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For Fiji's 'Cradled' Coup de tat Kids: A Reflection written especially for you.(click link for a song)

1987 was the year that Fiji witnessed the begnning of a Coup era. Sitiveni Rabuka executed the first coup and at that time most of the innocent people of Fiji irrespective of their background, did not have any idea what Coup de tat meant. To them it was just too many soldiers dressed in gurkas & parading up & down the streets of Suva armed with guns. To ordinary people these soldiers looked like something that just came out of a war zone. The feelings were horrible, and it looked like people's every day life & existence seems to have been robbed from them by soldiers with guns.. The people appear to no longer have rights nor freedom to do anything freely. They had no control over the soldiers who now dictated what they can or cannot do. Their rights has been snatched from them. This is a glimpse of what has been happening on & off for the last 20 odd years. All kids born after 1987 or even a little before would not know what Fiji really was before all these coups.
On a gentler note, to give these soldiers the benefit of doubt, one would think, perhaps they are still trying to recover from the post traumatic effects of having served in a war torn countries outside Fiji. This is something Fiji people are so often use to that is saying farewell to their families who have joined the army and are required to serve in peace keeping duties. overseas. This not only bring money to their loved ones but added to the Military coffers thus boosting Fiji's economy.
For those that survive and return home to their families in Fiji are fortunate. But for some unfortunate ones, they come back in body bags and which is one of the saddest occasions for families back in Fiji.
When these soldiers take to the streets after a coup, questions are often asked when these soldiers are seen flexing their muscles in the urban streets of Suva & other big cities in Fiji - " have they not sussed out the difference of being back to their once peaceful island of Fiji as opposed to being in a war torn land "
For the average adult reality then strucks because, these once peace loving soldiers have been trained to turn against their loved ones & the country they once gave allegiance to for the sake of 'Obeying orders from their Military Masters'. After all this is their 'bread & butter'. They are not allowed to think outside the square. Such is the IRON CURTAIN OF COUP DE TA ISM that has bedevilled Fiji and its people for a long time until now.

20 years of being in Coup Mode is far too long and this all began after the first coup of 1987 where Rabuka Coup was born in Fiji. This was the beginning of a long & rough/dusty road back to the 'woop woops land that saw Fiji suffer the onslaught of coup after coup. Ask anyone one in the streets what coup stands for & they will smartly give you a long list of what it means to them even the kids after all it has become part of their everyday life.
On reflection, Fiji has not been given any opportunity to resurface or take a 'breather; by these Military opportunists . Included in this lineup is a civilian who had a crash course on how to execute a coup but drastically failed and now serving time as he had committed a crime or so the legal experts says. Whispers says the poor civilian guy was only following orders as orchestrated by none other than Voreqe Bainimarama himself.
Wait theres more, why on earth did this civilian man got thrown into the cell and Rabuka walked free ? Dicey indeed? Bainimarama will also try and work his way through so that he and his team will have the same type of immunity but its now upto the people to see that justice is done.
Last night Saturday, 18 April,, we heard Rabuka being interviewed on air by Ruci Farrell (nee Salato), our very own Fijian journalist on the Fijian/Pacific Radio program Niu FM/PI531 and hosted by Mrs Nemai Vucago. The interview was detailed and as usual Ruci was able to extract intricate details from Rabuka as to his take on the role of Fiji military in the coup culture that has plagued Fiji for over two decades.
Just to digress abit, we wish to take this opportunity in thanking both Ruci & Nemai for making it possible for the Fiji Community here Aotearoa & the rest of the world to tune in to such an eye opening interview which was indeed, a far cry to the Qarase interview last week by Ruci.
Rabuka came out as a bit of 'shocker' in his interview as to our dismay as we listened & heard from the horse's (Rabuka) mouth himself as to the reasons why the very first coup happened. To put it simply, reasons he gave were weak and pathetic. Either he did not prepare himself well or the questions that Ruci asked were too intelligent for Rabuka to figure out his answer and respond in an intelligent manner knwoing well that people are tuning in intently to hear his take. The answers given by Rabuka totally lacked depth.. To cite an excerpt of what Rabuka said, in brief, he stated that what he had done in 1987 coup & which has been repeated by Bainimarama in 2006 & a 'rigged twist' in April, 2009 is well within the framework of what is expected when a coup has been executed, meaning 'na Yavu ni Vakavulewa me bokoci" or the Constitution needs to be abrogated, Added to this, the Judiciary has to be removed as those Judges that presides over these court cases are not representing the Government's interests as they have a different legal framework to work within. Rabuka then said by doing this it then allows the Coup perpertrator to proceed with what changes that he wishes to bring about. This is the normal process immediately after a coup he says.
Furthermore, Rabuka in his own arrogant ways, continues on to say that should in the future, another Military man comes along & does not like what he sees in the Constitution can again re-invent the wheel & 'execute another coup'!.

Yes, its whhhhhhatttt iiiss hhhe sasying???? Can you believe that the whole Fiji Community in Aotearoa is listening in and Rabuka elects to say these to the people who are hurting because of the diffiulties being faced by those back in Fiji. ....We rest our case at such absurdity!!

  1. It is obvious that Rabuka had to cover his ugly track records on the series of coups he had earlier initiated.

  2. It appeared that he was indeed propping up what Bainimarama has done and theres very little the Fiji people can do about it.

  3. He seems to blame the Fiji Indigenous people for their divisions (forgetting that both he & Binimarama have carved these divisions deep into the minds & hearts of the Fiji people)

  4. Rabuka assures the people that time will put things right & he forgets that 20 years have passed since his 1st coup & now Bainimarama's coup & Fiji is on a fast track spiralling downwards in its economy, etc etc

  5. Rabuka had opened a 'Door of (Evil) Opportunity' in creating a coup after coup culture in Fiji.

To conlcude :




  1. Its Duuuuhhhh Rabuka - don't you know that 'Checks & Balance' on an elected Government will lie with the Judiciary.


  2. Wow,how can the Fiji military continue to do these to it own people it suppose to protect!!!!!!

  3. Your guess is as good as mine. I think these two Military dictators Rabuka & Bainimarama thinks Fiji people are ignorant and they as Militray men can do whatever they like because they have guns.

    In their little 'nutty' minds they have totally disregard the people, Rule of Law & its elected Political Parties who are quite capable to debate & tease out the problems they are claiming that Fiji has. If theres anything the Fiji Army is the biggest problem now for Fiji.


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