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Hon. Minister Pansy Wong rewards participants of Kiwi Global-Enterprise Project: Adi Samanunu (Fijian) shares her story.

Hon Minster Pansy Wong, Honoured guest last week at a special event held @ Banquet Hall, Beehive in Wellington. Hon Minister Wong, Minister for Ethnic Affairs & Minister for
Women's Affairs as well a few other portfolios, gaveout awards to these Victoria University students, various Faculties, who participated in a Global Enterprise Project last month. The evening was just a buzz as names and groups were called up to receive their awards. It is awesome to see such Kiwi ingenuity going in to such projects that will be useful for developing countries.

A quick brief to give you a gimpse of what the project was all about. As part of the Victoria Plus Program & in conjunction with the Leadership team of Global Enterprise & the School of Public Management, these participants each had to lead a team of others from universities around the world. They were only given 03 weeks to come up with a prototype model geared towards Capacity Building & Sustainable Development targetted for Developing countries or 3rd World Nations.

The hard efforts did pay off as the winning team took home a total of NZD$1000 each. Others won consolation prizes etc. All up we are told it had been a very rewarding experience. When asked, Adi Samanunu, says, quote, " Great experience for the younger generations!" (From Ana desk).

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Adi Samanunu's Journal:

"This Global Enterprise Experience has been a challenge from the word ‘go’. By signing up to it, I had no inclinations that it was going to be a touch and go for our Team. We were not only plagued with computer gliches, moving houses, family commitment, due assignments but also with illness, death of close family member of one of our San Diego team mates and just the sheer unpredictable patterns of what made each of us tick.

Nevertheless, our team was blessed with a great team spirit and at times there were only two us and lo and behold more decided to tune in and as a result we all just hung in there every step of the way. We were determined to pull our strengths and work towards a common vision and goal which was to get to know one another and submit our project. We had to go outside the square and created our very own Team 47 Global village forum on Google as Gees Base Camp just did not allow us to effectively communicate with each other.

Personally, I had to get a grip that this was a global challenge where each member though we were all miles and oceans apart had to either agree or disagree amicably on proposals given by our members. The tricky part was how do we as team reach a consensus? Besides these challenges, as a team we had to consider factors; such as different time zones, diverse cultural background, different cities/countries, geographical locations and other dynamics that are too many to write.

No doubt, this was an opportunity that may not come my way again and crossing paths with Generation Xs & Ys on a global scale just seems to capture my curiosity more than anything else. It has been a learning experience on a bigger scope and as a participating Kiwi member I just felt we were thrown into the deep end to lead our individual assigned group. Besides the technocratic failures and its short comings we managed to pull through. This was all due to the utter determination by a few dedicated members from our team. As I reflect on the journey our group took, it was a time of getting to know each other, a time of dialogue and one that enabled us just to make that virtual connections on an academic platform.

Last but not the least, at the most lowest point of our team’s effort to submit our project it was indeed encouraging to know that there were those in the team that just believed in our effort and persevered right to the end. This journal entry will only be complete if I personally show my appreciation and thanks to Sarita or Sarah, Libero or Ber, Brian and Marga & Ian & Saras ( fellow team mates & from other overseas University that had participated).
Hon Pansy Wong's Profile:
BiographyPansy Wong is:
· Minister for Ethnic Affairs · Minister of Women's Affairs
· Associate Minister for ACC · Associate Minister of Energy and Resources

Pansy Yu Fong Wong was born in Shanghai, China, and grew up in Hong Kong. She moved to Christchurch in 1974, where she lived for 28 years, and attended Canterbury University, where she gained her Master of Commerce (Honours).

She is an Associated Chartered Accountant and has also been awarded as a Fellow. Pansy first entered politics as a Canterbury Regional Councillor in 1989, and first entered Parliament in 1996 as a National List MP and New Zealand's first Asian MP.

She moved to Auckland in 2002 and won the seat of Botany with a margin of over 10,000 in the 2008 General Election thus making her the first Asian to win an electorate as well as the first Minister of Cabinet of Asian ethnicity.

Her busy life and determination to serve the country would not be possible without the support of her husband, Malaysian born businessman, Sammy Teck Seng Wong. Her interests include reading (particularly thrillers), walking (door knocking), wine and sake appreciation, travel, and working.

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