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People Power v Power of guns & military in Fiji.

It is fair to quote from Job 15:20-35.
Verse 20 : "A wicked man who oppresses others will be in torment as long as he lives.

The blogosphere has been inundated with great thoughts and ideas and experiences of what the ideal Fiji should be. One just needs to sit back and read different views of bloggers in the 'Virtual World' articulating some very challenging & hard core facts of what had transpired or is occuring in Fiji after 2006 coup. Some blogs are indeed well thought out & some not, both staking their claims as to their take on Fiji saga.
The bottom line, Fiji people are Victims of this ongoing unrest and uncertainty created by Bainimarama's military regime. Much debate & dialogue in blogosphere resulting in some low level mud slinging exercise where trivialiaties surfaces.

At the very least, People of Fiji can say, although the Rule of Gagging & Rule of Guns have forbidden the People from talking freely about what matters to them & not having the ability to express their Rights of Choice at the ballot box, Fiji Bloggers are:
'Fighting the Fiji People's Fight against Military Dictatorship led by Bainimarama
& his regime. '

Hope for Fiji People & Future generation exists in several forms. After two decades of onslaught of coup-de-tats & tyranny, it is vital that we give;

'Freedom to the Fiji people by voicing & staging their protests via our blogs to the world. This is the finest battle, the Battle of Words'.

To cite a famous line from a historical leader,
"It is a victory of right; it is a victory of justice; it is a victory for morality."

Fiji's reality; there has been several coups led by group of army officers who as a result have sold out Fiji nation's interests, housed dictatorships that made the most onerous concessions to selected foreigners that are willing to align with their wishes. The people have been betrayed. Media censored to the core.
Stories emnating of corruptive activities within the inner circle, Bainimarama included, a case example as pointed out by Intelligensiya's blog:" Breaking: What Bainimarama is stealing from our mouths " Others in his clique club driving around in pajeros & expensive vehicles while some ordinary men, women & their families in Fiji are loosing their homes to auctions because they cannot keep up with their mortgage payments due forced retirement [55years] or joblessness.

An expert once said, 'Where there is justice there is no crime, and where there is crime there is no freedom of the press. Where there is crime, people hide their actions."

As a point of interest, we did a random count on whos saying what on the veteran Fiji favourite bloggers & not so favourite. It is evident, those opposing Bainimarama & his military style governance or autocratic and/or totalitarian are way ahead of the race on this one.

Well done bloggers for keeping those keen to know the latest news & views from Fiji after all the current regime has intentionally gagged media outlets both local & overseas, in the event they expose the unethical behavious being adopted by Bainimarama & his men.

Interestingly, it is becoming clear that the big players of the West or the Super Powers, are of the same view that Fiji must be returned to Democracy as early as 2010. This will be a far cry from Frank Bainimaram's dreams. For one, it will mean Loss of Power from him and his regime, Loss of Control on the People of Fiji, Loss of Control on the Ailing Economy of Fiji, Loss of Perks & the Ego (s) that comes with it and the list goes on.

Some say, Fiji saga is a war on race, its a war on religion or beliefs, or a war of 'haves & have nots' as recently noted in some bloggers who are citing they are the hardworking race that have earned themselves big money, big houses, big cars etc etc.

Our take on this is certainly from a different angle, we want Freedom for the People of Fiji, Freedom from Oppression, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Vote for a Political Party to Run the Affairs of Fiji etc etc etc.

Last but not least, we will support the Vote for a Fiji Truth Commission to be established.


  1. July 31, 2009 at 6:22 pm | In Uncategorized | Leave a Comment

    US sanctions against Fiji to continue until democracy returned says top US official
    Posted at 01:33 on 31 July, 2009 UTC

    A top United States official says sanctions against Fiji will continue until the interim government returns the country to democracy.

    The comment, from the US Department of State’s director for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Affairs, comes just after the announcement of the retirement of Fiji’s President and while Methodist clergy continue to be prosecuted.

    Alcy Frelick says although there are other pressing issues in the Pacific the most troubling political issue is the situation in Fiji.

    She says the US wants to see Fiji take credible steps towards democracy.

    “We’d be looking at things like freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, the restoration of an independent judiciary, credible steps towards dialogue with the people so that they can, so their voices would be heard. I think that the roadmap for 2014 is not as ambitious as we would like to see. We’d like to see the dialogue and the movement begin earlier than that”

    Alcy Frelick of the US Department of State.

  2. McCully wants more heat on Fiji
    8:38AM Saturday August 01, 2009

    Source: Newstalk ZB

    The Foreign Affairs Minister is calling on the United Nations to cut off some of Fiji’s cash supply.

    Fiji’s military junta has been put on a month’s notice that it will be suspended from the Commonwealth if it doesn’t commit to elections.

    A Commonwealth Ministerial Action group made the decision at an extraordinary meeting in London. Members agreed Fiji’s situation has deteriorated markedly since March and decided that if there is not enough progress toward a return to democracy, the country will be fully suspended from the Commonwealth on September 1.

    Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully is in London for the meeting. He says Fiji’s leader must commit to elections, open a proper dialogue with other political groups, and accept supervision by the United Nations.

    McCully says while the ultimatum gives the Fijian regime time to think about the path they are on, he’s not holding out much hope of a positive response from Suva. But he says it’s important for an international organisation such as the Commonwealth to act in good faith and signal its intentions clearly.

    McCully the first consequence for Fiji would be a ban on its athletes attending the Commonwealth Games.

    And he says he will continue to pressure the UN over the use of Fijian troops as peacekeepers. He says Fiji is paid handsomely for the work and he wonders if it’s appropriate for the military to be peacekeeping abroad when they have overthrown their own government.

    McCully says the United Nations has to accept that its role as a good international citizen should require it to bring those deployments to a conclusion.

    McCully says he will continue to push the issue with the United Nations and with the leaders of others key players in peacekeeping operations like the US and EU.


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