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Fiji Day-10 October 2009: A Tribute To Hon. Laisenia Qarase & all the Elected Politicians that Got Ousted by Fiji's Military Coup

Image: Elected Fiji Prime Minsiter, Laisenia Qarase.
by Mike
For rich or poor Mr Prime Minister? November 20, 2008 Power is almost synonymous to the amassing of wealth by those who think wield power. Ratu Kamisese was a very rich man during his reign as Fiji’s first Prime Minister. He was probably lucky he was born a chief which gave him easy access to the best education and he used that edge wisely to become a revered Fijian millionaire PM.

Timoci Bavadra we believe was comfortably wealthy but not a millionaire. His wife Adi Quini was far from being a materialistic kind and both were quite genuine in serving the people rather than to line their own pockets. Bavadra’s tenure as Prime Minister was short-lived but even if he had survived his full term, we still doubt very much that he would have been too carried away in building his own wealth nest.

Military coupster Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka came out an asset-rich millionaire after his reign. His rags to riches story made him splurge like crazy when he realised how he could use his Prime Ministership to pump up his own personal net worth. But he was a stupid fool and a show-off with his moral compass pointing permanently down-south at his untamed second brain. He had it all but almost lost it all with just enough to now live a simple pensioner’s life. He could have been a very rich men but fate proved that what goes around comes around if you are a power snatcher – hint hint to Frank.

Mahendra Chaudhry is another rags to riches smooth operator cum millionaire. His ability to cunningly accumulate millions of dollars from sympathetic people and later stash it away quietly outside of Fiji is the work of a genius. His brilliance as Fiji’s Robin Hood is second to none. If Chaudhry is able to raise such funds for ”him and his family” outside the ambit of being a full-fledged serving PM, you can’t blame Joe Blow’s imagination running wild on the possibility of the many more bundles of money bags Chaudhry would have re-routed to his other hidden accounts had he stayed in office for a full 5 years term.

Laisenia Qarase is a typical poor village boy from the outer islands with only a sleeping mat, pillow if his lucky ,and a cane knife as his start-up capital. His humble beginnings would almost mirror that of Rabuka and Chaudhry as poor commoners who have struggled and worked damn hard to earn their keep. Qarase proved himself as an astute banker in the private sector. He was probably earning the most as compared to the others before they assumed the PM’s job. Qarase seem to have been doing very well as Managing Director of FDB then Merchant Bank. And we don’t doubt the fact that he gave up his lucrative well remunerated top job to serve the people as a democratically elected PM on a much reduced pay pack. Simply put, Qarase is the only one who has factually sacrificed his better-off executive lifestyle to serve his country. His humble home at Moti St is not palatial like his counterparts and he is not known to have acquired any other new asset during his term as PM. Ask FICAC and they will tell you how useless their efforts are in trying to dig out dirt on this man. Their manufactured corruption charges against Qarase just doesn’t seem to stick.

Like his military coup-maker partner in crime Rabuka, Frank is wasting no time in feathering his own nest. His whooping $188,000 back-pay was an appetizer to many other shady deals that followed including real estate property acquisition, silent partnership with some Middle Eastern and Asian businessmen, siphoning of funds to his hidden offshore accounts and many more that will come out of the woodworks after his fall. Frank has been a public servant naval guy all his life with a reasonable pay pack. As CEO of Fiji, he is still at awe with the millions of taxpayers dollars he now controls. He just can’t believe he’s inside the pot of gold. And the nuttiest thing he will do is go to town with it which is exactly what he is doing, buying peoples loyalty. Perhaps Frank should seek advice from Rabuka on the hard realities that comes with being a power and money grabber. It’s all but illusive.

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Unearthing 'Na Dina' & Real Authentic Fiji Truths about Frank Bainimarama & his merry-coup Perpetrators.

by TK on September, 2009
As I was driving through the rough terrain of Nabukavesi towards Suva,on the evening of the sixth of Dec. 2006, every body knew that there will be a coup as the subject of all conversation were about how Ministers vehicles were taken and it went one by one and finally the news broke that the Prime Minister Qarase was airlifted from Naqali to Suva as there soldiers awaiting him at a road block in Sawani.

We all knew this a military coup. It is a saddest moment in Fiji.
How could one stop these Coup Cultures as it is not beneficial to anybody.
The biggest issue here ‘that the RFMF is for Fiji and not Fiji for the RFMF.’

What I meant that the people of Fiji is the final authority. Whatever it is, it is the ‘Voice of the People’ [that] should have been the final authority.

2006 election: RFMF ran a parallel campaign against the SDL but fail to acquire a seat with the Political party it was campaigning for.

The People just did not accept them and what they represent.

It was fair RFMF personnel went into villages, coast, to the interior and all over they convince nobody and the votes reflected that. This was so democratic unfortunately Tax payers dollars were used here.

Fiji Today,
· Every 3yrs or younger, ‘Children of Fiji have not seen or breath ‘a fresh air of freedom’.

· All they grew up with is fear.

· All the stories they would have grown up with:
· is intimidation, harassment, soldier in & out in everybody’s life & business, torture.

· It is these group in our population that we may have to educate, what is freedom and what is democracy.

· They have not seen any constitutional right neither have the opportunity to see and hear our traditional protocol taking it's position in all that is happening now.

· If 2014 were to be the year we return to a Democratic governance than we are denying our citizen, all those born form the 1990s by the year 2014 they would be in their early 20's.

