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Tuilaepa calls VB "Puppet Master'

Tapu Misa: Fiji's hope lies in peaceful resistance

Tuilaepa called Bainimarama a "puppet-master" and urged Fijians to "pound the streets in protest marches". "Peaceful, passive resistance," he said, was the only way to "rid yourself of cheap, idiotic dictator. c_id=280&objectid=10570111&ref=rss

Tumeke has this to say & interesting to note VB has added "Ratu" to his name - when did this happen?:

Fiji coup "new legal order" retirement decrees purge civil service
So, the Commodore is aged 54 (55 when the decree takes effect) and as of the end of the month all the civil servants older than him (that aren't his cronies) will be forced to retire... and Audrey Young at the NZ Herald buys the dictatorship's line that it is for economic purposes. That's not the half of it.

It is a mechanism to purge the neutral public service and replace them with his cronies - a process started when his first coup in 2006 began with the police commissioner being replaced by a military officer. Now that accelerates with his second coup, using sweeping decrees without having to bother with a constitution.

It is no coincidence that Bainimarama turns 55 on 27 April and that he can force any state employee to retire that is 55 just three days later. It may be utter hypocrisy, but it is also a classic Alpha Male move to eliminate the senior ranking rival males - the MO of the bully/thug military man.

The retirement exemptions are the means the military will use to sack the good sorts of government officials that resist - in any way - the "new legal order." The sorts of people that refused to obey the Commodore the first time around in 2006 and who continued to operate their departments without reference to what they knew was an illegal authority.

Image ref: Tuemeke's blog.

Teejay for Free Fiji says:

It's Time: Non violent, Non Cooperation Must Begin

It is time for some clear messages to be delivered to the the illegal regime of Dictator Bainimarama and his croneys, from within Fiji.

I know that it is easy for me to sit in the comfort of Australia and make that statement, however there are some very powerful non-violent activities that can take place which can hurt the dictatorship. More on that later.

I have personally been involved in non violent campaigns in the past. As a mature age blogger, I recall my university days in Melbourne that included a role in non violent campaigns against the Vietnam War. One particular day a non-violent march went pear shaped when confrontation between anti - Vietnam war marchers and the police (who came from nowhere) resulted in my own backside being kicked by a chubby policeman's boot, along with foul verbal insults and threats of arrest. Ultimately we had our victory - a change of government in Australia and the withdrawal of Australian troops from Vietnam.

Non violent, Non Cooperation

We know that civil disobedience has been around for a long time. The core philosophy underpinning civil disobedience can be found in Thoreau's On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (1849) where he stated that it is the individual who grants the state its power in the first place, and therefore must follow the dictates of conscience in opposing unjust laws.


  1. An interesting piece sent to Solivakasama Blog:


    We fully agree with "Solivakasama Worldwide Movement" that the Canberra Chapter, and of course the International HQ of the fijidemocracynow2009 must be highly commended for being the only organized and united Fiji constituent in opposition to the present Fiji Regime. All others are just blog shots in cyber sphere, and sparsely distributed domestic taunts muffled by the tyranny of the “shut your face” Decree.

    In the absence of Parliamentary democracy and a credible Judiciary no checking system whatsoever is afforded to us Fiji Citizens for redress or scrutinize, not only the legal essence of the existence of this regime, but also all and every Decree cookies churned out from the Government Printing oven that regimentally dictators when we breath, breed, sing, sleep, meet or when our rights may be minced into smithereens.

    Hence, these organized acts of bravery by the fijidemocracynow2009, while facing the elements of the southern winter compounded by the mocking or critical gazes of skeptics or may be even cowards; the marches acts of bravery are symbols of enormous hope to all our relatives under Fiji’s Tyrannical rule.

    Reluctance by some sections of the Expatriate Fiji Community to join the march may be understandable. Being part of the freedom marches and probable appearance of ones face in photos and subsequently the press should not be grounds for fear at all. For to fear thus or to fear by other “justifiable” excuses is a blatant abuse of the very liberty enjoyed in western democracy; the liberty craved by our Fiji relatives.

    False hope by some sections of Fiji community that this Dictator may Decree favourably towards a particular ethnic group or groups is an insult to the very intelligence and integrity of those who may be blinded to place their hope in a Dictator. A Dictator whose” conscience is sheared beyond repentance”.

    Our relatives in Fiji, though plural in their views of the situation, similar to the plurality of our views, looks to the expatriate Fiji Citizens and former residents as probably their only source of hope for an equitable resolve and represent of their blight to those who may listen and help.

