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Easier & Cheaper Way to Send Money to Families & Loved ones In the Pacific.

There are now cheaper ways to remit money to our families in the Islands as announced by the Ministry of Pacific Islands Affairs in Aotearoa recently. For ease of reference, click on the header to see more details. As we all know trying to send money to the islands via Western Union and the banks can add up to approx $30 NZD depending on exchange rates at the time of transaction. That can easily shift if you decide to excute the transaction half an hour later. The general response one will get from the teller, "oh the rates fluctuate quite rapidly & its beyond our control".

With this new system, we can at least send money to our families & not be ever so worried with the ever increasing cost of each transaction every time we remit funds to our families & loved ones.

Ni sa bula

Over 800 coral and volcanic islands make up the Melanesian Pacific state of Fiji. The country's population is made up almost equally of indigenous Melanesian Fijians and Indo-Fijians. The bulk of the population live on Fiji's two largest islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.There are large widespread Fijian communities living in both Australia and New Zealand.Population: 931,741 (July 2008 est.) Capital city: Suva

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The website provides important information on the many choices migrants living in Australia and New Zealand have when sending money back to their families and friends in the South Pacific island nations.

When you want to send money back home the important things that you may need to know are:
How can I send my money?

If I send an amount in Australian dollars, how much will actually be received by my friends or family and in which currency?
What is the true cost to me to send this money?
What is the exchange rate?
What documents/information do I need to provide to send money?
What documents/information does the person I'm sending to need in order to collect the money
How long will it take for my money to arrive?
Will the person I'm sending to have to pay anything as well?
What protection is in place to make sure the money is received?
What do I do if things go wrong?
Where can the money be collected

This website contains the answers to most of these questions but if you need more information, please contact us and we will try to help you.
For further information, please click here or the Help & FAQs button at the top of the page.
Send Money Pacific features a Diaspora Communities section which contains community focused information relevant to each Pacific Island Diaspora group in both Australia and New Zealand. This provides a really useful social and information tool for visitors to the website.


  1. Ni sa bula

    Hi there. I work on www.sendmoneypacific.org and just wanted to add a couple of points to your great informative article above.

    We are keen to include Diaspora community news, events and nformation wherever possible and invite the readers of Luivei Viti readers to submit any appropriate stories to us at info@sendmoneypacific.org.

    We'd also like to say that if you have any more questions on the site or would like to share your experiences of sending money to Fiji, please write to us at the same email address.

    Best wishes,

  2. Vinaka Jinathan,

    We will certainly keep that in mind and will forward you stories ref. experiences. We have circulated the info to our readers via group community emails etc and we are positive members of our community group will latch quickly. Thanks again.

  3. ooops Jonathan, our bad,so sorry for spelling your name with an 'i' ilo 'o'.

    'Ni vosota' or we apologise.

  4. I am looking for the cheaper ways to remit money,an d thank to your blog very informative.


  5. Dear Missy,
    [send money to the Phillipines]

    We are glad we were able to help you via this link.

    Thanks for your feedback and we will be happy to assist should you need further info.

    Luvei Viti Team

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