Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Prayer & Minute of Silence' for Ro Temumu Kepa [Paramount Chief of Burebasaga] with 07 others detained by Bainimarama & his Military regime.

Democracy for Fiji - The detainment of Ro Teimumu Kepa


Adi Teimumu Kepa...Na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi has been detained!!At 12pm last night in Fiji, 16 police officers were dispatched to Lomanikoro, Rewa and have taken Adi Teimumu into custody. Na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi is being detained at the Central Police Station in Suva and is being questioned as to her stance on the Bose Ko Viti issue.Adi Teimumu has been preparing herself for this. She is mentally, physically and spiritually ready and requests your prayers and positive thoughts at this time!

Above is a link to youtube link to an announcement by Adi Litia Cakobau, a high ranking Fijian lady from Bau, Fiji. She is accompanied by Ro Temumu's daughter during the recording.

Ro Temumu has gone into fasting mode and we ask that all those reading this to give a 'MINUTE OF SILENCE' & OR 'A PRAYER' that Ro Temumu & others who are being detained to come out even stronger after their ordeal.

May God Bless Fiji.


  1. Thursday, July 23, 2009
    Ro Teimumu and ministers out on bail

    The High Chief of Rewa Ro Teimumu Kepa and two Methodist Church ministers have been released on bail after appearing in court this afternoon.

    Ro Teimumu, the President of the Methodist Church Ame Tugaue and the secretary general Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, have been charged with incitement under the Public Emergency Regulations.

    Magistrate Eparama Rokoika ordered the three to appear in three weeks time and pay $500 bail.

    They were asked to surrender their passports and told not to associate with former church presidents Manasa Lasaro and Kanailagi.

    Savuloni Baleinatabua represented Ro Teimumu and Aseri Vakaloma represented the two church ministers.

    62 year old Ro Teimumu is the widow of the late chief justice Sailosi Kepa.

  2. Some people shine with integrity such as Ro Kepa. It happens in many countries. Also, God does not manipulate society, God allows choices by humans that may take us on strange pathways. Perhaps it will all be a learning experience for us all. Anon-i-mouse

  3. A Christian Democrat
    by Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni, 23/07/2009 @4:52am
    I write to offer my support and solidarity to the Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi, who was unjustly and unceremoniously detained in the past few days.

    The boldness and courage of this Lady and leader in making a stand against the devious, self-serving, and ultimately self-defeating manipulation of the present illegal Regime, is a breath of fresh air in the cynical and dishonorable times we now live in.

    As disgraceful as her detention is though, we must nonetheless accept in faith that this IS all part of God’s Plan, as the lady herself so eloquently put it in her letter to her people.
    Jesus, Himself began the battle to throw off darkness and evil, and to replace it with His Kingdom, with His death on Calvary’s Cross.

    Since then, Christians have always been impelled by the implications of their faith to struggle and stand against evil. St Telemachus for instance was, by his own death, instrumental in ending the barbaric practice of gladiatorial death sport in the Roman Empire. William Wilberforce, by his life of sacrifice, spearheaded the abolition of slavery in Victorian times. Lord Shaftsbury’s exertions kick-started the dawn of industrial emancipation and worker’s rights during the same era. Elizabeth Fry was the first prison reformer. Samuel Plimsoll spearheaded shipping safety regulations and reform. John Wesley, St Vincent de Paul (Ladies of Charity) and William Booth (Salvation Army) founded pioneering organizations to succor and minister to the poor in the preceding Century. Later the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King forfeited even his own life for his stand of faith and principle against the insidious scourge of racism.

    In all cases, these Christian saints acted out of the dictates of their faith, at great personal cost and risk, often against brutal or hardnosed Governments that were either indifferent to the injustice, or who were part of it themselves under the lobbying and control of those, who were directly benefitting from the status quo. But not one of them ever backed down, as to do so would mean betraying their consciences as well as their God.

