Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fiji reinstates the sacked Military Dictator as cunnigly orchestrated by The Dictator Bainimarama himself.

Nothing comes as a surprise anymore as Fiji appears to have sunk deeper into a pathway similar to that of Mugabe's in Africa. As one reliable source from Fiji said this morning in a telephone conversation, quote, " Please Lord, do not bring back Bainimarama as interim PM, we do not like him, HE IS NOT GOOD." The person went on to say that Fiji is very tense at the moment and one could almost feel it. They will continue to pray this Easter. This certainly gives us a reminder that Fiji is approching a 'stale mate' situation and somehring drastic has to be done to wake this Military Dictator, Bainimarama up, that Fiji does not belong to him. People are only keeping a low profile because he keeps the keys to the 'Gun house' @ the military camps where he trully belongs.

When can Foreign Intervention take an active role in restoring Fiji to normalcy. Surely this will assist at the very least in implanting in this dictator's brain that International Law & order still prevails and that his regime is not the carrier of Justice in Fiji. At the very least this intervention will bring some sense of peace & Goodwill to a small island Nation like Fiji. This dictator seem to think and has kidded himself in thinking, he is the law . We say, not so Bainimarama as there will be a way out to end the sufferings of the Fiji people.

It is well known that this matter cannot be left to the Fiji people to handle on their own as they will be taking on the guns held by these once peace loving people turned guerrillas by none other but Bainimarama himself.

Indigenous Fijians soldiers are now well armed with guns to slaughter their own Indigenous Fijians families if the need arises. There are very little Inidans and others in the Fiji Military. What is being revealed under our eyes is serious. Fiji Militray regime comprises of majority Indigenous Fijians in the army and these people are now being used as scapegoats. Question we now ask how can Bainimarama use the core of Fijians in the army against their own Fijian families & people. Is this what those that are behind Bainimarama wanting to see as an end result
'Fijians in the army being coerced to fight their own Fijian people.' If we may cite what is written in their Fiji Army website, quote,

a. Vision. We want to be ‘A smart military force that enhances its capabilities beyond its size through professionalism, resourcefulness, knowledge and skills, leadership, discipline and adherence to its ethos and values’.
b. Mission. The RFMF mission is to enhance the security of the Fiji islands and protect its people and interest in peace, in crisis and in conflict.
c. Ethos. Our enduring ethos is based on fairness translated to “Na dina, dodonu kei na savasava.
d. Values. The RFMF is a value based institution. It is through our values that we know who we are and through which we are bonded together to achieve our vision and serve the nation. Our values are:
(1) The will to win;
(2) Dedication to duty;
(3) Integrity;
(4) Teamwork;
(5) Courage; and
(6) Family.
What is written on their webpage does not reflect what is taking place in Fiji right now. It is the total opposite. If nothing is done soon by International Intervention, Fiji will surely reanact what happened in Rwanda many years ago during the genocide where Native Rwandas fought fellow natives. Fiji is on the verge of that right now and people's patience are thinning out. What this dictator has in his hands are guns which is lethal and which the people of Fiji do not have.

The Fiji army boasts of 'Na dina, dodonu kei na sasava' as written in their webpage, just how true is this statement when they are showing elements of corruption beginning from Bainimarama himself .

We wait and pray with all the Fiji people that are suffering right now this Easter.
Read further BBC News' take on the Fiji Military rule......
The court said the military government - the product of the country's fourth coup in 20 years - was illegal and should be replaced with an interim government, led by neither Mr Qarase nor Mr Bainimarama.


  1. Washington has also expressed its view on events: "The United States is deeply disappointed by the collapse of Fiji's political dialogue process and the abrogation of Fiji's constitution, which we see as movement away from the goal of returning Fiji to democratic governance and its formerly leading role in the Pacific," State Department spokesman Richard Aker said in a statement.

    The Commonwealth secretariat described the events as "unwelcome developments” and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he "strongly deplores these steps and calls for urgent action towards their reversal and the restoration of a legitimate government and constitutional order" in Fiji.

  2. Bernard Hibbitts, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
    8:19 PM Sunday, Apr. 12, 2009



    Serious law. Primary sources. Global perspective.

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Fiji military chief reappointed to head government after constitution suspended
    Andrew Gilmore at 2:39 PM ET

    [JURIST] Commodore Josaia Voreqe "Frank" Bainimarama [BBC profile], the head of the Fijian military, was reappointed Saturday [Reuters report] as prime minister of the country by President Ratu Josefa Iloilo [official profile] a day after Iloilo suspended the country's constitution [JURIST report] following a Thursday ruling [JURIST report] by the Fiji Court of Appeals that declared Bainimarama's original appointment as prime minister unconstitutional. Bainimarama led a 2006 coup d'etat [JURIST report] against the country's civilian government, removing the leadership while keeping the Fijian constitution intact. The court's Thursday ruling ordered the president to appoint a civilian prime minister until democratic elections for the post could be held. The reappointment of the military chief as head of government was met with condemnation [ABC report] by the United Nations and members of the Australian government, including Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd [official profile].

    After the Friday announcement of the suspension of the constitution, US State Department [official website] spokesman Richard Aker criticized [press release] Iloilo's decision, saying it was a step backwards for the country, and calling on Fiji to continue to recognize rights outlined in the suspended constitution. In October, a Fijian lower court dismissed [JURIST report] a legal challenge to the 2006 coup brought by deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase [BBC profile]. The Fijian government has defended the coup as legal [JURIST report] because Iloilo had reserve powers that permitted him to dismiss the government and appoint new leaders, and he had given his permission to Bainimarama. Two days after the coup in December 2006, an interim prime minister had said that the coup was technically "illegal" [JURIST report] but necessary.


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