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Indigenous Fijians & their Cultures/Chiefly System Must not be Forgotten: A Message to the Commonwealth & Bainimarama's Regime.

Revisiting what Raw Fiji News had echoed earlier in their blog below. We believe 'Nuggets of Truth' are revealed in this piece which articulates what most 'Ai Taukei Dina kei Viti' [Indigenous people of Fiji] are feeling in their hearts right now.

Sir Paul Reeves, representing Commonwealth Secreatariat, returned from Fiji on 11 September, 2009.

As we monitored and watched details of these meetings one can read the Master Plans a mile off, Bainimarama & his regime are using 'rail-roading' tactics, as they have been doing for the last 03 years with little or nothing to show for, except, military men, vb included, parading around in uniforms & regalias as if Fiji was a war-zone. Get Real!!

We are told those that were allowed to see Sir Paul Reeves were University academics ['yes -men' to VB & cronies], Business or Commerce Groups made up of mostly Indians & current regime.
So where are Indigenous Fijian Chiefs, other Representations from other Societies in Fiji i.e Rotumans, Banabans, Europeans, Chinese & others, the elected & Seasoned Politicians, Heads of Religious Organisations, Law Fratenity, trusted & much respected Fiji elders who have served their time lifting Fiji from the bottom of the barrel?

How one sided can these meetings be?
  • How can these so called money men & a handlful of academics & the corrupt vb regime 'Re-Contsruct Fiji'?

  • Who are these people?
  • Do we know them?

Can we trust these so-called 'wannabe experts' for our lives, our families, our resources, our future and Fiji's future?

Veikeda na Lewe ni Vanua o Viti kei keda kece sara na Kawa i Taukei:

Esa dodonu beka me ra mai vakatulewa o ira na kai tani ena noda Vanua Lomani o Viti. A cava era sega ni sureti kina o ira na noda Turaga ni Vanua? Esa cava e manati ratou tu na dabeca toka nai tutu ni veiliutaki vaka mataivalu ka ra gone i taukei? Era sa sega ni nanumi ira na wekadra se sa vesuki tu na nodra mona. Ena gauna oqo sa gaunba meda yadra mai ena veika e latitaki tu me da kua ni raica. Me da veitauri liga ka masulaka na veika baleti keda vakai Taukei de na qai yaco me da vaka lolomataki ka bula tu ena bula ni veivaka bobula taki me vaka esa caka tu vei keda ena gauna oqo. O ira na noda Turaga mera rokovi ka mera taqomaki.

Na kerekere vei keimuni kece sara na noda gone i Taukei ka ko ni curu tu ena mataivalu e Viti - Ni lomani keimami na kawa i Taukei me vaka ga ni levu sara vei kemuni e susugi ga mai ena kawa vaka i Taukei. Mo ni yadra ka raica na veivaka loloma taki ko ni sa vakayacora tiko vei keimami. Me tini ka tamusuki. Ni vaka nadakua na i vesu ni bula ko ni vesuki tu kina. Sa ra lewai Viti mai oira na tani. Sa ratou sureti oqoti o ira na veiliutaki ni dau ni vuku mai na Universiti oqo e Viti [USP]. Era na lewe levu ga kina oira na tani ka lewe lailai sara na gone i Taukei. O iratou na dau ni bisinisi, eda kila vinaka sara tu ga ni ra ulubuki kece ka lailai sara na kawa i Taukei. Dou yadra de da na qai vaka loloma sara vaka levu na kawai Taukei.

Vei keda na kawa vakai Taukei, Na Noda Vanua, Na Noda Kawa bula, Oira na i Solisoli, mera maroroi me rawa ni ra marautaka na veika era a valataka tu mai ena dua na gauna balavu ko ira na noda qase mai liu, mai liu sara.
Na vaka mamasu oqo, mai vei dua na gone kawa i Taukei ka mosita tu na noda Vanua kei na veika maroroi baleti keda nai Taukei.
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The international community’s response to the Qarase case High Court ruling is comforting indeed for the many disillusioned people in Fiji. They must be feeling so helpless with the added pressure of knowing that things will only get worse in the coming months and maybe years. Their self-styled interim PM Bainimarama have Fiji’s judicial system under his control. He has some of the best unethical legal minds on his side who have mapped out his judicial exit outside of the 1997 Constitution using the rubber-stamp Pressie’s prerogative powers to take him there. And good for them for being damn smart to carve out all those convoluted twist and turn legal maze.

