata.. Na veika ena yavu taki mai ena i naki ca kei na lewa kaukauwa, ena saqati ga. It's a universal knowledge, that " Dictatorship and Freedom Fighters, come hand in hand..!!!!!!"
Reply by Eddie C.Koroitunalagi
@Zac.......E sega ni dua na vakasama ni toso ki liu e tiko vei kemuni,eda vinakata kece me caka na veidigidigi vaka democracy,ena sega ni rawa ni yaco na duavata kevaka e tiko na veivaka duduitaki.Toso mai tagane,sa kua mada na vakabebe tiko,na veikakece e yaco, e yaco ena gaunisala duidui ka sa noda i tavi ga na vakavinavinaka tiko ni sa i'a kina na vei vakavulici keina leqa gona ni veika vinaka e tu na kena meca and that universal knowledge tagane......vodo ga mai meda mai qai.

Reply by Justin
Eddie vodo vei Voreqe??lolzz,sa rauti iko ga mo vodo yani mana,ni rauti iko vinaka,,wahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Reply by Eddie C.Koroitunalagi
@Justin.....cakacaka vakaukauwa mai yasana qori Ratu J,mo lesu mai mo bau mai yaga talega.....kua ni leqa e sa maroroi vinaka tu na noda vanua.

Reply by Alexander Tabua
Eddie taura mada na vakasama qo..You stole from a shop and you end up in jail even though you have your own reasons..Lets say Bainimarama stole from the same shop as you did and he did not go to jail and his got his own reasons...Both your reasons are not that much difference.
The judge was sacked in order for Bainimarama to escape justice that you served...Thats where we are coming from...The fight for fairness to equality..So that he too should face the law like you did..His reasons should not be looked..He stole..period..Because of his stealing in a shop or armed has cost the lives of two people..Sakiusa Rabaka and Verebasaga...So i beg you my friend,come join us...George speight is in prison so must Bainimarama..A coup is a coup..Reasons should not be looked at..

Reply by Eddie C.Koroitunalagi
@Alexander.......E rawa ni tautauvata na nomudaru cala ena duidui ga na gaunisala drau dui muria,koya ya e duidui kina nai totogi.I feel sorry for the deceased family and my prayers goes to them......very simple,kevaka eda na coqa na lewa,ena coqai keda tale ga ka rawa ni tini sara ena leqa koya e yaco vei rau na wekaqu qori....Ni qai kalougata tiko..!!!!

Reply by Alexander Tabua
On one condition to your commentGeorge speight should be should the CRW soldiers...The families of the deceased fully compensated..Then we can move on..Just a thought..

Reply by Fiji Truth Commission Movement
Eddie C.Korotunalagi.Obviously you have missed the point or [missed de bus to your village...]
Here read for your self what Article 7 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights say:
"Article 7.All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination." lot need to read & evaluate for yourselves how many of the articles listed that Fiji's current military dictator have breached.We will indeed look forward to having a field day in court & seeing Due Process being carried out.
Na DinaFTCM Team

Reply by Kasanita Kamakorewa Lindell
Oilei!!! O iko talega naita daru sota mada mo qai taroga vei au na taro qori, qai macala sara mada.....freeze se melt! lol... Show me your book first!God bless OUR Fiji indeed!! :)

Reply by Dave Langi
It is not worth the suffering of any Fijian, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, beause of the dictatorship in place.
For lesson learn which was never considered after the Rabuka debacle, each clan should reign in their own boys/men who are in the military, so their ties to families, clan, vanua, and church is so tight, there is very little room for loyalty to a dictator.
Look at the Council of the Chiefs. It is becoming a huge joke. The dictator in place dictates who can join and who is to be booted out. Never before in the history of Fiji.By having soldiers keeping close ties with their own family, they will always come first, not the 2-bit dictator who put the country to shame and chaos.
There is an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, I am an idiot." Isn't this the third of fourth coup in the last 20 years? No wonder the whole world is laughing.
Faith and work move mountains. Faith and pray? Hope you have a lot of patience, for this comedy will last a long time and Fiji will change in front of your own eyes. And then you will ask God, why did it happened. God will probably say, "I don't know! Frank asked for it and he went out and do it. And all the while, you just hope and do nothing about it."
I was just saying........... I don't know what God would really say, but I hate for him to tell me to wait because Frank will be done in 20 years. That will be very disappointing news, coming from God. Because, tommorrow, I may be in a bus accident which seems to be happening more and more these days.
And God will say, " Chill out! Why do you care, you are not in Fiji anymore. There are men in Fiji who can decide for themselves the future of Fiji. Let's wait them out for they are still arguing on what they need to do." But, I'm just saying........You know what I mean?

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  1. You people do not undertand the root cause of the problems in Fiji. It is so complex. Leave us kai Viti in Fiji to solve our problem. Voreqe is just our saviour. Qarase was selling us towards Australian Foreign Policy. We kai Viti now understand our deep rooted problem. Just leave us alone.


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