Monday, August 17, 2009

Restoring of Fiji's Democracy - Is it a 'Pipe Dream' or as Commonwealth Secretariat states it is Vital.

Fiji Truth Commission Movement noted in their blog what the Commonwealth Secretariat views Democracy. [Click the link or header to view].

Read further below;

Democracy and Consensus Building

Our objective is to build stronger democratic institutions and processes across the Commonwealth. Democratic processes include, but are not limited to, the regular holding of elections and key democratic institutions include election management bodies and parliaments. We aim to achieve this objective by providing training and technical assistance and as well as sending teams of observers to countries’ elections following an invitation.


We place a high value on advocating the Commonwealth’s fundamental values (click here for more on these values) as well as on practical action, through the promotion of and support for democracy in member countries to make them a reality on the ground. The basis of our engagement on the protection and promotion of democracy is to ensure that it is based on substance, not merely the adoption of democratic forms or a facade democracy. The practices and procedures which we promote help build enduring democratic institutions, which themselves provide full participation and representation for all citizens.


Our work has a positive impact by increasing confidence in and boosting the integrity of elections as well as democratic institutions and processes in order to restore any lost trust in the political process.

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