· This goes to every kid out there son and daughters of chiefs, everybody they were closed out from a breathe of freedom and democracy.

· How would they live and what kind of life they would live is what Fiji will be.

· No one has ever consider to sit back and critically analyze this and how would these affect our society. At this stage I have’nt seen any reason so valid worth the national sacrifice of our society.

· Would the clean up ever provide any platform of fairness to our society for future definition of Fiji to be? All one see that Fiji the way the world should be is up for more much bumpier rides.

· I plead to everybody in Fiji lets not be shortsighted, lets all stop and re evaluate what is going on and what have done to ourselves.

· Fiji was made in a way by our forefathers totally the opposite of what we are doing now.

· We should all sit down and start looking at what we are doing, for the children of Fiji have been done wrong by the coup leaders & leaders and we have to do something about it.

· These children deserve better then all the reason put together for the coup.

· Now more social hardship is what they will be growing through and they do not deserve any.

· Whole generation has been taken out by Rabuka, Speight and now with the current adminstration [Bainimarama & co] and all leaders Alliance, SVT, FLP, SDL, NFP. Lets all stop and see what we've done to ourselves.
Everybody, and all Stakeholders, Political leaders to sit down and look at Fiji in a bigger picture and especially the children of Fiji to day and for Fiji tomorrow.

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Investors Nightmare in Fiji is like Shifting Sand: The Reality of Investing your Hard Earned Dollars in Fiji. [Click for VB's Bluff]

Investors Nightmare in Fiji is like Shifting Sand: The Reality of Investing your Hard Earned Dollars in Fiji.

Resort investors attempt to get income moving
4:00AM Monday Sep 21, 2009

By Anne Gibson [New Zealand Herald's latest Update on Fiji Investors].

Some investors mortgaged their family homes to buy into the villas and were in tears about their plight.Investors who poured $200 million into the Fiji Beach Resort & Spa managed by Hilton are working with a receiver in an attempt to get money flowing again.

Villa Owners' Association members met in Auckland on Thursday and Friday at lawyers Lowndes Jordan to nut out a plan of action.

They are working with Grant Graham of KordaMentha, the Auckland receiver of Fijian companies Denarau Investments and Denarau International.

Those two Nadi companies received money from the hotel business and were expanding the 160-villa property which continues to operate.

But a big cost blowout for Greenlane developer Neville Mahon sparked major issues which came to a head towards the end of last year.

Receivers were appointed this month after Bank of Scotland provided a $45 million loan, and Strategic Finance is owed about $75 million.

The four association members paid $3 million-plus for resort properties but have had no income for months.

They are Rick Campbell, of Melbourne, who owns a villa and studio he bought for $860,00; Trevor Rogan, of Southland and Fiji, who owns a villa he bought for $425,000; Sarah Hunter, of Auckland, who has an $800,000-plus villa; and Graeme Knott, a Melbourne accountant, who owns a $940,000 de luxe two-bedroom villa.

Rogan said some investors had mortgaged family homes to buy into Fiji and were in tears to him about their plight. They were having to sell their family homes, he said.

Knott, of Moonee Ponds chartered accountants Knott and Associates, met Graham on Thursday and proposed an arrangement which has yet to be put to all villa owners. Knott emphasised that he wanted to keep them informed and would not act without their consent. He was reluctant to release precise details until the deal was in place.

But he wants money to go to investors from the hotel business, which he says enjoys high occupancy rates and is operating extremely successfully.

Rogan said investors first learned of problems in January when their $1.1 million payment for the quarter to December was not deposited. "We haven't been paid since then," a disappointed Rogan said, estimating that about $4 million to $5 million was owed.

Mahon invoked a force majeure clause in contracts to deny revenue, naming floods and a fierce cyclone during January, the international recession and Fiji's political situation.

The association says its first task in January was to ascertain the identities of other property owners: 141 investors are New Zealanders, 52 are Australians, 16 live in the United States, 30 in Fiji, one lives in Dubai and one in Canada. People were drawn to the resort for regular income payments and the benefit of a free 10-weeks-a-year stay in their studios or villas. The beachfront resort opened in 2006.

Hunter said the association wanted one organisation and was seeking an accord with another investor association led by Tappenden's Rob Campbell, of the Viaduct Harbour.

Rick Campbell said this had been accomplished and the investors would be "moving together as one group with a common purpose".Grant Watson was appointed chairman of the new combined investors' body on Friday and Rogan said the next step would be to send information to all owners.

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Will Fiji Be Another Little Slum City like Mumbai in the Pacific? [Click to view].

This is an interesting threads of discussion in a Fiji Family Forum called It is interesting to read all the views of the ordinary people who genuinely wants some solutions to be reached so Fiji & its people can enjoy a peaceful existence once more in their beloved homeland.

It is obvious that all the well thought out reasons and/or excuses to say whether this coup has been good or bad, the bottom line, Fiji is in a terrible Mess as recently echoed by one of Fiji's seasoned Politician.

Read further to get a feel of what matters to these ordinary Fijians.

Luvei Viti Think Tank @ myvuw.
Dave Langi, (response by Na Dina FTCM)
[latest response to D.Langi's post which can be read @bottom of page]

Your threads makes a lot of sense indeed. Forget Eddie & others like him who are just bleeting out rhetorics to suit their cause. They remind us of what that man called Takur Singh who blogs at Pacific Scoop together with Cros Walsh, Robbie David, they are pushing for a Fiji 'Mumbai Slum city'!!