    From the makeshift homes in Fiji squatter settlements, the hearts cries out. In the privacy of village kitchen dinner mat, the family cries out. The dark corners of dormitories in a boarding school, our future leaders hearts cry out. The bedrooms of housing estate, the couples cry out. Standing beside half empty tills, the market vendors, business men or women, taxi drivers cries out. The rural nurse beside an empty supplies cupboard, her heart cries out. Climbing up the steps of the bus with 5 cents short, the traveler cries out. Once proud hard and working employees dumped for been born on the wrong year, now grieves silently. Our son’s blood spilt from Police brutality, that also cries out.

    If those cries have not touched our hearts on they way to Heaven, then we are no better then those whose ”conscience are sheared”. Why not we “walk the talk”, for this may be our finest walk as we proudly cradle and cherish in our hearts the cries of those we love dearly!!

    “..for such a time as this…”

    Semi Meo

  2. From Raw Fiji's Blog
    A call to the international community
    June 14, 2009

    We, the people of the Fiji Islands, many of our children, fathers and brothers have been murdered in cold blood in front of our eyes by the illegal criminal regime governing our nation have been told that “only Fijians can rally the International Community and let them know what they want done and how quickly.” In response, we make these requests to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, the European Union, Islands of the South Pacific, members of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and every nation on earth:

    To immediately remove the criminal regime that is subjecting us to a reign of terror and fear, torture and systematic murder of only the Fijian ethnic group, the forced retirements of our parents and brothers and sisters and children on the grounds of age, their dismissal from employment on the grounds of ethnicity, religion, political opinions and gross human rights violations through the following measures:

    1)A blockade, the isolation of our nation by hostile ships or forces in order to prevent the entrance and exit of traffic and commerce.
    2)We urge you to immediately bring into effect the forces used to effect this isolation.
    3)We urge you to immediately shut down all the commercial Banks -ANZ, Westpac Banking Corporation, Bank of BAroda etc.
    4)We urge you to activate an invasion by International Armed Forces.
    5)We urge you to halt tourism.
    6)We call for economic sanctions to harm the economic interest of our country to bring about pressure for social or political change.
    7) Trade bans will have minimal effect on the targeted victims of this criminal regime because we have lost everything already and have nothing left to lose. The trade bans will inflict more pain on those financially sponsoring the illegal regime in Fiji and on the government.

    We understand the full implications of these international acts of cooperation and we are willing to pay the full price of our freedom.

    Luveiviti Dina


  4. Fiji's economy dives following recent coup
    The World Today - Wednesday, 17 June , 2009 12:38:00
    Reporter: Jeff Waters
    PETER CAVE: Fiji's military junta say they wrested control of the country to ensure stability, but they appear to have done the opposite to the island nation's wobbly economy.

    The situation is so dire that one senior economist from the Asia Development Bank is warning of an economic implosion.

    As the rest of the South Pacific continues to buck the international trend by recording growth in the midst of this financial crisis, the region's largest country and largest economy, is flagging. As Jeff Waters reports from Nandi.

    JEFF WATERS: At a big tourism industry fair on Denarau Island near Nandi, the industry has been reflecting on exactly why visitor numbers are down about 30 per cent this year.

    It's a big deal for a country heavily reliant on the tourist dollar. The global financial crisis and recent flooding are being blamed but there's also an elephant in the room.

    Military leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who now runs the country with totalitarian grip, visited the tourism exchange but declined an invitation to be interviewed.

    The event's organiser David Voss acknowledges that the coups have had an effect on his industry.

    DAVID VOSS: We've had some very adverse publicity in New Zealand, Australia. They're saying it's not safe here, there's army people on street corners. We've never had the army on the streets. And you've got to overcome all these situations but it's looking good for the future.

    JEFF WATERS: It's true the streets of the cities and towns appear calm. There are no roadblocks, no troops with guns.

    But the media is heavily censored, the legal system is in crisis and even some church meetings have been banned.

    And then there's the parlous state of the economy. The Asia Development Bank's Pacific economist, Craig Sugden, says Fiji is going bucking the South Pacific trend by going backwards fast.

    CRAIG SUGDEN: The momentum is lost and the coups in 2000, 2006, have added to this lack of momentum on economic reform and the economy is well below the growth rate that it should be achieving. So there is the potential for a downward spiral.

    JEFF WATERS: Fiji's military government says it's addressing the crisis by doing things like devaluing the dollar and establishing investment incentives.

    But Craig Sugden says it's not enough to save the poor. Thirty per cent of Fiji now lives below the poverty line.

    CRAIG SUGDEN: There are an awful lot of poor people in Fiji. Poverty rates are rising and not having that money come in, and with targeted programs on the poor, is leaving a big gap in the system. And we're very concerned that the current situation, the impact of the current situation, is falling too much on the poor and this trend of rising poverty will in fact become worse.

    PETER CAVE: The Asia Development Bank's Craig Sugden ending that report from Jeff Waters, who's just back from Fiji.

  5. Raw Fiji says, "Democracy will be restored in Fiji someway somehow!"
    June 19, 2009
    Click here to read more:

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