Monday, June 22, 2009


Revisting what was written by 'Mneesha Gellman and Josh Dankoff '

In essence, these people are on ‘country arrest’ but with no explanation of why or for how long. Incredibly, if you are a Fijian who is planning to travel, for F$12 (roughly US$8), you can check to see if your name is on the no-fly list. Some activists check this list each time they travel, but others do not want to even identify themselves for fear of self-incrimination.

Fiji’s Perilous Economy Post-2006 Coup
The usually crowded hallway of our ocean-view hotel was empty; listless waiters waited for customers that never come. People ask us, ‘do you feel safe here in Fiji?" We reply truthfully, "of course." Everywhere we go we are greeted with the enthusiastic Fijian welcome: Bula! Strangers introduced themselves on each of the four islands that we had time to visit (out of more than 300 which compose the Fiji Islands).

People ask about our safety because since Fiji’s coup in December, both the Australian and New Zealand governments have discouraged their citizens from traveling to Fiji. In reality, it is perfectly safe for travelers to move around Fiji’s many tourist locations, but these government announcements are meant to put international political pressure on Fiji’s ‘interim’ military government to restore democratic institutions. While Commodore Bainimarama has not backed down, tourism numbers have declined significantly, and Fiji’s largest money-making industry (surpassing sugar exports as of 2004) is struggling to bring in the foreign currency.

But it is not only tourist money that Fiji has lost because of the coup. Several international donors have pulled bi-lateral support to the government (including Australia and New Zealand), and Fiji has been temporarily suspended from the Commonwealth, entailing a damaging blow to preferential trade relations. New Zealand will now only channel their funds through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and they have cut off public sector training initiatives (8).


  1. Revisting discussions on effects of coup early this year from another blog. [Blog address Intentionaly omitted].
    Thakur Ranjit Singh: Do you claim as PMC Media to really know Fiji well-if so Do connect with the many Fiji Grassroots & upwards who are suffering

    Below is an excerpt from a blog as written by TR Singh who resides in Auckland & claims he and his PMC cronies know Fiji well. Furthermore the harsh critics levelled against Aotearoa, be it, the Politicians or its Journalists of not being versed with whats going on in Fiji appears to be a far fetched theory or 'dream-on' attitude to say the least.
    Be assured, we are also Fiji people that happens to reside in Aotearoa & are very versed with whats going on back home. Fiji has undergone a massive onslaught from the current regime led by none other but Voreqe Bainibarama. Whatever the intentions Fiji has slid back into not a 3rd World country but perhaps a 6th World!!!
    With the aftermaths of the 2006 coup led by VB, Fiji is now face to face with a new Wave of Totalitarian threat to its people. This is now a great threat to the very essence of Democracy which is so abscent at this point in Fiji.

  2. I don't understand why everyone is trying too be the 'hero' in Fiji. We should just let the government do what they are doing, now I am not Fijian but I believe that the more people speak out the more trouble they cause for themselves and their families. These people who are speaking out ahve no concern for their husbands and children. Maybe they should just stop being so selfish and think of others before thinking about themselves...!!

  3. That would be called 'Gagging'. Fiji people are now educated and gone are the days where they just sit back and take all the crap - those days are well and trully over. Its now called Freedom of Expression!!


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