Its people like Eddie & co that likes to ride the waves of popularity because they are the illegal regime of the day. So what do they do; they shine the shoes of their masters with their faces!! Simple version 'soli maka deo' big time.

Fijians at this point in time are pitted against those like names mentioned above who are computer literate, they scam,spam, hack, & block your internet access because thats their trade.

These people are vocal, ambitious, money-minded, individualistic & are in a diffrent world of their own. They know fully well Fijians are disadvantaged in this sense so they come out in droves dominating the blogosphere, newspaper articles, radio news and any other media they can get their hands, feet & face on.

They have all gone beserck if you ask for our opinions, thats the bottoms line. Its Fiji lolly scramble or Chilli Scramble for that matter as it might suit what they are all about.

They promote suppression to the voiceless & marginalised. One only needs to see whether VB reaches out to each village or people in the streets in Fiji?

Evidence shows they select who they want to reach out to & this unfortunately is being dictated by the likes of those that think from their nose up!! So where does the ordinary Fiji person end up - no one cares' thats the attitude this regime has. This is why Fiji people need normalcy & democracy to be reinstated asapo PERIOD.
Just some excerpts of earlier threads of discussion

Na vakadonui koya vakataki koya ga, koya la o vunau taka toka qori e cake e tu sara ga qori vei kemuni Eddie. ..." but the one who execute well, I think is right.." Maumau nomuni dau vosa vakamaqosa, qai sega ni titobu nomu rai.. Your ideas are so fixed on Voreqe being the only one who can bring about changes to our Nation...bahhhhhhhhhhTovolea mo vakarabailevutaka na nomu rai, Mr. Koroitunalagi. Sa dina sara ni da masumasu kece tu oqo. I don't see why some hypocrites like you cannot accept the fact that if God had put VB there, then all the repercussions that are taking place now, are all part of God's plan as well.. Sega ni rawa ni ko na mai kaya tiko meda mai toso vata.. Na veika ena yavu taki mai ena i naki ca kei na lewa kaukauwa, ena saqati ga. It's a universal knowledge, that " Dictatorship and Freedom Fighters, come hand in hand..!!!!!!"
Reply by Eddie C.Koroitunalagi
@Zac.......E sega ni dua na vakasama ni toso ki liu e tiko vei kemuni,eda vinakata kece me caka na veidigidigi vaka democracy,ena sega ni rawa ni yaco na duavata kevaka e tiko na veivaka duduitaki.Toso mai tagane,sa kua mada na vakabebe tiko,na veikakece e yaco, e yaco ena gaunisala duidui ka sa noda i tavi ga na vakavinavinaka tiko ni sa i'a kina na vei vakavulici keina leqa gona ni veika vinaka e tu na kena meca and that universal knowledge tagane......vodo ga mai meda mai qai.

Reply by Justin
Eddie vodo vei Voreqe??lolzz,sa rauti iko ga mo vodo yani mana,ni rauti iko vinaka,,wahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Reply by Eddie C.Koroitunalagi
@Justin.....cakacaka vakaukauwa mai yasana qori Ratu J,mo lesu mai mo bau mai yaga talega.....kua ni leqa e sa maroroi vinaka tu na noda vanua.

Reply by Alexander Tabua
Eddie taura mada na vakasama qo..You stole from a shop and you end up in jail even though you have your own reasons..Lets say Bainimarama stole from the same shop as you did and he did not go to jail and his got his own reasons...Both your reasons are not that much difference.
The judge was sacked in order for Bainimarama to escape justice that you served...Thats where we are coming from...The fight for fairness to equality..So that he too should face the law like you did..His reasons should not be looked..He stole..period..Because of his stealing in a shop or armed has cost the lives of two people..Sakiusa Rabaka and Verebasaga...So i beg you my friend,come join us...George speight is in prison so must Bainimarama..A coup is a coup..Reasons should not be looked at..

Reply by Eddie C.Koroitunalagi
@Alexander.......E rawa ni tautauvata na nomudaru cala ena duidui ga na gaunisala drau dui muria,koya ya e duidui kina nai totogi.I feel sorry for the deceased family and my prayers goes to them......very simple,kevaka eda na coqa na lewa,ena coqai keda tale ga ka rawa ni tini sara ena leqa koya e yaco vei rau na wekaqu qori....Ni qai kalougata tiko..!!!!

Reply by Alexander Tabua
On one condition to your commentGeorge speight should be should the CRW soldiers...The families of the deceased fully compensated..Then we can move on..Just a thought..

Reply by Fiji Truth Commission Movement
Eddie C.Korotunalagi.Obviously you have missed the point or [missed de bus to your village...]
Here read for your self what Article 7 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights say:
"Article 7.All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination." lot need to read & evaluate for yourselves how many of the articles listed that Fiji's current military dictator have breached.We will indeed look forward to having a field day in court & seeing Due Process being carried out.
Na DinaFTCM Team

Reply by Kasanita Kamakorewa Lindell
Oilei!!! O iko talega naita daru sota mada mo qai taroga vei au na taro qori, qai macala sara mada.....freeze se melt! lol... Show me your book first!God bless OUR Fiji indeed!! :)

