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Read Stuff's take on the South Pacific Forum's announcement after all the rhetorics this Military Dictator said in his most recent interview with SKY NEWS on Friday night (1st May 2009).

Bainimarama & his 'clown' Shaiyad, needs their heads banged together for their nonsence recent utterings. They are speaking as if they were elected by the people. Have they forgotten how they came to get a taste of Power and now cannot let go because its too good being in control .
"IT WAS DE GUNS THAT GOT YOU THERE, KIVAS!!" We say to VB-You're also 55 years old now & like all Civil Servants that you had enforced compulsory retirement upon, you too should BOW-OUT so Fiji can breathe again.

The Military Dictator (VB), also stated in his Sky News Interview 1/5/09 that he will get rid of Qarase's Political Party-SDL & everything the SDL stand for. Though we may not have all voted for Qarase but theres one thing we know, he is up against another Coup Maniac Rabuka's party (SVT) It is obvious that Bainimarama has taken his choice between the two and have opted to tuck Rabuka's one under a corner near his wings after all they are both soldiers and share one thing in common: RABUCOUPOLOGY & BAINICOUPOLOGY

VB seems to think that he is the Rule of Law & his blabberings is worse than a dragon spluttering out fire from its mouth. A day after that interview with many of his utterances now being thrown back in his face as he has been wrong again in his calculations.

SHAME - YOU WERE WRONG BAINIMARAMA!!! (Replay the interview & see for yourself).Whoever is advising you - his head & yours should roll because its just not stacking up & you're making this current regime a bigger fool.

VB alse states in his interview something on the lines, that he is from a cannibal island & for those of us listening noted how he told the media person conducting the interview, 'you too can be on my meal table as my next meal'.

How ironic can this be when just prior to this he is talking about eradicating Racism in Fiji & then uses a 'racist' comments immediately after. Has the dictator lost the plot???

VB also claims that if it was upto him he would get the Aussies & the Kiwis out from the Pacific Island Forum. Has he forgotten the large numbers of Fiji people living in these two countries that are sending money home to try and help their families keep afloat more so now(you vb) said in your interview that Fiji has only 1.8months of Reserve left as advised by his agent at the Fiji Reserve Bank. Has he forgotten the large amount of aid money & expert support channelled from these two countries to help keep Fiji from sinking deeper into the red?

Its high time you give it up Bainimarama - Fiji can survive without your utterings & rhetorics as no one is indispensable.

Let the people decide for themselves @ The Ballot, who & how they want Fiji to be run , certainly not by the guns.
Fiji formally ousted from Pacific Islands Forum

South Pacific nations announced that military-ruled Fiji has been suspended from the 16-nation bloc for its rejection of democracy, freedom and human rights.
"A regime which displays such a total disregard for basic human rights, democracy and freedom has no place in the Pacific Islands Forum," said its chairman, Toke Talagi.
Fiji's rejection of fundamental principles like "the full observance of democratic values" and the defense and promotion of human rights had given the Forum no alternative, he said in a statement.
Talagi said he had "considerable sorrow and disappointment" in confirming Fiji's immediate suspension from "full participation" – but the diplomatic and economic bloc had stopped short of expulsion of the military regime, said Talagi, who is also premier of the South Pacific micro state of Niue.
The suspension bars Fiji's leader, ministers and officials from taking part in any Forum meetings or events, and cuts Fiji out of development funding until a democratic government is restored, he noted.
On Friday, Fiji military ruler, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, continued to defy international pressure to announce elections, confirming that he would not hold them for at least five years.
That set the stage for his country's ouster from the Forum, which had given Fiji until Friday to announce elections for 2009 or be suspended from the group.
"I think we made it quite clear that is not going to happen," the military chief told Australia's Sky News television in an interview broadcast Friday. "There will be no elections until September 2014."
Bainimarama ousted the ethnic Fijian-dominated government in a 2006 coup and installed himself as prime minister. He has vowed to rewrite the constitution and electoral laws to remove what he says is discrimination against the country's large ethnic Indian minority before holding elections. Critics say he shows little sign of being willing to give up power.
"You've got a dictator up there now who doesn't want to listen to anybody else other than himself," New Zealand Prime Minister John Key told Radio Dunedin on Friday, ramping up his rhetoric against the regime.
"My view is that they will be automatically suspended from the forum and I think you may see similar reaction from other bodies like the Commonwealth," he added, referring to a group of 53 countries that are mostly former British colonies.
Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith agreed, saying Bainimarama's lack of action meant the country's suspension would take effect Saturday.
"Fiji has shown no intention to return to democracy and on the contrary has torn up its constitution," Smith said.
Fiji President Ratu Josefa Iloilo announced in early April that elections would be delayed until 2014. He also suspended the national constitution and fired judges who had declared the military government illegal. Emergency laws were also imposed on the media to curb expressions of dissent.
Bainimarama said Friday that the censorship laws would be extended when they expire later this month.

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