Thursday, August 13, 2009

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J. V. Bainimarama’s Exit Strategy to Restore Democracy in Fiji

There has been serious debate within Franks il(legal) hierarchy to comply with the Commonwealth timeframe to have elections sooner rather than later.

The following is a summary of what they were going to do anyway in 2014 so the only question being pondered now is whether they should move the date to an earlier one after playing mind games with the International Community again.

Please note that this is the end result not the interim musical chairs to be played prior to 2014.

They will Enact a New Constitution, a basic cut and paste job, in a pocket size version with a green cover, encapsulating the following key changes:

a. Powers of the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Parliament and Senate including legislative powers to enact legislation, subsidiary legislation, regulations, rules and policy on same subject to VETO by the President, which decision shall be final and conclusive and shall not be subject to Judicial challenge whatsoever.

b. Prime Minister, Cabinet, Parliament and Senate relieved of any authority over the new Fiji Defence Forces, which includes the Military, Navy, Police and Prisons, which report directly to the Office of the President who is solely responsible for matters pertaining to National Security.

c. Social Justice and Affirmative Action provisions wholly removed (s.44)

d. Bose Levu Vakaturanga provisions wholly removed (s.116)

e. President is Chairman of NLTB and FAB and has VETO power over Trustees and Board.

f. Group Rights provisions wholly removed (s.185-186)

g. Exercise of Emergency powers prerogative of President in his sole absolute discretion (s.187)

h. Writ of Elections issued under revised electoral decree based on universal equal suffrage.

i. Immunity from Prosecution provisions entrenched in new pocket sized Constitution and executed under amended Presidents Prerogative of Mercy (s.115).

j. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama sworn in as President of the Democratic Republic of Fiji.

k. New Parliament sworn in after ‘free and fair’ elections supervised by the United Nations and Commonwealth, all parliamentarians take their seats in Veiuto after swearing in ceremony.

l. Above in compliance with the Commonwealth of Nations poorly drafted ultimatum, i.e. have election by 2010, with “material omission” on RESTORATION IN FULL OF THE 1997 CONSTITUTION.

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