Reply by Dave Langi
It is not worth the suffering of any Fijian, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, beause of the dictatorship in place.
For lesson learn which was never considered after the Rabuka debacle, each clan should reign in their own boys/men who are in the military, so their ties to families, clan, vanua, and church is so tight, there is very little room for loyalty to a dictator.
Look at the Council of the Chiefs. It is becoming a huge joke. The dictator in place dictates who can join and who is to be booted out. Never before in the history of Fiji.By having soldiers keeping close ties with their own family, they will always come first, not the 2-bit dictator who put the country to shame and chaos.
There is an old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, I am an idiot." Isn't this the third of fourth coup in the last 20 years? No wonder the whole world is laughing.
Faith and work move mountains. Faith and pray? Hope you have a lot of patience, for this comedy will last a long time and Fiji will change in front of your own eyes. And then you will ask God, why did it happened. God will probably say, "I don't know! Frank asked for it and he went out and do it. And all the while, you just hope and do nothing about it."
I was just saying........... I don't know what God would really say, but I hate for him to tell me to wait because Frank will be done in 20 years. That will be very disappointing news, coming from God. Because, tommorrow, I may be in a bus accident which seems to be happening more and more these days.
And God will say, " Chill out! Why do you care, you are not in Fiji anymore. There are men in Fiji who can decide for themselves the future of Fiji. Let's wait them out for they are still arguing on what they need to do." But, I'm just saying........You know what I mean?

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Indigenous Fijians & their Cultures/Chiefly System Must not be Forgotten: A Message to the Commonwealth & Bainimarama's Regime.

Revisiting what Raw Fiji News had echoed earlier in their blog below. We believe 'Nuggets of Truth' are revealed in this piece which articulates what most 'Ai Taukei Dina kei Viti' [Indigenous people of Fiji] are feeling in their hearts right now.

Sir Paul Reeves, representing Commonwealth Secreatariat, returned from Fiji on 11 September, 2009.

As we monitored and watched details of these meetings one can read the Master Plans a mile off, Bainimarama & his regime are using 'rail-roading' tactics, as they have been doing for the last 03 years with little or nothing to show for, except, military men, vb included, parading around in uniforms & regalias as if Fiji was a war-zone. Get Real!!

We are told those that were allowed to see Sir Paul Reeves were University academics ['yes -men' to VB & cronies], Business or Commerce Groups made up of mostly Indians & current regime.
So where are Indigenous Fijian Chiefs, other Representations from other Societies in Fiji i.e Rotumans, Banabans, Europeans, Chinese & others, the elected & Seasoned Politicians, Heads of Religious Organisations, Law Fratenity, trusted & much respected Fiji elders who have served their time lifting Fiji from the bottom of the barrel?

How one sided can these meetings be?
  • How can these so called money men & a handlful of academics & the corrupt vb regime 'Re-Contsruct Fiji'?

  • Who are these people?
  • Do we know them?

Can we trust these so-called 'wannabe experts' for our lives, our families, our resources, our future and Fiji's future?

Veikeda na Lewe ni Vanua o Viti kei keda kece sara na Kawa i Taukei:

Esa dodonu beka me ra mai vakatulewa o ira na kai tani ena noda Vanua Lomani o Viti. A cava era sega ni sureti kina o ira na noda Turaga ni Vanua? Esa cava e manati ratou tu na dabeca toka nai tutu ni veiliutaki vaka mataivalu ka ra gone i taukei? Era sa sega ni nanumi ira na wekadra se sa vesuki tu na nodra mona. Ena gauna oqo sa gaunba meda yadra mai ena veika e latitaki tu me da kua ni raica. Me da veitauri liga ka masulaka na veika baleti keda vakai Taukei de na qai yaco me da vaka lolomataki ka bula tu ena bula ni veivaka bobula taki me vaka esa caka tu vei keda ena gauna oqo. O ira na noda Turaga mera rokovi ka mera taqomaki.

Na kerekere vei keimuni kece sara na noda gone i Taukei ka ko ni curu tu ena mataivalu e Viti - Ni lomani keimami na kawa i Taukei me vaka ga ni levu sara vei kemuni e susugi ga mai ena kawa vaka i Taukei. Mo ni yadra ka raica na veivaka loloma taki ko ni sa vakayacora tiko vei keimami. Me tini ka tamusuki. Ni vaka nadakua na i vesu ni bula ko ni vesuki tu kina. Sa ra lewai Viti mai oira na tani. Sa ratou sureti oqoti o ira na veiliutaki ni dau ni vuku mai na Universiti oqo e Viti [USP]. Era na lewe levu ga kina oira na tani ka lewe lailai sara na gone i Taukei. O iratou na dau ni bisinisi, eda kila vinaka sara tu ga ni ra ulubuki kece ka lailai sara na kawa i Taukei. Dou yadra de da na qai vaka loloma sara vaka levu na kawai Taukei.

Vei keda na kawa vakai Taukei, Na Noda Vanua, Na Noda Kawa bula, Oira na i Solisoli, mera maroroi me rawa ni ra marautaka na veika era a valataka tu mai ena dua na gauna balavu ko ira na noda qase mai liu, mai liu sara.
Na vaka mamasu oqo, mai vei dua na gone kawa i Taukei ka mosita tu na noda Vanua kei na veika maroroi baleti keda nai Taukei.
Read more:


The international community’s response to the Qarase case High Court ruling is comforting indeed for the many disillusioned people in Fiji. They must be feeling so helpless with the added pressure of knowing that things will only get worse in the coming months and maybe years. Their self-styled interim PM Bainimarama have Fiji’s judicial system under his control. He has some of the best unethical legal minds on his side who have mapped out his judicial exit outside of the 1997 Constitution using the rubber-stamp Pressie’s prerogative powers to take him there. And good for them for being damn smart to carve out all those convoluted twist and turn legal maze.

