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Unearthing 'Na Dina' & Real Authentic Fiji Truths about Frank Bainimarama & his merry-coup Perpetrators.

by TK on September, 2009
As I was driving through the rough terrain of Nabukavesi towards Suva,on the evening of the sixth of Dec. 2006, every body knew that there will be a coup as the subject of all conversation were about how Ministers vehicles were taken and it went one by one and finally the news broke that the Prime Minister Qarase was airlifted from Naqali to Suva as there soldiers awaiting him at a road block in Sawani.

We all knew this a military coup. It is a saddest moment in Fiji.
How could one stop these Coup Cultures as it is not beneficial to anybody.
The biggest issue here ‘that the RFMF is for Fiji and not Fiji for the RFMF.’

What I meant that the people of Fiji is the final authority. Whatever it is, it is the ‘Voice of the People’ [that] should have been the final authority.

2006 election: RFMF ran a parallel campaign against the SDL but fail to acquire a seat with the Political party it was campaigning for.

The People just did not accept them and what they represent.

It was fair RFMF personnel went into villages, coast, to the interior and all over they convince nobody and the votes reflected that. This was so democratic unfortunately Tax payers dollars were used here.

Fiji Today,
· Every 3yrs or younger, ‘Children of Fiji have not seen or breath ‘a fresh air of freedom’.

· All they grew up with is fear.

· All the stories they would have grown up with:
· is intimidation, harassment, soldier in & out in everybody’s life & business, torture.

· It is these group in our population that we may have to educate, what is freedom and what is democracy.

· They have not seen any constitutional right neither have the opportunity to see and hear our traditional protocol taking it's position in all that is happening now.

· If 2014 were to be the year we return to a Democratic governance than we are denying our citizen, all those born form the 1990s by the year 2014 they would be in their early 20's.

· This goes to every kid out there son and daughters of chiefs, everybody they were closed out from a breathe of freedom and democracy.

· How would they live and what kind of life they would live is what Fiji will be.

· No one has ever consider to sit back and critically analyze this and how would these affect our society. At this stage I have’nt seen any reason so valid worth the national sacrifice of our society.

· Would the clean up ever provide any platform of fairness to our society for future definition of Fiji to be? All one see that Fiji the way the world should be is up for more much bumpier rides.

· I plead to everybody in Fiji lets not be shortsighted, lets all stop and re evaluate what is going on and what have done to ourselves.

· Fiji was made in a way by our forefathers totally the opposite of what we are doing now.

· We should all sit down and start looking at what we are doing, for the children of Fiji have been done wrong by the coup leaders & leaders and we have to do something about it.

· These children deserve better then all the reason put together for the coup.

· Now more social hardship is what they will be growing through and they do not deserve any.

· Whole generation has been taken out by Rabuka, Speight and now with the current adminstration [Bainimarama & co] and all leaders Alliance, SVT, FLP, SDL, NFP. Lets all stop and see what we've done to ourselves.
Everybody, and all Stakeholders, Political leaders to sit down and look at Fiji in a bigger picture and especially the children of Fiji to day and for Fiji tomorrow.

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  1. The speech Bainimarama delivered at the UN assembly is enough to make one dizzy and disorientated with the real world, because of the untruths and fabricated explanation of events. The way Fiji and Bainimarama's coup were presented to the UN assembly is shameful with all forms of devious concealing tactics evident in the construction of a poor presentation.

    The laying of blame on the post colonial governments, are poles apart with the reason Fiji understands about the coup. He pronounced to the world that Qarase and his government were corrupt as a result of the the post colonial leadership in which the political elite became power hungry and devised ways for the populace to acquiece to their leadership.

    I could not help but laugh at his referance to the enviroment and how he voiced his concern about our neighbours who could be under threat with the rising sea level brough about by the pheunomenon caused by our careless disregard for the planet. I think he would have done better if he explained the atrocities committed by him and his soldiers so he can achieve what he had deviously set out to do. He wanted to blame the past government, the consequences of events, the racial divide, the enviroment, the politicians but he forgot to mention where he fitted into the equation. He was free of blame.

    He even tried to quote the American President to justify his illegal takeover but there was no parallel to the presidential quote to the Fiji situation, and I think it will be viewed as such.

    When he mentioned the human rights abuse and the corruption, I know that the assembly would be keenly listening to what part he played in the eradication of this issue, because I think they know of his government's stance about media and freedom of speech/assembly etc. He would not be doing himself any favours because I am sure that Amnesty International would have tabled a report before this presentation.

    I think that the speech was constructed in such a way, so as to minimise the focus on the illegal takeover and the abuse they are widely putting the nation through, but to highlight the fact that Fiji was falling in line with rest of the world to combat the world's biggest threat, the enviromental issue.

    Good one Bainimarama, that itself is a poor vision by your Public Relations department as the UN did not get you there to speak on an issue that is way out of your capabilities to control. You don't have the funds, human resources and knowlege to undertake such complex issue as this, but making that part of your speech was enough to confirm the way you have lied your way to the PM's position, committing treason along the way.

    In a way, we can be glad that your speech has been delivered and it cannot be retracted, leaving the assembly and the world with a vision that could have been divinely constructed for the exposure of your true intensions Voreqe. The God we worship is one that is true, so he is against falseness. He is also faithful, so betrayal he detests. He preaches love, which makes hatred an enemy of his teachings. You have gone against all his teachings as written in the good book, and lied through your teeth to justify your evil means

    I will be looking forward to the positive message the people back home are going to be receiving from his media release on his return. Leweni will be out to raise the hopes of our people, and Voreqe will be out partying with Driti at their favourite watering hole till the wee hours of the morning.

    In the meantime, the ordinary Fijian has to scavange and fight for the survival of his family.

    Suliasi Daunitutu


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