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FIJI COUP PLANS REVEALED BY INNER SOURCE: Is Voreqe Bainimarama a Man of Dis-Honour???



Some Details as extracted from
“ Document compiled @ his planned Top Secret Meet & Recorded By Army Men .

Appears the group cmdr tried to copy what transpired by the SS Nazi soldiers @ Wannsee Conference in 1942 where SS Nazi spearheaded plans to execute Holocaust!!

Here are the details:

2004 Brief by Capt Teleni sched Tues 16/12/2003
Present: CLF, DMR,DSC&FD,CO ENGR, CO 3FIR, Maj Balawa, COFTG, Comdr T Koroi, Maj S Vatu, WO1Leweni.
During briefing Comd RFMFrang DMR & advised him to have all members in the briefing await him and also have Col Kadavulevu present.

Sequence of Events:
Comdr arrives @ the meet. Took over the meeting & advised how he wants to take over the government except for MFA & ET & GCC.
Comdr RFMF indicates the followings & his actions thereafter:
some NGOs & Diplomatic Corps are behind him
Instructs a plan to be drawn up for the removal of Govt.
Provide brifefing on his return from Labasa (21/12/03)
LTCOL Pita Driti noted to have said, quote, “io vinaka me caka ni sa rui levu na butako” unquote
Cmdr RFMF calls Ministry of Home Affaire & asks to speak with Minister
When told Minister not available – he asked for Parliamentary schedule for 2004
He says, quote, Dou cakava vaka totolo na plan de dou qai kidacala au sa liu sobu ira.” Unquote.
After the Cmdr left the meeting we decided that we will not draw up the plans for the Military takeover as this was a criminal & treasonable act.

However, the staff of RFMFwould draw up an advice for Cmdr RFMF advising him against his intention to remove Government.

Thurs 18/12/2003 Comdr reiterated his intention at sched conf. to remove govt except President.& progress plans to takeover Govt must proceed.
Cmdr’s instruction – he did not want anyone sitting on the fence & if anyone does not agree with his plans is to leave.

At the end of this meeting Cmdr personally interview few officers.
One of the Senior officers recorded that in his personal interview with Cmdr, he was told that he the Cmdr wud forcefully remove the Govt if his term as Cmdr RFMF is not renewed.
He was advised that this wud be illegal and it will be illegal & amounts to Treason
This Senior officer further advised Cmdr that “there are legal ways to settle his disagreement with Govt & he must follow the legal path.”

Cmdr replies & says "that will take too much time.”
Cmdr continues & said, "removing the govt may be legally wrong but he is morally correct". He also stated that he must remain the cmdr because there was no one who could be comdr and pursue the May 2000 Prosecutions as he is doing.

The Senior officer than told him that the renewal of his term was between him & the govt & that he shud not use the Institution as a means of renewing his term. Cmdr did not accept this & asked where the Senior Officer stood regarding his intention to remove govt.

The Senior Officer then told him he cud not support him on such an illegal & treasonable act. Cmdr then directed that the Senior officer kept out of the planning activities.

Following this the group chose Cmdr Natuva to speak on their behalf & tell Cmdr that his activity was illegal & treasonable & that each of them did not support him. A written advice was handed to Cmdr on Jan 04.

The details of the written statement after this indicated that Cmdr sent all those that did not support his plans to go on leave.& also stated, after their leave had expired, to do the honourable thing and resign.


  1. Thursday, May 07, 2009
    Open Letter to Fiji Comrade-in-Arms
    Sai Comment:
    -Please pass this on to friends and relatives in the military or Police in Fiji:
    To Comrade-in-Arms
    This is an open letter to all of you from the real Discipline Services. There are a few issues that we need to disseminate to all serving members of the RFMF, Police, Navy and Prison Services.
    1. There are ILLEGAL ORDERS Always note that as evident in many Summary of Evidence(SOE) in Court Martials the defendants do realise that ORDERS are deemed illegal if they are issued without regard for following proper publications and procedures.
    A typical example is when they had SOE for soldiers that participated in the 2000 coup. That’s when soldiers realised that they were taking orders from common criminals like wise at Nuremberg HITLER’S crew that carried out the HOLOCAUST , following ILLEGAL ORDERS will not stand for you in court. This is the case that is transpiring in our midst, all OPERATIONAL ORDERS AND STANDING ORDERS, ARE DEEMED ILLEGAL and (Bainimarama and Company) A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY AND They are COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE for Nation Building because they do not follow the RULE OF LAW.
    2. You have been lied to, tricked and swindled to by Bainimarama and Company. Firstly you are not covered by any immunity that he promised to you in 2006. The writing is on the wall. Brothers involved in the RABAKA CASE . The VEREBASAGA CASE .
    3. O Voreqe e a sega ni vatubura na keda i sau, o ya e cakava na Civilian Government mai Parliament.
    4. Qori sara bai vakacegui o ira na tuakada 55. Ia o lasulasu e HOLIDAY tu i BALI na vanua era dau gole ga kina na millionaire. Ka rawa ni vakayagataka e $100,000 na gauna lekaleka ga oqo.
    5. O koya kei Teleni e rau wase tiko na commission mai vei Padam Lala me baleta na noda uniform ni veiqaravi. E tu na vadinadina. Rau na qai veilewai ni sa mua donu tale na noda vanua.
    6. Kauta mai na tavalena DAULABA me mai liutaka na Mataivalu e wai. Ni tu na tamata e ra vai vola cecere sara mai vei daulaba KEAN kara dau vinakata na cakacaka dina kei na savasava. O Kean e tamata DAULABA.
    7. Bainimarama e saumi koya vakadaubutako e na nona lavo ni livi. Na rate e butakoci keda na lewe i Viti. “na noqu kerekere vei kemuni na i sausau vou kei noda Viti, o kemuni ni tamata YALOSAVASAVA ka dau valataka na DINA. Moni ni kauta laivi na CAKACAKA NI BUTOBUTO e vakayacori tiko o qo e na noda veiliutaki i na Mataivalu, Na Mataivalu i Wai kei na Ovisa.”
    Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement
    Posted by Sai Lealea at 8:39 PM