But Frank and his legal, political and economical advicers must understand that they can not continue on with their manipulated forward march without the indigenous Fijian support they badly lack. When the coup happened, many saw it as Fijians piting against Fijians with the Maras, Ganilaus, Boles, Bainimaramas and the likes daring to oust the Qarase’s, Lalabalavu’s, Kepa’s, Cakobau’s and others head on using their gun power. But when the interim government line-up was announced with the inclusion of Chaudhry’s FLP threesome and the young ambitious muslim lawyer Aiyaz Khaiyum, the perception by many was that the coup of 2006 was an Indian coup. Many believed that it was a coup orchestrated by some key Indo-Fijian legal eagles, politicians, retired economists and development consultants who used Frank’s desperate situation to cease power on their behalf.

These coup masterminders and supporters are now well known with the key players coming out openly to display their role in the whole set-up. And guess what, these real movers and shakers behind Frank’s 2006 coup are no longer the Maras, Nailatikaus, Ganilaus etc but it is now the Khaiyum’s, Shameems, Pathiks, Maharajs, Gates, Byrnes, Chands, Samy’s, Narayans, Chaudhrys and so on. The Fijians have simply been relegated to mind the regime’s gun power security side of things while the Indo-Fijians and others are the main ones calling the shots for Frank.

One must not forget though that the 21st century indigenous Fijians are a completely different breed to those before them. They can clearly see through Frank. They know that Frank is a front to these selected few Indo-Fijians and others who think they are a gift to the Fijian race by trying to revolutionize their cultural and traditional belief system to one that is geared more towards capitalism and economical gain. Many are well educated with positions of influence in their own villages and it is through these civilized advisory roles by these educated Fijians that majority of their kind are often kept at bay from carrying out ruthless attacks on those they feel are invading into their cultural norms. It’s these same educated Fijians who insist and reminded their fellow villagers that their Fijian constitutional rights be fought legally through due process after Dec 2006 and not through physical confrontation they are akin to.

But now with the court ruling against them, the indigenous Fijians will naturally feel cheated by being patient, enduring and accepting of the legal process they had put soo much faith in. They must be thinking that they have done the legally correct thing to prove to others that they have matured and have become civilized as a race by addressing injustices against them through the judiciary and not on a one-to-one kill or be killed warrior like manner their ancestors were well known for.

According to a Fijian psyche, Anthony Gate’s High Court ruling legitimizing the 2006 coup is a ruling against their indigenous race especially when the same judge had declared Frank’s 2000 coup as illegal. How Gate’s arrived at his judgment is immaterial to them. The only thing of concern to them is that Gates has contradicted himself and that his earlier ruling in 2000 that a coup is illegal was a lie. To them, this faggot of a judge is not deserving of their trust and has let them down in a big way by making them believe that a coup was illegal but now legal. Speaks alot about Gates own confused personal judgment on whether he is a man or a woman! Give us a break Gates! Will do you good if you get a legal judgment from your two friends, Bynes and Pathik to determine your sexuality. You will always have a right to appeal it you know!
But when all is said and done, the indigenous Fijians anger must never ever be forgotten. Frank and his minority Fijian supporters at QEB must find ways to reach out to these masses or else!

Read Commonwealth's Article on Sir Paul Reeves recent trip to Fiji.

Sir Paul Reeves Concludes Visit to Fiji

10 September 2009
Sir Paul Reeves, Special Representative of Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma to the Republic of the Fiji Islands, departed Suva early on 11 September following a two-day visit to the Republic of the Fiji Islands

Sir Paul Reeves, Special Representative of Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma to the Republic of the Fiji Islands, departed Suva early on 11 September following a two-day visit to the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

At the invitation of the Interim Government, Sir Paul visited Fiji to explore opportunities for continued Commonwealth engagement with Fiji. The objective of his visit was to support the early restoration of constitutional democracy in the country, in line with Commonwealth principles.

Speaking on the eve of his departure, Sir Paul said his discussions with the Interim Prime Minister, members of Cabinet and others had been cordial, frank and informative.
“While I do not wish to pre-empt my report to the Secretary-General, I can say that I depart Fiji with a clear understanding of the Interim Government’s plans for Fiji following the abrogation of the Constitution in April. I welcome the importance Fiji attaches to its relationship with the Commonwealth, and the willingness of the Interim Prime Minister and his government to remain in discussions with me.

“I reiterated to Commodore Bainimarama and his Ministers that the Commonwealth stands ready to support an inclusive and time-bound national political dialogue, to facilitate the return of constitutional democracy. I also emphasised the importance Commonwealth members place on the fundamental principles that underpin our organisation, including representative government, respect for human rights and the rule of law.”

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