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Fiji's Control Room Rests with Press/Media & Fiji Bloggers.[Click for AV].

Fiji suspended from the Commonwealth now a Done Deal!!

As a point of interest our team did a random snapshot sneak-preview of what other International news agency are saying re recent announcement by the Commonwealth. We must note in particular New Zealand's position as of todate 2/9/09 per McCully's comments where he states, quote, " there be a period of patience..." unquote.
Is it back peddling or what Mr McCully? Has the pressures from some Fiji-Kiwi Indian voters positioned @ Taranga Radio station & Indian Newslink in Auckland who have been very vocal in their support for the current regime in Fiji took the better of the Kiwi Voices?
For sure, other Fiji Kiwi Community Voices are placed on the sidelines as they are not commercially well placed. What is indeed surfacing is the 'Power Play' between a group of voters that have bigger purses than those that do not. As one of the University Professors who recently said in his Inaugural Public Lecture recently, 'Profit margin cost accounting is world's most Evil Devil: The other side of Real Value Economics".
As Fiji people, unfolding before us, are attempts by those that either have money or a handful of academics claiming to know Fiji because they once lived there. Their efforts to usurp core essense of what matters to the ordinary Indigenous Fijians in Fiji. This is now being used to the extreme that the Fijians are being treated like slaves in their own country. Their rights are being pulled from under their feet. Their Chiefly Institution being compomised. Their Chiefs being thrown into cells for a few nights stay at the hands of Indigenous Fijian soldiers. Why is it that Fijian soldiers who makes up 99% of Fiji army are now protecting others and not their own Indigenous people or their own families? Are their 'brains frozen in time' by the current regime? Or are they so sensitized, they cannot even see the griefs & pains they have have caused to the ordinary Fiji people?
Of course, there are those brave Fiji lawyers like Richard Naidu, Graham Leung and the likes that had to be interrogated by the military regime not so long ago. We applaud them for their stand and they will be remembered by many as brave Sons of Fiji. These young men are not Indigenous Fijians but know fully well, as experts, the destruction Bainimarama & his regime are doing to Fiji. The regime have destroyed much ingrained values, we, as Fiji citizens have grown up in since Fiji's Independence from Great Britain.
The coup cultures of 1987 to 2009 has reaffirmed the facts that Fiji had groomed wrong guys to take over its leadership for Fiji's Military. Both Bainimarama & Rabuka, coup - 'thugs' had ulterior motives and knew fully well they will be wealthy if they followed orders from 'men with money' behind the scenes and executed these Coup-de-tat(s).
Based on past events both Bainimarama & Rabuka's coup are geared to helping segments of business men, Fijians & Indians alike. Orders had to be followed. Bainimarama's push for reforms are so biased that evidence now shows Indigenous Fijians would have become knowledgeable on business & money matters as Qarase was trying to implement in his government. This posed red flags and a worry as Fijians might become too powerful if they increased their know-how of business & 'money handling'. The rational by these 'money men' behind the coups will be to rid any opportunity that may surface that will be beneficial to these Indigenous group of Fijian people. These segments of Fiji Indigenous people must remain at the village level or always at the lower end of the spectrum in any given business, never at the top. As we had noted in one of Cros Walsh's comments in one of our early blogs, quote, "Fijian Chiefs should remain at the village level..."unquote. How can an academic like Walsh who claims to have lived in Fiji say this? We are told that the world can be viewed from many lenses.
In essence those like Walsh, have enjoyed the privileges of having lapped up the honours accorded to them by ordinary Indigenous Fijians, be it their housemaids, ceremonious occasions where they have been honoured guests in Fiji etc. These groups of Coup-apologists like Walsh, Robbie David, Peter Thompson, Ah Koy as well as the failed Fijian politicians with 'R & 'A' (s) ' propping Bainimarama's regime, they will be held accountable in time to come. As the saying goes, quote, "Every Dog Has Its Day."unqote.
We conclude with more questions;
  • Why is it that the ceremonial aspect of being in Fiji, [Bainimarama, his regime & visiting dignatories] are still being treated to a lavish Traditional Fijian Ceremony? Why are they lapping up this good old age Fijian Tradition, if they are trying to do away with what matters to the ordinary Fijian? Why can't they have an Indian ceremony or a Chinese one or even a Western way? Such a state of hipocracy at its highest indeed.
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Read more:
BBC News: "Fiji has had a chequered relationship with the Commonwealth. It was expelled in 1987 after two military coups, but was readmitted 10 years later when democracy was restored. It was also suspended in 2000 for 18 months. "
1987 - Fiji endures two military coups, declares a republic; the Commonwealth expels Fiji
1997 - Fiji readmitted to the Commonwealth after it introduces a non-discriminatory constitution
May 2000- Parliament stormed, PM Mahendra Chaudhry and cabinet taken hostage. Businessman George Speight proclaims himself acting PM
June 2000 - Commonwealth suspends Fiji
Dec 2001 - Fiji readmitted to the Commonwealth

  • 2005 July - Military chief warns that he will remove government if proposed amnesty for those involved in 2000 coup goes ahead.

  • 2006 March - Great Council of Chiefs elects incumbent President Iloilo to a second, five-year term.
    2006 May - Former PM Sitiveni Rabuka is charged with orchestrating a failed army mutiny in November 2000.

  • Ruling party leader and incumbent PM Laesenia Qarase narrowly wins elections and is sworn in for a second term.

