Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can you Imagine Fiji's Prison in a couple of years from now.

Have you visited any relatives or friends in prison lately? Can you imagine when it will be Bainimarama's turn, I would like to be the Prison Officer at that time.

Students visit Suva prison14 August, 2009The Dudley Interrmediate School students inside the Suva Prison.A historic tour of the Suva Prison for Dudley Intermediate School Year Seven students, have taught them a lesson on the consequence of life’s choices.

The students who toured the Suva Prison had the opportunity to visit the old prison buildings, the cells of the condemned inmates and the execution chamber.During the educational tour of the prison facilities the student were informed about the history of the facility.

The students also visited the renovated prison cells to see for themselves what accommodation is like in the prison facilities.During the tour the students were given a brief on the Fiji Prisons and Correctional Service’s Yellow Ribbon Project by programme coordinator Principal Prison Officer Isireli Dausiga.

The teacher accompanying the students Mrs Vakalalabure said that theme for her student’s tour was “Choice of today determines your tomorrow”.“This visit was an opportunity for the students to understand the reality of life.“Children have to be informed of the consequences of life,” Mrs Vakalalabure said.


  1. There's far too much emphasis in Fiji on the prisons, too many stories in the papers. Okay, it's good for teenagers to get a reality check and young men need to realize the consequences of their actions. But the stories in the Fiji papers these days are rather pathetic with the censorship.

  2. True, true, anon-i-mouse,
    Too much 'veil of secrecy' in the air so what the does the press do, turn to some not-so newsy worthy items because they are told too by Bainimarama & his regime. As the common saying, 'I was just following orders'. It is pathetic & this is the height of hiprocacy in Fiji as the regime tries so hard to clean up their acts before the media gets to tell the other side of the story.

    Fyi. heres an excerpt from a Fiji girl blogging & wanting answers:

    Reply by Matahari 1 day ago
    Delete hey this is great... i'm not supposed to say this but a relative of mine came home complaining the other day about the breaking of LTA & Suva City Council laws by the military. This relative was complainin that the plight of mini bus owners have been overlooked by the military. He owns a mini bus, n he says that according to the laws of suva city council or somethin like that, there r not supposed to be any 'loading boys'. The loading boys are a group of guys that r at the various mini bus stands n they direct paxz into the waiting vans. For ever paxz that gets in2 the van, the driver/owner has to pay the loading boy, 50c. According to my relative, these guys can pocket as much as $100 a day, for doing nuthin!
    Then the complaint was that the loading boyz r now trying to control everythin at the stands. If they have an issue with a driver/owner, they avoid loading his van and take all paxs to other vans. These guys are uneducated, village men, most r ex cons and are makin life miserable for van owners. Because of the probs faced by van owners, they complained to SCC. The loading boyz then took their case up to the military. So they had meetins to sort out the mess and at one of the meetings, the chairman of LTA and SCC rep said that they should scrap havin loadin boyz because they were'nt covered in any laws and were illegal anyway. But the story goes that Leweni was the military man present n he disregarded that suggestion and said that the loadin boyz should stay on but behave themselves. But according to my relative, they are not behaving and still giving them hell at the stands.

    So you got this bunch of guys who r causing trouble for legal van owner/drivers and they are according to law illegally operating as loading boys. The SCC n LTA want them to be scrapped but now the military is steppin and siding with them. They ahve been told that they can stay on as loading boys even if they are not covered by local council laws.

    Isnt this adminsitrative abuse by the military????


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