Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dr Mere Samisoni Shares her Thoughts on "Why Fiji is in a Mess?": Fiji & The Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth and Fiji
Why is Fiji in this mess?I agree with the comments made by Apete on ' Interim Regime moving the goal posts' and I have also sent this comment to the Commonwealth for discussion and debate.

The reasons put forward by Bainimarama for carrying out his 2006 coup provide a good parallel of Fiji’s post-coup state of instability. His justifications have been wandering all over Fiji’s political landscape and represent the height of insincerity.

These started off in 2004 with:

(1) “national security” to get the military on side. Once that was “done” he moved on to

(2) “corruption”, to get the general public on side. Then when that did not work, he moved to

(3) “multi-ethnicity” or race, to at least keep his Indian-Fijian coup support intact. It then morphed over to

(4) the Role of the Military as he began to fill the 'civil' service with Military Officers for their loyalty. When the lies of 2006 and the treason of April 2009 began to cause rifts amongst the troops, he again re-invented the 2006 coup as

(5) the only “intervention” that could right the wrongs of the killing of loyalists in the November 2000 Mutiny. Meanwhile, the public rationale for the coup has now moved on to

(6) the need to fix the purported “damage” of the past 20 years of alleged “divide and rule” government policies (none of which has been named or explained).

The real reason for the 2006 coup is of course completely different, and is well known to people like former Police Commissioner Hughes who had the evidence to expose it in 2006, before soldiers were sent to arrest him.The problem for institutions like the Commonwealth is that they require honesty, legality, co-operation and good faith, to be able to achieve much. It is evident from the above that the Commonwealth is unlikely to get any such thing from the Fiji Regime whose interest in subjects other than its own survival and self-preservation, are easily expendable.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni legal elected member of Lami Open Consituency in 2006.Please also go to the following site to give you valued comment on the bottom line in the rape of our democratic rights under Fiji and he Commonwealth. Pick up the thread of what is right for Fiji. Many thanks for your time.


  1. Vinaka Luveiviti
    The Fiji papers mainly write stories about trivia, so there's a need for opinion pieces.

  2. Vinaka
    We appreciate valued comments such as yours.
    We also have just heard that Sir Paul Reeves who had gone to Fiji 8/9th Sept 2009, with the best of intention & Noble thoughts again got 'railroaded'. He was only allowed to speak to those that supported VB & his regime. These were we are told; Current regime, Academics from University of South Pacific, Business Community/Commercial representations.

    As one of the interested groups that are monitoring Fiji saga, one cannot help but notice how VB & his regime have elected to ignore the Indigenous Fijian aspect of Fiji i.e their Chiefly Institution etc. There are also those minority Communities that represent other segments of people that make up Fiji's populace and/or political lanscape.


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