Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kiwi Blog Shows support for Fiji Bloggers in view of recent Media Gagging by Military Dictator Bainimarama.

As quoted from Kiwibloggers: read more ....
Blogs only uncensored news from Fiji
The blogs are now the only source of uncensored news from Fiji. The media are now now allowed to report news that is “negative”. And even the blogs are at risk - there is talk that the Commodore has ordered Fijian telcos to cut off Internet access to Fiji.
I encourage people to read and promote these blogs. Also I am always happy to do a guest post from any Fijians who don’t want to set their own blog up.
Raw Fiji News
Discombobulated Bubu
Luvei Viti: Children of Fiji
Soli Vakasama
Tears for Fiji
Coup Four and a Half
Talking Fiji
And here is the news that they don’t want people to know:
Fiji Reserve Bank Governor arrested
Two Fiji Sun journalists detained
A Fiji TV reporter detained
TV3’s Sia Ashton detained and deported
Fiji Times publisher to be deported
The former head of the military legal service appointed a High Court Judge and another military person as Court Registrar
That Internet access may be cut off in the very near future.
Soldiers have taken control of banks and petrol stations
The head of the Dept of Public Prosecutions has been arrested
The President of the Fiji Law Society may have been arrested
I suspect Fiji is going to have a run on its foreign reserves, due to the Reserve Bank sacking.
Hat Tip: Andrew Bartlett and Roarprawn
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  1. Okay...vinaka... kiwi newsgroup plodder. Pro Bainimarama, pro speech. The sacking of kiwi journos was no loss. They tell us nothing. They never seem to get outside of Suva.



  2. Whatever, at least they do give the world what happening behind the iron curtain in Suva. Perhaps the pro Bananaramiiizzz do not allow them to venture any further than Suva??? So what do you expect from these reporters - we say 'half a loaf' is better than NONE!!!

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  4. Thanks for your valued comments Bathmate. We will remember to add more info in future.
    Have a great New Year.
    Luvei Viti Team

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