But Frank and his legal, political and economical advicers must understand that they can not continue on with their manipulated forward march without the indigenous Fijian support they badly lack. When the coup happened, many saw it as Fijians piting against Fijians with the Maras, Ganilaus, Boles, Bainimaramas and the likes daring to oust the Qarase’s, Lalabalavu’s, Kepa’s, Cakobau’s and others head on using their gun power. But when the interim government line-up was announced with the inclusion of Chaudhry’s FLP threesome and the young ambitious muslim lawyer Aiyaz Khaiyum, the perception by many was that the coup of 2006 was an Indian coup. Many believed that it was a coup orchestrated by some key Indo-Fijian legal eagles, politicians, retired economists and development consultants who used Frank’s desperate situation to cease power on their behalf.

These coup masterminders and supporters are now well known with the key players coming out openly to display their role in the whole set-up. And guess what, these real movers and shakers behind Frank’s 2006 coup are no longer the Maras, Nailatikaus, Ganilaus etc but it is now the Khaiyum’s, Shameems, Pathiks, Maharajs, Gates, Byrnes, Chands, Samy’s, Narayans, Chaudhrys and so on. The Fijians have simply been relegated to mind the regime’s gun power security side of things while the Indo-Fijians and others are the main ones calling the shots for Frank.

One must not forget though that the 21st century indigenous Fijians are a completely different breed to those before them. They can clearly see through Frank. They know that Frank is a front to these selected few Indo-Fijians and others who think they are a gift to the Fijian race by trying to revolutionize their cultural and traditional belief system to one that is geared more towards capitalism and economical gain. Many are well educated with positions of influence in their own villages and it is through these civilized advisory roles by these educated Fijians that majority of their kind are often kept at bay from carrying out ruthless attacks on those they feel are invading into their cultural norms. It’s these same educated Fijians who insist and reminded their fellow villagers that their Fijian constitutional rights be fought legally through due process after Dec 2006 and not through physical confrontation they are akin to.

But now with the court ruling against them, the indigenous Fijians will naturally feel cheated by being patient, enduring and accepting of the legal process they had put soo much faith in. They must be thinking that they have done the legally correct thing to prove to others that they have matured and have become civilized as a race by addressing injustices against them through the judiciary and not on a one-to-one kill or be killed warrior like manner their ancestors were well known for.

According to a Fijian psyche, Anthony Gate’s High Court ruling legitimizing the 2006 coup is a ruling against their indigenous race especially when the same judge had declared Frank’s 2000 coup as illegal. How Gate’s arrived at his judgment is immaterial to them. The only thing of concern to them is that Gates has contradicted himself and that his earlier ruling in 2000 that a coup is illegal was a lie. To them, this faggot of a judge is not deserving of their trust and has let them down in a big way by making them believe that a coup was illegal but now legal. Speaks alot about Gates own confused personal judgment on whether he is a man or a woman! Give us a break Gates! Will do you good if you get a legal judgment from your two friends, Bynes and Pathik to determine your sexuality. You will always have a right to appeal it you know!
But when all is said and done, the indigenous Fijians anger must never ever be forgotten. Frank and his minority Fijian supporters at QEB must find ways to reach out to these masses or else!

Read Commonwealth's Article on Sir Paul Reeves recent trip to Fiji.

Sir Paul Reeves Concludes Visit to Fiji

10 September 2009
Sir Paul Reeves, Special Representative of Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma to the Republic of the Fiji Islands, departed Suva early on 11 September following a two-day visit to the Republic of the Fiji Islands

Sir Paul Reeves, Special Representative of Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma to the Republic of the Fiji Islands, departed Suva early on 11 September following a two-day visit to the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

At the invitation of the Interim Government, Sir Paul visited Fiji to explore opportunities for continued Commonwealth engagement with Fiji. The objective of his visit was to support the early restoration of constitutional democracy in the country, in line with Commonwealth principles.

Speaking on the eve of his departure, Sir Paul said his discussions with the Interim Prime Minister, members of Cabinet and others had been cordial, frank and informative.
“While I do not wish to pre-empt my report to the Secretary-General, I can say that I depart Fiji with a clear understanding of the Interim Government’s plans for Fiji following the abrogation of the Constitution in April. I welcome the importance Fiji attaches to its relationship with the Commonwealth, and the willingness of the Interim Prime Minister and his government to remain in discussions with me.

“I reiterated to Commodore Bainimarama and his Ministers that the Commonwealth stands ready to support an inclusive and time-bound national political dialogue, to facilitate the return of constitutional democracy. I also emphasised the importance Commonwealth members place on the fundamental principles that underpin our organisation, including representative government, respect for human rights and the rule of law.”

Read more :

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dr Mere Samisoni Shares her Thoughts on "Why Fiji is in a Mess?": Fiji & The Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth and Fiji
Why is Fiji in this mess?I agree with the comments made by Apete on ' Interim Regime moving the goal posts' and I have also sent this comment to the Commonwealth for discussion and debate.

The reasons put forward by Bainimarama for carrying out his 2006 coup provide a good parallel of Fiji’s post-coup state of instability. His justifications have been wandering all over Fiji’s political landscape and represent the height of insincerity.

