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From Graham Leung's Desk:

Dear friends and colleagues

The email below was sent to me(minutes ago) by the lawyer who did the first draft of the Requisition.

I helped him with the drafting and text. He has just reported below. I was one of the 15 who signed the petition. Three other lawyers from my firm did as well (Banuve, Raniga and Panikar). A fourth lawyer (Leweniqila is an ex employee). You will recognize some of the names of the army officers named below.

The evidence suggests that the slightest hint of dissent will be crushed. We live in interesting times.



Kind Regards

Graham Leung
Managing Partner
Howards Lawyers
Subject: Requisition

An excerpt of an email sent to Graham fromn one of his fellow Fiji Lawyers
Amani Bale was taken up to QEB today @ 10am becoz of Requisition. Quorum of Teleni, Pio Kuruduadua, Qiliho, Roko Ului, Driti, Naivalurua and Naupoto there. Questiond him on requisition n also presentd him with copy to his surprise. Amani explaind that letter was private n confidential. Legal Pract Act says 15 members to requisition Prez. Its for Prez to call meting. No one else has copy except for Vakaloloma, Naco, Chaudhry n FLS secretariat plus President. I think Police Comm had received it thru President’s application for permit.
..........(name withheld)
Barrister & Solicitor
Commissioner for Oaths

The President
Fiji Law Society
100 Gordon Street
SUVA 21st April 2009

Dear Sir,
Re: Requisition for a General Meeting

Pursuant to section 24 of the Legal Practitioners Act, we the undersigned members of the Fiji Law Society (the FLS) hereby respectfully request that you convene a special general meeting of the Society as soon as possible.

The main object of the proposed special general meeting is for the Society to make its stand on the purported abrogation on 10thApril 2009 of the Fiji Islands Constitution (Amendment Act 1997 (the Constitution of Fiji) by the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda (the President) through the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 Revocation Decree 2009.

The undersigned members petition the Society and its Council and would like the
following Motions to be adopted at the special general meeting of the Society:-

1. The FLS strongly condemns and does not recognise the purported abrogation of
the Constitution of Fijiby the President, which is illegal and unconstitutional;
2. The FLS strongly condemns and does not recognise the President's purported
exercise of legislative or executive powers to make or pas? decrees, such action
being illegal and in violation of the Constitution of Fiji;

3. The FLS condemns and does not recognise the purported dismissal of the judges
and magistrates by the President of Fiji, such action being illegal and in violation of the Constitution of Fiji.

4. The FLS strongly denounces and does not recognise the prime ministerial,
ministerial, judicial and other or any assignments or appointments made and
decreed by the President subsequent to the purported abrogation of the
Constitution of Fiji.

5. The FLS considers that the Constitution of Fiji is still the supreme law of Fiji and that its purported abrogation by the President is illegal and unconstitutional.

6. The FLS calls on the interim regime to respect the human rights of Fiji citizens and residents including freedom of expression and freedom of association.

7 The FLS strongly deplores the President's decision to disregard the Fiji Court of
Appeal Judgment in Qarase & Others v. Bainimarama & Others. The FLS reaffirms its support for the decision of the Court of Appeal in the Qarase case and urges the President pursuant to that decision to appoint a caretaker Prime Minister to advise dissolution of the Parliament and the issuance of writs for the election of
members of the House of Representatives.
8. The FLS calls on its members to decline to appear before aU Courts and judicial
officers purportedly appointed under the so called "New Legal Order" at all levels,
divisions and districts, in protest against the illegal purported abrogation of the
Constitution of Fiji.

9. The FLS calls for the immediate restoration of the Constitution of Fiji and
reinstatement of the judiciary, and revocation of the state of emergency and
accompanying restrictions on human rights, especially freedom of speech,
expression and assembly.

10. The FLS pledges that it will continue to strive to maintain the independence of the judiciary and promote democracy and the rule of law in Fiji.
Yours faithfully


1. Hamendra Nagin
2. Amani Bale
3. Saimoni Valeitabua
4. Mohammed Shameen
5. Graham E. Leung
6. Savenaca Banuve
7. Jay S. Raniga
8. Aseri Vakaloloma
9. Vilitati Daveta
10. Raman P. Singh
11. Simione Valenitabua
12. Akuila Naco
13. Semi Leweniqila
14. Rajendra Chaudry
15. Christina P.

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