Friday, April 17, 2009

Fiji Situation

Bula to the whole world.

Fiji is again at its Cross roads of progress. Many will not be able to comprehend the events leading up to what has transpired in the last week or so. God undrestands & He has His own ways. Not our ways or the highways or any other ways but just, HIS WAYS!

May I ask all who believe to commit Fiji to God in Prayer & thank God for His Eternal plan for this nation of multi cultural society diverse with its beauty.



  1. Vinaka Ratu Radrodro,

    Thank you for your comments and we will certainly remember Fiji in our prayers during this time of turmoil.

    God Bless Fiji

  2. Looks like the Fiji bloggers esp Raw Fiji has aggressively stated that its more than just Prayers.Fiji men should be leading the way otherwise we will have a Fiji 'Joan of Arc' surfacing and men will have to ask themselves where did they miss the 'plot'? Whats so wrong with all those that are keeping quite. It is understood that media has been gagged, people are not allowed to converge or they get interrogated by the Bananaramazzzziiiss!! Surely there must be a way out and just letting this guy have a field day with Fiji is like watching "Zimba's uncle in Lion King movie' toeing with the little rat!!! Time to wake up Fiji men - Fiji people are waiting for you to do somehting positive and reject this dictator outright!!!

  3. Send a parrot that can speak over to Ratu Iloilo to ask him what has he done to Fiji? Why did he sell Fiji short to this dictator who has cearly rigged his way through to gain ultimate power - so he thinks!!!

    Time to down the dictator!!

  4. Looks like this guys has tried to copy some aspects of what Toussaint & Dessalines did in Ayti. Sorry Vore Bainimarama you're not quite there & guess what happened to these two guys: one got thrown into prison & one got hacked to death.

    Experts said these two men once in power deviated from the initial intention and went off track which resulted in their horrible deaths.

    As the saying goes, "Every dog has its day."


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