These started off in 2004 with:

(1) “national security” to get the military on side. Once that was “done” he moved on to

(2) “corruption”, to get the general public on side. Then when that did not work, he moved to

(3) “multi-ethnicity” or race, to at least keep his Indian-Fijian coup support intact. It then morphed over to

(4) the Role of the Military as he began to fill the 'civil' service with Military Officers for their loyalty. When the lies of 2006 and the treason of April 2009 began to cause rifts amongst the troops, he again re-invented the 2006 coup as

(5) the only “intervention” that could right the wrongs of the killing of loyalists in the November 2000 Mutiny. Meanwhile, the public rationale for the coup has now moved on to

(6) the need to fix the purported “damage” of the past 20 years of alleged “divide and rule” government policies (none of which has been named or explained).

The real reason for the 2006 coup is of course completely different, and is well known to people like former Police Commissioner Hughes who had the evidence to expose it in 2006, before soldiers were sent to arrest him.The problem for institutions like the Commonwealth is that they require honesty, legality, co-operation and good faith, to be able to achieve much. It is evident from the above that the Commonwealth is unlikely to get any such thing from the Fiji Regime whose interest in subjects other than its own survival and self-preservation, are easily expendable.

Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni legal elected member of Lami Open Consituency in 2006.Please also go to the following site to give you valued comment on the bottom line in the rape of our democratic rights under Fiji and he Commonwealth. Pick up the thread of what is right for Fiji. Many thanks for your time.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Current Regime Promoting Vandalism in Fiji? Check out Discom Bubu's blog reprinted here as our Support for Graham Leung & Ratu Joni Madraiwaiwi

Howards Lawyers Offices in Suva broken into
An act of vandalism at the Howards Lawyers offices in Suva earlier this week has taken a malicious turn especially when we consider carefully the following factors:

1. The media has not reported it - which means that the story did not make it past the censors - which in turn means the military regime had a reason for suppressing the story.

2. Howards Lawyers are where Graham Leong and Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi are based. Both gentlemen are well regarded critics of the military regime.

When the military junta hijacked the process of LAWYER LICENSING in Fiji in May 2009, via one of their illegal decrees (namely the 'Legal Practitioners Decree 2009'), all legal practitioners in the country had to reapply for their practicing certificates with the Chief Registrar of the High court as their licenses expired.

Being men of high principle, both gentlemen decided not to renew their licences.

The careful and deliberate manner of the break-in has cast the finger of suspicion straight to Bainimarama's men, and have indicated the nefarious desire by Fiji's self-installed regime masters to 'catch' these gentlemen in the act of practicing lawyer activities. (Because of course, then they can be prosecuted under the new and illegal fascist decrees)

3. The method of the break-in. This was a very neat cut in the door right around the lock, rather than a forceful smash of the door or breaking a pane of glass.

This would indicate that the break-in was done by experts rather than just common robbers, and we know the military and the police would have the equipment to cut such a hole.

4. The items things targeted and taken were related to things "Fijian" - namely documents pertaining to the Constution & Registration of the Institute of Fijian Studies that is an off-shoot of the Fijian Retired Teachers Association.

One would have to ask the question - why would a common criminal be interested in taking those sorts of papers ?

My understanding is that this organisation has been on the receiving end of endless delaying tactics and nitpicking by the Companies Registry who are trying to undermine the process of getting the organisation registered and the susequent applications for UN aid for its establishment.

It may be of additional interest to itaukei that this regime is demanding that any mention of the word 'Fijian' has to be deleted , and that even though the organisation is being set up as an academic and research institute of learning (and as such, qualifies for UN aid and other agency funding) the junta are demanding that it has to be registered as a Company even though it is not a company.

As a Company, the regime can demand fees and taxes and monitor their aid monies now that they have entrenched themselves into all levels of governance.

Yes folks, yet another example of the criminal ploys typically undertaken by Bharmybanana's regime to keep the truth from getting out. Shame !
Posted by discombobulated at 6:26 PM

Friday, September 4, 2009

Guess Who Has the Iron Yoke around his Neck in Fiji Post Commonwealth. Read Mr S. Daunitutu.analysis.

Think Tank,
I thought I would post some of my thoughts to you after the full suspension of Fiji from the Commonwealth, for your consumption and analysis.

I thought I'd bring to your attention (if you haven't noticed already) how Voreqe has a blatant diregard for figures, numbers, statistics, ratios or numerical gauges which allow him to place his performance in regard to progress, others, and also for his own government's graphical illustrations.

A good example is the full suspension from the Commonwealth, at which the CMAG have been instrumental in trying to get him to adhere to or reflect on some numbers, figures which potray the failing economy and the southward spiral the country is in, since the takeover in 2006.

Mr. Narube, one of if not, the best we have in the country with numbers, was apparently sacked for informing Bainimarama that the figures that represented the country's piggy bank was down to petty cash and needed urgent replenshiment, in the shape of getting to the dialogue table, or show urgency in getting the country back to democratic rule. Bainimarama brushed aside not only the governor of the Reserve Bank, but one of the most qualified people in the land, to give him that advise, he actually sacked Mr. Narube, placing him under house arrest before letting ADB get their hands on him (I think that's where he is now)

What about figures that kicked the population in the guts last week, the upward hike of bus/taxifares and electricity rates ? He did not think anything of that, because he is chauffered to work, and businesses give his families present, the automobile versions. There was an uproar of disagreement from the general public, because those figure, are now matching the figures that they spend, on food and daily living.

