Saturday, September 5, 2009

Current Regime Promoting Vandalism in Fiji? Check out Discom Bubu's blog reprinted here as our Support for Graham Leung & Ratu Joni Madraiwaiwi

Howards Lawyers Offices in Suva broken into
An act of vandalism at the Howards Lawyers offices in Suva earlier this week has taken a malicious turn especially when we consider carefully the following factors:

1. The media has not reported it - which means that the story did not make it past the censors - which in turn means the military regime had a reason for suppressing the story.

2. Howards Lawyers are where Graham Leong and Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi are based. Both gentlemen are well regarded critics of the military regime.

When the military junta hijacked the process of LAWYER LICENSING in Fiji in May 2009, via one of their illegal decrees (namely the 'Legal Practitioners Decree 2009'), all legal practitioners in the country had to reapply for their practicing certificates with the Chief Registrar of the High court as their licenses expired.

Being men of high principle, both gentlemen decided not to renew their licences.

The careful and deliberate manner of the break-in has cast the finger of suspicion straight to Bainimarama's men, and have indicated the nefarious desire by Fiji's self-installed regime masters to 'catch' these gentlemen in the act of practicing lawyer activities. (Because of course, then they can be prosecuted under the new and illegal fascist decrees)

3. The method of the break-in. This was a very neat cut in the door right around the lock, rather than a forceful smash of the door or breaking a pane of glass.

This would indicate that the break-in was done by experts rather than just common robbers, and we know the military and the police would have the equipment to cut such a hole.

4. The items things targeted and taken were related to things "Fijian" - namely documents pertaining to the Constution & Registration of the Institute of Fijian Studies that is an off-shoot of the Fijian Retired Teachers Association.

One would have to ask the question - why would a common criminal be interested in taking those sorts of papers ?

My understanding is that this organisation has been on the receiving end of endless delaying tactics and nitpicking by the Companies Registry who are trying to undermine the process of getting the organisation registered and the susequent applications for UN aid for its establishment.

It may be of additional interest to itaukei that this regime is demanding that any mention of the word 'Fijian' has to be deleted , and that even though the organisation is being set up as an academic and research institute of learning (and as such, qualifies for UN aid and other agency funding) the junta are demanding that it has to be registered as a Company even though it is not a company.

As a Company, the regime can demand fees and taxes and monitor their aid monies now that they have entrenched themselves into all levels of governance.

Yes folks, yet another example of the criminal ploys typically undertaken by Bharmybanana's regime to keep the truth from getting out. Shame !
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  1. io sa vinaka ga me sa levu tiko ga na masu me tarai na yalodra na veiliutaki,rui rerevaki ni da ubi keda tiko ena ubi vulavula,na lomada sa vaka na olifa daukata.

    ena sega ni dua na vanua e da na dro kina,ni sa yaco mai na matanitu ni vou,

    gauna madaga qo da sarava tiko madaga,vinaka luvei i viti na i tukutuku pasitaki tiko mai me da kila tiko na ka sa yaco tiko mai noda.

    kalouagata tiko......................

  2. Vinaka vakalevu na vosa ni veitokoni kei na yalo ni vei kauweitaki. Da sa na vei tauri liga taka ga na sala qo, ka ravi ga vua na nodai nuinui levu na Tamada vakalomalagi. Me yaco ga na nona lewa ena kena gauna donu.
    Vaka nuinui vinaka.
    LV Think Tank Team @myvuw

  3. na qai sa qai ga. Toso mai me da tara edua na Viti Vou. Dont Cry over split milk. It gone and we start anew. We are not like Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti. We are still enjoying the sun in the Pacific. Its still normal Fiji


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