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Challenging Fiji Regime & Bainimarama 's Leadership. Must Read: Veteran Blogger Mr Suliasi Daunitutu's take on subject.

Ni sa bula,
Just before we take you to read Mr Daunitutu's excellent posting which we felt had to be re -posted as an article on its own due to the intensity of his observations.

As he had said, he was able to attend the training conducted by Mr Michael Green of Australian National University, Australia hence his first hand insight on the subject which will indeed interest many people & experts who are following the Fiji saga.

Just recapping on the Big Conversation or 'Commonwealth Conversation' which we really are encouraging you all to link up to so your Voice will be Heard.

Heres an except of update from the Conversation Team quoted below;

"My reasons for trying to get Fijian bloggers involved are three-fold.

1) we want as many people from as many different Commonwealth countries engaged in the website discussions and influencing the report as possible. One of my ideas is to have a Commonwealth blog network – a directory of blogs from across the Commonwealth with similar purposes and ideals.

2) With Fiji such a big issue for the Commonwealth at the moment I think it’s really important that the voices of ordinary Fijians and people who care about Fiji are heard and impact upon the proposals we present. Commonwealth policy towards countries like Fiji is often dictated by politicians. I want to know what people like you think the Commonwealth should be doing about the situation in Fiji.

3) If you, or other bloggers were interested – I would like to host some opinion articles from Fijian bloggers on the website describing their experiences and saying what they think the Commonwealth should do to help them.

Thank you so much for putting up a link to us on your blog! When we have a bit of time, probably early next week, we will start compiling a list of Commonwealth bloggers on the website. Best,..."unquote.
We have alot of assumptions when it comes to challenging the Regime and Voreqe's leadeeship, and they can all be logical to an extent.

I was at Michael Green's seminar at the Australian National University today, and he spoke on a paper he wrote about how the Qarase multicabinet government was not given a chance to run
He reiterated alot of the things that got him into trouble and eventually his deportation from Fiji.
This government he said, was doing quite well and didn't have time to build a reputation before Voreqe came up with all his rhetorics which in turn has brought us to where we are today. Mr Green informed us that Mr. Qarase was just in the process of getting people to NZ to learn more about the concept when it all came to an abrupt halt.

Since then, he (Voreqe) has been censoring the media, violated basic human rights as encapsulated by article 19 of the Universal Declaration of HR,abrogated the Constitution and made friends with ex communists and a country well known for it's abhorrent cast system.
That brings me to this issue of us isolating ourselves or the International communities closing their doors. Call it what you like, but that is the reality, our friends are disassociating themselves from us. Australi and New Zealand, the PIF, the EU and now the Commonwealth.

This might be followed by more and it will be nothing but fatal for the economy and the people will suffer. If it is a short term sacrifice for long term benefit than there is no other way but suspend Fiji.
Voreqe is not going to be dictated to as he has proven in his leadership, so there would be no point in pussyfooting around with important decisions such as this. If the CMAG want dialogue, then he will be trying to get things done to his terms instead of reaching a solution bipartite. He has proven to the world that he has very little room for compromise.
It is hard to see our country suffering, but if hard decisions have to made for the benefit of later generations, then they should be made.
If we succumb to him as the GCC,Methodist Church and the polulation have done, then his arrogance will be fuelled by this action, or lack of it giving him the false impression that he is invincible.
Remember, he said, he came to clean up, now he is trying to solve problems that were not there to start with.
Suliasi Daunitutu.


  1. Vinaka Suli..cant be any better. Just goes to show the real dificulties we are in with the bulls being dished out by the big mouth Vore..It is a pity that we as a people can not rise above our problems to openly chalenge the Regime with their own lies and deceptions.The recent controversial failure by the church to take Vore head on as you said only added more confidence to Baini and continue to send wrong signals especially to those young soldiers in the military of their rightful place. Whatever happens, it must be accepted that as Fijians, we have failed ourselves [including Vore and his cronies].For these,we stand accountable to our future generations who will be the main ones to suffer and pay the price for such failures.

  2. Excellent posting Suliasi. We may not all belong to SDL Party but one thing is for sure, which as you have rightfully stated, Bainimarama appears to be now caught up chasing his tails. He has created more problem than had been there initially.

    Time to sack him & his group of advisors.

  3. Great to hear your stories Suli. For sure this man Bainimarama will have alot to answer for when its his time to take the stand.

    As for SDL Party, indeed they were elected via the proper ballot box votes but it appears they seemed to have been @ logger heads with Bainimarama & those that supported his coup hence the push by Mahen Chaudary earlier in this 2006 coup & then only to make an exit later. The whole saga becomes a topsy-turvey ride for Fiji & its people.

    They do not really deserve such uncertainty which Bainimarama & his group has brought upon the little island nation of Fiji.

  4. I have been working and living here and feel such a pain in my heart for what the Fijian people put up with, just to live a life. I try to make a difference but the scales will continue to tip slowly towards economic disaster for the people - I don't know the answers, but I pray for enlightenment for those who can make the changes.


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