Then there was the confirmation of his lack of knowlege in numerical dipsticks, when he boastfully corrected a reporter about the National Foreign Reserves, halving it in front of the reporter boastfully, for the world to hear. What does that say about his knowlege of these statistics, in regard to his leadership, his government, his mentallity, even his conscience ?

When the Commonwealth started talks with Bainimarama way back in 2006, that was three years ago. When they finally gave him the figures, 1:9:2009, it really did not mean anything to him, as all the other important ones before that he had an explanation for.

We all remember the figures 55, yes, he thought that was a good time to retire, as he mentioned in his reasoning, but it backfired, so he came up with "you can be taken back if you have special skills" aren't nurses and teachers, people with special skills ? God only knows how those people, who have mortgages, children in high school and have made plans, up till retirement at sixty. Of course, their minds would have been racing, and as we have heard, some commited suicide, because of that.

What about the MDG figures, I bet he doesn't know that Fiji is part of that excercise, it was set for 2020 or thereabouts. At last count, our level was sitting at 40% the total population, comfortably living at that very level we are trying to eradicate, that of poverty.
Fiji is a vibrant well balanced Nation with a good mix in the agrarian and metropolitan divide, he needs to listen to sound advise, so he can harness all our resources and turn them into props for those failing stats.

Put it this way, he cannot answer dichotomous questions, the chances that he will notice bigger figures, is practically zero.

To conclude, the CMAG talks from three years ago with its deadline has come and gone, the only figures he has drummed into the heads of the military, his illegal ministers and his own is, 2014.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fiji's Control Room Rests with Press/Media & Fiji Bloggers.[Click for AV].

Fiji suspended from the Commonwealth now a Done Deal!!

As a point of interest our team did a random snapshot sneak-preview of what other International news agency are saying re recent announcement by the Commonwealth. We must note in particular New Zealand's position as of todate 2/9/09 per McCully's comments where he states, quote, " there be a period of patience..." unquote.
Is it back peddling or what Mr McCully? Has the pressures from some Fiji-Kiwi Indian voters positioned @ Taranga Radio station & Indian Newslink in Auckland who have been very vocal in their support for the current regime in Fiji took the better of the Kiwi Voices?
For sure, other Fiji Kiwi Community Voices are placed on the sidelines as they are not commercially well placed. What is indeed surfacing is the 'Power Play' between a group of voters that have bigger purses than those that do not. As one of the University Professors who recently said in his Inaugural Public Lecture recently, 'Profit margin cost accounting is world's most Evil Devil: The other side of Real Value Economics".
As Fiji people, unfolding before us, are attempts by those that either have money or a handful of academics claiming to know Fiji because they once lived there. Their efforts to usurp core essense of what matters to the ordinary Indigenous Fijians in Fiji. This is now being used to the extreme that the Fijians are being treated like slaves in their own country. Their rights are being pulled from under their feet. Their Chiefly Institution being compomised. Their Chiefs being thrown into cells for a few nights stay at the hands of Indigenous Fijian soldiers. Why is it that Fijian soldiers who makes up 99% of Fiji army are now protecting others and not their own Indigenous people or their own families? Are their 'brains frozen in time' by the current regime? Or are they so sensitized, they cannot even see the griefs & pains they have have caused to the ordinary Fiji people?
Of course, there are those brave Fiji lawyers like Richard Naidu, Graham Leung and the likes that had to be interrogated by the military regime not so long ago. We applaud them for their stand and they will be remembered by many as brave Sons of Fiji. These young men are not Indigenous Fijians but know fully well, as experts, the destruction Bainimarama & his regime are doing to Fiji. The regime have destroyed much ingrained values, we, as Fiji citizens have grown up in since Fiji's Independence from Great Britain.
The coup cultures of 1987 to 2009 has reaffirmed the facts that Fiji had groomed wrong guys to take over its leadership for Fiji's Military. Both Bainimarama & Rabuka, coup - 'thugs' had ulterior motives and knew fully well they will be wealthy if they followed orders from 'men with money' behind the scenes and executed these Coup-de-tat(s).
Based on past events both Bainimarama & Rabuka's coup are geared to helping segments of business men, Fijians & Indians alike. Orders had to be followed. Bainimarama's push for reforms are so biased that evidence now shows Indigenous Fijians would have become knowledgeable on business & money matters as Qarase was trying to implement in his government. This posed red flags and a worry as Fijians might become too powerful if they increased their know-how of business & 'money handling'. The rational by these 'money men' behind the coups will be to rid any opportunity that may surface that will be beneficial to these Indigenous group of Fijian people. These segments of Fiji Indigenous people must remain at the village level or always at the lower end of the spectrum in any given business, never at the top. As we had noted in one of Cros Walsh's comments in one of our early blogs, quote, "Fijian Chiefs should remain at the village level..."unquote. How can an academic like Walsh who claims to have lived in Fiji say this? We are told that the world can be viewed from many lenses.
In essence those like Walsh, have enjoyed the privileges of having lapped up the honours accorded to them by ordinary Indigenous Fijians, be it their housemaids, ceremonious occasions where they have been honoured guests in Fiji etc. These groups of Coup-apologists like Walsh, Robbie David, Peter Thompson, Ah Koy as well as the failed Fijian politicians with 'R & 'A' (s) ' propping Bainimarama's regime, they will be held accountable in time to come. As the saying goes, quote, "Every Dog Has Its Day."unqote.
We conclude with more questions;
  • Why is it that the ceremonial aspect of being in Fiji, [Bainimarama, his regime & visiting dignatories] are still being treated to a lavish Traditional Fijian Ceremony? Why are they lapping up this good old age Fijian Tradition, if they are trying to do away with what matters to the ordinary Fijian? Why can't they have an Indian ceremony or a Chinese one or even a Western way? Such a state of hipocracy at its highest indeed.
Posted by Luvei Viti Think Tank Group@myvuw.