  2. Very true Sai,

    Eichmmann as noted in his trial beacuse of the big role he played in the Holocaust tried to use the excuse that he was just following orders & at this point it was not adequate to free him from going to the gallows!! He was executed despite Eichmann's thinking that the SS Nazi system will protect him. He was wrong.

    So Fiji Amry, Naval, Police just remember you will all be held accountable for your actions and when you take that stand 'VB' & his clowns will not be there to protect you. That moment will be yours & yours alone. You have time on your hand to come clean & get out of the evil grip you are trapped in.
    For any Chritians or those that believe in Divine Providence read Ephesian 6: 10-20 "The Armour of God" say this for your ultimate protection from the evil web you're in.

  3. This document is actually a piece of damning evidence that can resurface when we return to Democracy. It was written by Col. Tuatoko and witnessed by Comd. Koroi and Lt. Col. Raduva.

    After this meeting, Col. Kadavulevu was eventually sacked and Col. Jone Baledrokadroka took over the Chief of Staff position. I personally heard from Col. Baledrokadroka how he saw fraudulent activities taking place at QEB and how the coup was inevitable, because Voreqe mind was set on taking over the government, the reasons behind it was only known to him.

    When Baledrokadroka came back fron USA in 2006, Teleni was acting Chief of Staff in his absence, JB, saw containers at the stores and asked Col. Saubulinayau what they were for. It was RFMF policy to order in new uniforms and equipment if there was an intake or big weekend camp, which was the Territorrials weekend of refresher courses.

    When Col. Saubulinayau was asked about the containers, his answer to that was, "au sega ni kila, lai tarogi rau sara ga o Teleni kei naba dua" implying that there was something sinister going on and was not in any position to discuss it.

    Baledrokadroka, later confronted the Commander and told him that he shouldn't take the Military down the road he was intending, guessing that the containers had equipment to faciltate a military takeover.

    JB, was sacked for his part in trying to stop Voreqe, just like the other officers who knew the consequences of the treasonous act, and voiced their concern to Voreqe.

    This events bloggers, shows the mentallity and attitude Voreqe took into the December 2006 takeover was premeditated and there was no one in Fiji to change his mind.

    The fact that Commissioner Hughes also was in the process of getting him arrested, for his part in the CRW murders were strong motivation for the coup, but that was and never will be mentioned by Voreqe as one of the reasons on the takeover.

    Once the plan was out in the open for the officers to know, he went about manufacturing excuses or reasons for the coup, hence the clean up campaign. The writing is on the wall, he is guilty of Treason and murder and he must face the law for that one day, and these documents will be there to help in puttng him away for a very long time.

    As the economy gets fragile and the people endure hardship as the product of this coup, Voreqe is putting on a brave face and has gathered his advisors around him for solutions, but these will be short term ones as the Nation needs the International community to advance and keep in cadence with progress.

    Now, he is reduced to employing prisoners in planting dalo to get much needed funds to fill empty coffers. While retirees cannot get their entitlement from FNPF in their retirement, then my guess, that Voreqe has ideas for that institution as a backup .

    The whole world is closing in on Voreqe and he might be ascending to the Presidency as his last hope of staying afloat, but fo how long.


  4. Great thoughts indeed. its great that those in the know are sharing their stories to help restore what had been stolen from the people of Fiji by Frank Bainimarama & his regime. It is so sad.

    One of the young boys who recently said that the army boys from his home village[name withheld]normally stop by at their hous for a fresh drink or something to eat, when asked whats going on with the Fiji army? The reply was always, "sa keimami sega ni kila na cava sa yaco tu qo..." That in itself will tell us theres 'confusion & hopelessness' hitting everyone in Fiji in a big way.

    Lets keep that candle lit for democracy to be restored as quick as it can be.
    May God Bless Fiji.


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