Friday, September 4, 2009

Guess Who Has the Iron Yoke around his Neck in Fiji Post Commonwealth. Read Mr S. Daunitutu.analysis.

Think Tank,
I thought I would post some of my thoughts to you after the full suspension of Fiji from the Commonwealth, for your consumption and analysis.

I thought I'd bring to your attention (if you haven't noticed already) how Voreqe has a blatant diregard for figures, numbers, statistics, ratios or numerical gauges which allow him to place his performance in regard to progress, others, and also for his own government's graphical illustrations.

A good example is the full suspension from the Commonwealth, at which the CMAG have been instrumental in trying to get him to adhere to or reflect on some numbers, figures which potray the failing economy and the southward spiral the country is in, since the takeover in 2006.

Mr. Narube, one of if not, the best we have in the country with numbers, was apparently sacked for informing Bainimarama that the figures that represented the country's piggy bank was down to petty cash and needed urgent replenshiment, in the shape of getting to the dialogue table, or show urgency in getting the country back to democratic rule. Bainimarama brushed aside not only the governor of the Reserve Bank, but one of the most qualified people in the land, to give him that advise, he actually sacked Mr. Narube, placing him under house arrest before letting ADB get their hands on him (I think that's where he is now)

What about figures that kicked the population in the guts last week, the upward hike of bus/taxifares and electricity rates ? He did not think anything of that, because he is chauffered to work, and businesses give his families present, the automobile versions. There was an uproar of disagreement from the general public, because those figure, are now matching the figures that they spend, on food and daily living.

Then there was the confirmation of his lack of knowlege in numerical dipsticks, when he boastfully corrected a reporter about the National Foreign Reserves, halving it in front of the reporter boastfully, for the world to hear. What does that say about his knowlege of these statistics, in regard to his leadership, his government, his mentallity, even his conscience ?

When the Commonwealth started talks with Bainimarama way back in 2006, that was three years ago. When they finally gave him the figures, 1:9:2009, it really did not mean anything to him, as all the other important ones before that he had an explanation for.

We all remember the figures 55, yes, he thought that was a good time to retire, as he mentioned in his reasoning, but it backfired, so he came up with "you can be taken back if you have special skills" aren't nurses and teachers, people with special skills ? God only knows how those people, who have mortgages, children in high school and have made plans, up till retirement at sixty. Of course, their minds would have been racing, and as we have heard, some commited suicide, because of that.

What about the MDG figures, I bet he doesn't know that Fiji is part of that excercise, it was set for 2020 or thereabouts. At last count, our level was sitting at 40% the total population, comfortably living at that very level we are trying to eradicate, that of poverty.
Fiji is a vibrant well balanced Nation with a good mix in the agrarian and metropolitan divide, he needs to listen to sound advise, so he can harness all our resources and turn them into props for those failing stats.

Put it this way, he cannot answer dichotomous questions, the chances that he will notice bigger figures, is practically zero.

To conclude, the CMAG talks from three years ago with its deadline has come and gone, the only figures he has drummed into the heads of the military, his illegal ministers and his own is, 2014.

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