Read more:
BBC News: "Fiji has had a chequered relationship with the Commonwealth. It was expelled in 1987 after two military coups, but was readmitted 10 years later when democracy was restored. It was also suspended in 2000 for 18 months. "
1987 - Fiji endures two military coups, declares a republic; the Commonwealth expels Fiji
1997 - Fiji readmitted to the Commonwealth after it introduces a non-discriminatory constitution
May 2000- Parliament stormed, PM Mahendra Chaudhry and cabinet taken hostage. Businessman George Speight proclaims himself acting PM
June 2000 - Commonwealth suspends Fiji
Dec 2001 - Fiji readmitted to the Commonwealth

  • 2005 July - Military chief warns that he will remove government if proposed amnesty for those involved in 2000 coup goes ahead.

  • 2006 March - Great Council of Chiefs elects incumbent President Iloilo to a second, five-year term.
    2006 May - Former PM Sitiveni Rabuka is charged with orchestrating a failed army mutiny in November 2000.

  • Ruling party leader and incumbent PM Laesenia Qarase narrowly wins elections and is sworn in for a second term.

  • Military coup
    2006 October - November - Tensions rise between PM Laesenia Qarase and military chief Frank Bainimarama, who threatens to oust the government after it tries, and fails, to replace him. Qarase goes into hiding as the crisis escalates.
    2006 December - Frank Bainimarama says in a televised address he has taken executive powers and dismissed PM Laisenia Qarase. Commonwealth suspends Fiji because of the coup

  • 2009 - [September 2] Fiji is now suspended from Commonwealth.



Fiji’s Bainimarama secures pariah status as worst dictator in the Commonwealth
Free speech and free press paralyzed.

Media organizations through the Commonwealth have compared notes to conclude that Commodore Frank Bainimarama's prime achievement as dictator of Fiji is to have attained the worst media reputation in the Commonwealth.

With that comes the paralysis of basic human rights - free speech and free press - and the pursuit of policies so retrograde as to drag down his beautiful country socially and economically at huge price to its wonderful people.

Bainimarama has expelled foreign media (but invited some back for supervised coverage). He has closed media institutions, monitored those left standing and bullied and intimidated those who have resisted - including the judiciary, which he sacked. The constitution has been tossed out at his direction to make way for one of his choosing.


McCully: We can't force Fiji to hold elections
9:40AM Wednesday Sep 02, 2009
Military Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama holding a press conference at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. Photo / Getty Images, Phil Walter

"New Zealand can do nothing to force Fiji to restore democracy so there now be a 'period of patience" Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Murray McCullysays...."
The rule of law, democracy and human rights were "the glue that holds the Commonwealth together".

New Zealand would not be imposing new sanctions, he said.

"We've simply taken the view that the rest of the international community have fallen broadly into line, we don't see any reason for new initiatives to take place at this stage," Mr McCully told Radio New Zealand.

"There's really nothing we can do to force Fiji to move down a path towards democracy."

Economic pressures would contribute eventually, he said.
The government would be no better than the military regime if it banned New Zealanders from taking advantage of cheap holiday deals to Fiji, he said.

Journos call for Fiji tourism boycott

By Radio Australia's Bruce Hill

The International Federation of Journalists wants travellers to rethink any plans to holiday in Fiji.

Fiji is facing suspension from the Commonwealth at midnight Tuesday (local time) for its slow progress towards a return to democracy.

Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who led the December 2006 coup in Fiji, has refused to bow to Commonwealth and regional pressure to hold elections sooner than 2014.

The editor of the Fiji Times newspaper, Netani Rika, told a recent journalism conference in Brisbane that Australians appear to have no idea how lucky they are to have a voice through free media.

The International Federation of Journalists Sydney-based spokeswoman, Deborah Muir, has told Radio Australia anyone thinking of holidaying in Fiji should reconsider.

"What Netani Rika says is it's unnerving to know that tourists from Australia and elsewhere, other free countries, would still be going to their resort holidays seemingly oblivious to the fact that Fiji is being administered by a dictatorship," she said.

"Fiji is no paradise right now. Any advertising campaign that says it is a paradise is false advertising.

"The International Federation of Journalists would strongly urge people who are considering holidays in Fiji to think twice about it and to use the rights that they have in the free countries in which they live to inform themselves what is happening elsewhere in the world."
But Frank Yourn, executive director of the Australia-Fiji Business Council, says it is the innocent that will suffer, not the interim government.

"I think it's important that people who are considering this understand the impact that a decision like that would have on the ordinary people of Fiji, the people who are employed in the tourism industry and the various industries that surround the tourism industry," Mr Yourn said.
"It's not a matter of propping up the dictatorship; it's really a matter of trying to ensure the economic survival of people who are really suffering quite badly."

LOS ANGELEES TIMES....."Simply not interested unless its FIJI WATER CRISES' by Mother Jones.,0,6170770.story

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