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For a Brighter & Better Fiji - 'Fiji Truth Commission' is one of the answer.

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‘Fiji Truth Commission’

For a small Nation like Fiji, a dot in the Pacific ocean, crippled by a culture of military dictatorship over the last two decades, has emerged with even more damage to the lives of its citizens, its economy, tourism, loss of jobs, rapidly increasing poverty, anarchy etc.

The Military regime under the dictatorship of Frank Bainimarama who together with his predessor Sitiveni Rabuka, another army man are the authors of what Fiji is now today. These two men together with those that have elected to stay by them, be it interim government officials, business men, Civil servants & the likes have acted as if they were above the law.

The current military-run government headed by Bainimarama has not done justice to the people of Fiji. What both he & Rabuka have done are wrong and must be fully exposed so it never happens again.

We are therefore proposing the idea of a ‘Fiji Truth Commission’ to investigate abuses & corruption during both the Bainimarama [2006-current] & Rabuka [1987-2000] Administration. These abuses may include the use of violence, torture, warrantless hauling in of ordinary people [whether Fiji citizens or visitors], gagging of media both local & overseas personels, telephone wiretapping, cyber-spying, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws.

As a result of these Coup de tat (s) being executed by these army men & their supporters over the past several years, Fiji has suffered great divisons so deeply embedded that it has created an atmosphere of fear, intimidation and harrassment. It has pushed Fiji government into a ‘puppet-state’ being ruled by powerful nations that Bainimarama has elected to borrow money from in order to keep Fiji afloat finacially. Fiji is far less productive and Fiji society has suffered much setbacks thus making it less civil.

Fiji people are being deprived of a fair and equitable society and much to Bainimrama’s disgust, Fiji Bloggers & Friends of Fiji and others have had a gutsful and one need only to look at the contents & high quality of their articles in their blogs to gauge the mood of where Fiji is at at this point in time. Enough is Enough.

Fiji people are not ‘vengeance materials’ but in their own ways help will come to their doorstep and if this is to be one of them so be it. Fiji need a fair-minded pursuit of what has transpired & actually happened. Fiji’s Final Solution will be to move forward and Get to the Truth of it all, holding those responsible accountable for their actions and letting the Fiji people & the world know what the motives were & what actually happened. This will ensure that the ‘bad experience of the last two decades does not happen again and allow the next generation to enjoy a peaceful future.

Please sign & email your vote to our online petition @ Vote-Yes ‘Fiji Truth Commission’Movement http://luveiviti.wordpress.com/ & urge all Fiji people Globally to seriouslyconsider establishing the Fiji Truth Commission in order to investigate both Bainimarama & Rabuka’s regime’s & Administration’s abuses.

Fiji has great Lawyers, Advocates, Civil Societies, Religious bodies, Political Parties, Trade Unions, Non Profit Groups, Business organisations etc who can assist Fiji to be restored back to Normalcy. Fiji needs to restore its Constitution that has been put there by the people and not one dictated by the military dictatorship & their handlful of thinkers.

Fiji needs to renew its commitment to international law after 20 corrosive years. We appeal to you readers, Fiji Citizens, Fiji families, Business Associates and those who have close link with Fiji or contemplating Fiji as next stop, the current ‘ Fiji’s Dark Chapter in Fiji’s History will & can come to pass much quicker than year 2014 if we hold hands & move forward on this.

So do Vote-Yes for Fiji Truth Commission if you feel so strongly, just like how we feel, about investigating what really happened.

Here’s to a Better Fiji & we look forward to your support.
Luvei Viti


  1. Fiji’s Citizens Constitutional Forum says a Truth Commission should not be set up by those involved

    The Citizens Constitutional Forum says calls in Fiji for a Truth Commission should not be seriously considered because they are coming from the perpetrators of the May 2000 coup.

    The call has been made by Senator Ratu Josefa Dimuri of George Speight’s Conservative Alliance party, who is facing coup-related mutiny charges and supported by the Information Minister, Simione Kaitani.

