Friday, April 10, 2009

Fiji hang in there! Ailing President becomes once again the puppet of Failed Military Dictator Bainimarama.(Click this for a laugh!)

Fiji witnesses another attempt by falied Military Junta, Frank Bainimarama to ochestrate yet again his last ditch to regain Fiji's Political power via the President, the clock ticks and the world watches.

We are not surprised that Bainimarama has again executed a 'mini coup within a coup' in order to hang on to power as if it was his dear life. His life on the centre stage almost came to an end but he had his plan B to fall back on. The President who is at the tail end of his Political career is once again signing off letters & making national radio & tv announcements about Fiji state, as dicated from behind the coconut fronds where Bainimarama & his militray junta stand ready with their guns.

Who knows what verbal briefs were given by Bainimarama to the President. Questions we now ask, was the President threatened & given an ultimatum to make these National announcements. No man in their right minds would have carried this out, at least not for the President. These are some of the questions that needs to be asked. Who knows what went behind the scene here? The President may have been given very little choice in this matter and yet the world is told that under his Presidential powers he has repealed Fiji's constitution etc. Fiji's people should now hold hands in Prayers this Easter & appeal to the Pacific Forum & International Communities to aggressively step up their intervention as Fiji's economy & its people continues to spiral downwards on a faster rate than what was perceived before.

The Fiji people have been subjected to much mental torture over the last few years under Bainimarama & his regime, more so now that it has taken another twist. How long will the International Communities apply 'soft approach intervention' to a Nation like Fiji that have suffered the onslaught of ambitious Military dicatorship. We, as Fiji people. say, "Enough is Enough" and we earnestly ask for help!!

On a final note we say, Bravo to the '3 Judges' that made the famous Court ruling on Thursday 9 April 2009 stating that Bainimarama's accent to power & their control on Fiji 's government has been illegal. This ruling will forever be etched in the minds of many Fijians. All is not lost & Fiji people need to regroup their energies & fight this 'cancerous disease' of military style ruling that has plagued Fiji.

Ratu Iloilo, the current President is sickly and suffers from Parkinson disease. Quoted, below are some explanation of what the disease is all about,

" Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the brain characterised by tremors, stiffness and rigidity, and slowness of movement (bradykinesia). Parkinson’s disease is named after Dr James Parkinson, who wrote the condition’s first authoritative description in 1817, calling it “The Shaking Palsy."

As interested Fiji citizens, one need to be concern that Bainimarama and his illegal regime are trying their very best to manipulate this ailing President who supposedly has the power as cited in the most recent Court ruling by the three judges to dissolve parliament as soon as possible. This as we all know has been cut short by Bainimarama's desperate attempt to ensure that magical power wand does not exit his hands. Locking in the President was his only hope

To all of us Fiji people, hang in there as all is not lost. We will see this through as Justice will prevail in the end. Bainimarama & his illegal regime has had to do this as they had not been given time to tidy uptheir acts whilst they held the illegal power..No one is above the Law & Bainimarama is aware of this. He has tasted 'falling from grace' just like Humpty Dumpty when given the recent Court ruling last Thursday. The next fall he will not be able to get up as the sins of his past will come back and haunt him, 'big time'!!!

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  1. Friday, April 10, 2009
    President of Fiji's Treasonous Speech Abrogating the Constitution



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