  • Military coup
    2006 October - November - Tensions rise between PM Laesenia Qarase and military chief Frank Bainimarama, who threatens to oust the government after it tries, and fails, to replace him. Qarase goes into hiding as the crisis escalates.
    2006 December - Frank Bainimarama says in a televised address he has taken executive powers and dismissed PM Laisenia Qarase. Commonwealth suspends Fiji because of the coup

  • 2009 - [September 2] Fiji is now suspended from Commonwealth.



Fiji’s Bainimarama secures pariah status as worst dictator in the Commonwealth
Free speech and free press paralyzed.

Media organizations through the Commonwealth have compared notes to conclude that Commodore Frank Bainimarama's prime achievement as dictator of Fiji is to have attained the worst media reputation in the Commonwealth.

With that comes the paralysis of basic human rights - free speech and free press - and the pursuit of policies so retrograde as to drag down his beautiful country socially and economically at huge price to its wonderful people.

Bainimarama has expelled foreign media (but invited some back for supervised coverage). He has closed media institutions, monitored those left standing and bullied and intimidated those who have resisted - including the judiciary, which he sacked. The constitution has been tossed out at his direction to make way for one of his choosing.


McCully: We can't force Fiji to hold elections
9:40AM Wednesday Sep 02, 2009
Military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama holding a press conference at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. Photo / Getty Images, Phil Walter

"New Zealand can do nothing to force Fiji to restore democracy so there now be a 'period of patience" Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Murray McCullysays...."
The rule of law, democracy and human rights were "the glue that holds the Commonwealth together".

New Zealand would not be imposing new sanctions, he said.

"We've simply taken the view that the rest of the international community have fallen broadly into line, we don't see any reason for new initiatives to take place at this stage," Mr McCully told Radio New Zealand.

"There's really nothing we can do to force Fiji to move down a path towards democracy."

Economic pressures would contribute eventually, he said.
The government would be no better than the military regime if it banned New Zealanders from taking advantage of cheap holiday deals to Fiji, he said.

Journos call for Fiji tourism boycott

By Radio Australia's Bruce Hill

The International Federation of Journalists wants travellers to rethink any plans to holiday in Fiji.

Fiji is facing suspension from the Commonwealth at midnight Tuesday (local time) for its slow progress towards a return to democracy.

Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who led the December 2006 coup in Fiji, has refused to bow to Commonwealth and regional pressure to hold elections sooner than 2014.

The editor of the Fiji Times newspaper, Netani Rika, told a recent journalism conference in Brisbane that Australians appear to have no idea how lucky they are to have a voice through free media.

The International Federation of Journalists Sydney-based spokeswoman, Deborah Muir, has told Radio Australia anyone thinking of holidaying in Fiji should reconsider.

"What Netani Rika says is it's unnerving to know that tourists from Australia and elsewhere, other free countries, would still be going to their resort holidays seemingly oblivious to the fact that Fiji is being administered by a dictatorship," she said.

"Fiji is no paradise right now. Any advertising campaign that says it is a paradise is false advertising.

"The International Federation of Journalists would strongly urge people who are considering holidays in Fiji to think twice about it and to use the rights that they have in the free countries in which they live to inform themselves what is happening elsewhere in the world."
But Frank Yourn, executive director of the Australia-Fiji Business Council, says it is the innocent that will suffer, not the interim government.

"I think it's important that people who are considering this understand the impact that a decision like that would have on the ordinary people of Fiji, the people who are employed in the tourism industry and the various industries that surround the tourism industry," Mr Yourn said.
"It's not a matter of propping up the dictatorship; it's really a matter of trying to ensure the economic survival of people who are really suffering quite badly."

LOS ANGELEES TIMES....."Simply not interested unless its FIJI WATER CRISES' by Mother Jones.,0,6170770.story


  1. September 2, 2009
    Filed under: Uncategorized — national-director @ 10:25 pm
    The recent article by Peter Thomson in the Canberra Times, indicates clearly that this former Fiji civil servant, supports Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s illegal, treasonous and sinister plans to remake Fiji. Mr Thomson is gullible and naïve in the extreme if he believes the stories Bainimarama has told him.

    Why would he be persuaded that the Commodore has democratic aspirations when the dictator is building a totalitarian state firmly in the grip of an intolerant and ruthless military? Bainimarama has given no evidence of any sympathy at all for representative elected government manifesting the will of the people.

    In his role of appeaser and apologist, Mr Thomson appears to be indifferent to Bainimarama’s abuse of rights, curbing of freedom, religious persecution, threats, and intimidation. Is he not aware of the strict censorship that has been imposed , deaths in custody, the “invitations” for people to visit the military barracks and the firebombings and vehicle smashings, aimed at those perceived to be in opposition?

    Mr Thomson is out of touch. He needs to do his homework, get a grip, and acknowledge the reality of Fiji’s situation.

    He makes much of the Indigenous Claims Tribunal legislation introduced by the Qarase administration. This was no Zimbabwe initiative. It was being subjected to a rigorous process of democratic scrutiny that was a hallmark of Qarase’s governments. There is certainly a danger of Fiji becoming another Zimbabwe, or even a Haiti. That danger comes from Frank Bainimarama.

    Mr Thomson should read the essay by Michael Green, a former New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji, to be enlightened on the part Bainimarama played in sabotaging Mr Qarase’s widely-acclaimed commitment to multi-racial government comprising his own SDL party, the Fiji Labour Party and minority community representatives. Through this model of ethnic co-operation, Mr Qarase was moving to the political centre.

    In light of Bainimarama’s appalling record, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Forum have adopted the correct position against his military dictatorship. Their stance is not against Fiji; it is in opposition to the regime. They have stated many times they are willing to talk with Bainimarama but the despot does not want to engage in any discussion involving the free exchange of ideas and the principles of compromise.




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