    The Citizens Constitutional Forum says talk of a Truth Commission has come mainly from the perpetrators who see it as a means of evading responsibility for what happened in May 2000 and its consequences.

    The Forum spokesman, Jone Dakuvula, says Mr Kaitani made a broadcast in 2000 calling on indigenous Fijians to go to parliament to support the coup and gave an interview to ABC TV saying Mahendra Chaudhry got deserved what he got.

    Mr Dakuvula says in South Africa, the initiative for a Turth Commission came from the victims rather than the perpetrators.

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  2. We say, however, this call is from ordinary Fiji citizens & we will ensure that the criteria is set to dispel any attempts by any of the coup perpetrators or their supporters.

    So this one is for the Purest of Fiji Civil Society & the likes. We will dot the 'i(s)' & cross the 't (s)' with alot of preciseness & certainty.

  3. Not on the subject but did you hear that the President or Fiji, Ratu Iloilo, will retire at the end of next month. Announced today and in the Fiji news sites. I bet he was shocked about the treatment of the Methodists.

    Breaking: What Bainimarama is stealing from our mouths

    We've been hand-wringing, wailing, gnashing our teeth about the first-class daylight robbery that is happening with our acquiesence but as always the proof is in the pudding. So here's the proof.

    You have, since 4th September 2007, been paying for an illegal and treasonous coupster but you should know now how much he's been raking in (it could be more now that he holds more portfolio's) and laughing all the way to the bank while he's at it.

    What's more we can add Aiyaz, the soon-to-retire Rupeni Nacewa and Iloilo Uluivuda to the mix of "aiding the abetting" the thievery...check out their hand-written notes to each other on the last page. Even the shakey hand-written scrawl of Uluivuda is nicely captured.

    All the while innocent civil servants and taxpayers are being made redundant or are kicked out of jobs they swot hard for AND suffering under an illegal devaluation.

    Click on each image for a better view.

  5. bula, anon-i-mouse,
    Yes just learned about that retirement. It was bound to happen one way or another as Ratu Iloilo, the president, is just soo frail. Besides he suffers from 'the shaking illness' or Parkinson Disease.

    The whole event is just right up Bainimarama's alley as now he has one of his fellow ex military mates [though much senior in years of being a Commander in the Fiji army]. Nevertheless, they have alot in common now which is the scary bit.
    Fiji citizens & supporters must just chip-on & Hope for that 'Break'which will come....

  6. The Truth Commission is the best solution for Fiji provided Voreqe and Siti are willing to come forward with humble hearts and admit to the people of Fiji that they have committed a terrible crime and more importantly are willing to take the overdue punishment they deserved. However, at this time everyone knows that VB will not allow this Commission to go ahead.

  7. You have indicated some valid points with regards to Voreqe & Sitiveni whether they will be willing to come forward or not. That is their choice but the Voice of the People & their stories will ezpose what these two men have orchestrated through their Coup de tat (s) will be in itself, a force to reckon with.

    Your point no.2, quote,
    "However, at this time everyone knows that VB will not allow this Commission to go ahead." unquote.
    This Model Fiji Truth Commission being mooted will be a long term matter & both VB & SR needs to know they will be exposed come whta may. Bainimarama need not give any ok because this will be out of his hands. What VB needs to now know that he has to answer to the people. Fiji is not his 'rugby ball' to kick araound however he wants. He will be also held accountable for his actions in this Model of Fiji Truth Commission. The establishment of Truth Commission for Fiji which now has benn re-activated as it been earlier mooted in 2004 by Fiji Labour Party & fizzled into thin air is to REBUTT THE CLAIMS BY THE CURRENT & PREVIOUS MILITARY DICTATORSHIP & THEIR REGIME.
    We want the people to have a say to the running of their country Fiji whether its rewriting the constitution or voting for a political party to run its affairs. Certainly not by Voreqe Bainimarama & his military regime.


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