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Fiji Day-10 October 2009: A Tribute To Hon. Laisenia Qarase & all the Elected Politicians that Got Ousted by Fiji's Military Coup

Image: Elected Fiji Prime Minsiter, Laisenia Qarase.
by Mike
For rich or poor Mr Prime Minister? November 20, 2008 Power is almost synonymous to the amassing of wealth by those who think wield power. Ratu Kamisese was a very rich man during his reign as Fiji’s first Prime Minister. He was probably lucky he was born a chief which gave him easy access to the best education and he used that edge wisely to become a revered Fijian millionaire PM.

Timoci Bavadra we believe was comfortably wealthy but not a millionaire. His wife Adi Quini was far from being a materialistic kind and both were quite genuine in serving the people rather than to line their own pockets. Bavadra’s tenure as Prime Minister was short-lived but even if he had survived his full term, we still doubt very much that he would have been too carried away in building his own wealth nest.

Military coupster Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka came out an asset-rich millionaire after his reign. His rags to riches story made him splurge like crazy when he realised how he could use his Prime Ministership to pump up his own personal net worth. But he was a stupid fool and a show-off with his moral compass pointing permanently down-south at his untamed second brain. He had it all but almost lost it all with just enough to now live a simple pensioner’s life. He could have been a very rich men but fate proved that what goes around comes around if you are a power snatcher – hint hint to Frank.

Mahendra Chaudhry is another rags to riches smooth operator cum millionaire. His ability to cunningly accumulate millions of dollars from sympathetic people and later stash it away quietly outside of Fiji is the work of a genius. His brilliance as Fiji’s Robin Hood is second to none. If Chaudhry is able to raise such funds for ”him and his family” outside the ambit of being a full-fledged serving PM, you can’t blame Joe Blow’s imagination running wild on the possibility of the many more bundles of money bags Chaudhry would have re-routed to his other hidden accounts had he stayed in office for a full 5 years term.

Laisenia Qarase is a typical poor village boy from the outer islands with only a sleeping mat, pillow if his lucky ,and a cane knife as his start-up capital. His humble beginnings would almost mirror that of Rabuka and Chaudhry as poor commoners who have struggled and worked damn hard to earn their keep. Qarase proved himself as an astute banker in the private sector. He was probably earning the most as compared to the others before they assumed the PM’s job. Qarase seem to have been doing very well as Managing Director of FDB then Merchant Bank. And we don’t doubt the fact that he gave up his lucrative well remunerated top job to serve the people as a democratically elected PM on a much reduced pay pack. Simply put, Qarase is the only one who has factually sacrificed his better-off executive lifestyle to serve his country. His humble home at Moti St is not palatial like his counterparts and he is not known to have acquired any other new asset during his term as PM. Ask FICAC and they will tell you how useless their efforts are in trying to dig out dirt on this man. Their manufactured corruption charges against Qarase just doesn’t seem to stick.

Like his military coup-maker partner in crime Rabuka, Frank is wasting no time in feathering his own nest. His whooping $188,000 back-pay was an appetizer to many other shady deals that followed including real estate property acquisition, silent partnership with some Middle Eastern and Asian businessmen, siphoning of funds to his hidden offshore accounts and many more that will come out of the woodworks after his fall. Frank has been a public servant naval guy all his life with a reasonable pay pack. As CEO of Fiji, he is still at awe with the millions of taxpayers dollars he now controls. He just can’t believe he’s inside the pot of gold. And the nuttiest thing he will do is go to town with it which is exactly what he is doing, buying peoples loyalty. Perhaps Frank should seek advice from Rabuka on the hard realities that comes with being a power and money grabber. It’s all but illusive.


  1. 3/10/09

    The Tribute to the Honorable Laisenia Qarase and all elected Politicians is a joke.

    The differences in philosophy and party politics between the Fiji Labour Party and the Liberal SDL policies is not even mentioned in the biased reporting by the "tribute social marxist focus - Father Kevin Barr and Mahendra Pal Chaudhry".

    The tribute is an insult to those of us who want change that respect peoples choice for human values in our diversity. Constitutional democracy with its processes is the only way to connect to the "hearts and minds" for common public good. As opposed to the "gun power" approach by this Illegal interim Regime (April 9th, 2009 Fiji Court of Appeal) with FLP support.

    The statistics (Samisoni 2008) show that Indigenous Fijians make up 57% of the general population (Indians 37% and Others 6%), own 93% of the land and sea resources, own only 21% of the business economic activity today.

    Furthermore, of the 6% UCV of land, only receive 2%, the tenant receives 78%, while the balance of 20% goes to Government (Nawaikula, personal contact, 2009). From this distribution it is obvious the government's role in Agricultural Landlord and Tenants Act (ALTA) is to promote the tenant not ownership of land.

    The issue therefore is "ownership" not race and the dynamics seen in the so called tribute story is more of the same old "coveting thy neighbors wife".

    Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni.

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  3. Dr Samisoni,
    Our sincere apologies if the above posting is an insult to you & your group. In earnest the post was meant well and not to offend anyone more so Elected PM Qarase & all of you that were elected i.e all members of each party that had won their seats in the last election.

    Your reading of the posting has indeed given a new dimension, and we trully appreciate your thoughts and the feelings you have articulated.
    Rest assured, the article had been chosen from many bloggers which we wthought will have given many of those that are following Fiji saga a glimpse of what power has done to these military regime & coup leader. It has perveted the course of history in Fiji & sure steer a downward spiral/decline of Fiji's economical status.

    These were the thrust of the message we are trying to give as per this blog post. Perhaps we should have added our comments before the blog posting.
    Please accept our sincere apologies for any points we may have overlooked.
    Admin Team
    Luvei Viti: Children of Fiji

  4. Dear friend from Poland,
    Thank you for taking the time to read & take an interest in our blog. We have noted your request and we will add your link to our blog.
    Vinaka & thank you.
    Admin Team
    Luvei Viti: Children of Fiji.

    "Hello! Please, can you add my button or link to affiliates, then I will add yours. If you add me, write in my cbox. where are you live?"

    I am from in Poland

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    Unfortunately, your site cannot be added and we apologise for having said earlier that it will be.

    Thank you again for your interest.
    Luvei Viti Team

  6. The Bryant Beacon

    Psalm 43:3
    "O, send out thy light and thy truth..." Our hearts desire is that our lives will be a BEACON for lost boys and girls in Fiji who need the Savior.

  7. 5/10/09

    Dear Luvieviti Team,

    I am glad you have removed the film tribute.

    It is obvious to me that it was not viewed to link with your text message in the blog, before it was put alongside the image of Honorable deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and the "justice" he stands for.

    Your branding process had the wrong mix.

    Additionally, the SDL values and Liberal policies, supported NALTA for changes in order to balance out (2%; 78%; and 20%), distribution of profits or risk benefit trade-off more evenly, in favor of the poor Indigenous Fijian (IF) landowners.

    Accordingly, race is a market differentiator that needs to be accounted statistically for significance. So that, strategically the issues are addressed in the "business plan" for common values, exit strategy and public good. Race is a human value with a structural customer market base. Thus, It can never be swept under the mat, to solve Fiji's problem, as this IR is attempting to do. Eventually, the "oppression" will implode in their faces.

    Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni.

  8. Vinaka Dr Samisoni.
    Your observation & critique is well received & noted.

    Luvei Viti Admin Team


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