    Fiji once again finds herself faced by this kind of evil. In 2000 it was Speight. Now it is Bainimarama. In 2000 it was rebellion. In 2006/9, the rebellion has succeeded and the Barbarians have risen to power on the back of guns, brutality, lies and intransigence. The situation seems hopeless and the usurpers seem to hold all the cards that count.

    But just as the injustice and evil of the past always raised up Christian movers and shakers of conscience to opposition, so are the lies, wickedness and travesty of Bainimarama’s Fiji raising up champions like Ro Teimumu Kepa.

    The question for people like her is “Are we our brother’s keeper?” According to God’s law, and people’s man-made constitutional law and values, yes we are. These are for two reasons, the work of the Church in the community, and its prophetic role against the injustice of this coup. The Regime is WRONG to try and stop either.

    In any crises management there are four pitfalls that stakeholders may fall into. These are panic, apathy, fear and denial. Good leaders are able to communicate the truth, and inspire peoples’ spirits in order to strategically motivate them out of those pitfalls into just and righteous action. Winston Churchill is the best crises manager known in history when he fearlessly asked for the British peoples’ steadfastness knowing that the technically superior German Army were preparing to bomb London. And England won the battle and the war.

    Like the infamous Nazi propaganda machine, Bainimarama’s illegal Regime also hopes to use its ridiculous PER and hand-picked judiciary to deny Ro Temumu-Kepa and the Methodist Church leaders’ right to be their “brother’s keeper”.

    But whatever unjust and unjustifiable trumped up charges and punishment they dream up, they will NOT prevail!

    Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni, SDL member for Lami Open Constituency.

  4. Such a well written article Dr Samisoni. We aplaud you for your stand & support for Ro Temumu Kepa & those Church Ministers who had been detained by the Fiji Military regime.

    Though we may not be all Methodist or belong to the SDL Party, theres one thing emnating strongly from 'likeminded Fiji Bloggers' eg Raw Fiji, Intelligensiya, Discom bubu, Fiji gal, Democracy for Fiji etc we all are holding hands, showing solidarity in 'Spirit' & Fighting the Freedom that Fiji people so badly needs.


    May God Bless our Fight with Abundance Spirit & Strength so that Fiji's future generation can once again enjoy the Peace & Tranquility that Fiji was reknowned for, this 'illwind' of Coup coup culture.

  5. Dr Samisoni, thank you for your well written comments. We had meant to add our name as having posted the above comment as being the Voice for the Voiceless.

    We were just a bit slower than the computer as it had accepted the comments without our signature so here we go & hope you will note that Luvei Viti posted the above comment.
    Sa malo.

  6. Message to indigenous Fijians from the lady chief Ro Teimumu’s spokesperson
    July 23, 2009

    Eratou sa sereki na Gone Marama Bale, kei ratou na Talatala. Ena qai kacivi tale ni oti e 3 na macawa (21 days) na nodratou kisi. Lewa na Mataveilewai meratou kua ni vuka i vanuatani, ka meratou solia na nodratou passport ki na Mataveilewai. Sa vakatabui vei ratou meratou na bose, se veivosaki. Meda kua ni yalolailai na i Taukei. Na qai qo ena qai ga. Meda yadra tiko, ka kua ni toso e muri. Ratou nakita qo na mataivalu, ni ra tovolea mera vakamalumalumutaki keda, ni ra tovolea mera veisau taka na noda vakasama kei na noda vakanananu. Ia o keda, e matata tikoga na dina. Oratou ga na butako, na laba, na basu-lawa o Bainimarama, era sa kania tu qo na noda buno na lewenivanua, era vodo wavoki ena pajero, era voli vale ena ilavo ni FDB kei na Merchant Bank, era voli ena motoka kei na vale mai vei ira na daunibisinisi. E matata tiko na dina, ka sega ni tabonaki rawa. Na qai qo ena qai ga!
    Posted by rawfijinews

  7. Ro Teimumu also said; “We must examine the traditional demands of our race and social structure in light of the resources we have at hand and strike a workable balance.”


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