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Mstr Dona gives a Fiji Welcome to Hon Minister Georgina Te Heuheu @ her recent Meet the Pacific Island Communities in Wellington

Hon. Georgina Te Heuheu GSO
Minister of Pacific Island Affairs Assumed office 19 November 2008 Minister of Pacific Island Affairs
Below is the speech that Master Dona gave on behalf of the Fiji Community in Aotearoa. All other leaders from each Community were given an opportunity to say a word of welcome. Mstr Dona's speech beautifully written by an astute Teacher and Academia echoing what we as the Fiji people living here would have liked to say.
We also thank Hon Georgina Te Heuheu and her team for taking time out to meet the Pacific Island Communities of which Fiji is very much a part of. If there are any lessons to learn from this meeting it is consolidating the voices of our Pacific Communities on what matters to each and everyone of us that have made New Zealand our second home.
We also like to thank the Honourable Minister and her team for the wonderful news that you have put togther a system where members of our Community can transmit funds over to help out with our families in the Islands at a much reduced rate than what we are currently paying.

The two images are taken on the night where the Honorable Minister met the Pacific Island Community & taken by Comms Depart - Minister of Pacific Island Affairs

Images are of Community leaders and the other depicts the 'Hongi' a Maori greetings between the Hon Minister Te Heu Heu and one of our Fijian ladies from the community.

When Maori greet one another by pressing noses, the tradition of sharing the breath of life is considered to have come directly from the gods.

From the desk of:

Mastr Donasiano K Ruru
Development Studies
Victoria University of Wellington
20thApril, 2009

Hon Georgina te Heuheu QSO
Distinguished guests
Fellow Pacific Island families & friends
Ladies and Gentlemen
and Children

As we are gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion of achievements and progress, I hope that we are mindful of the Lord’s blessings of gifting Hon Georgina te Heuheu to us with her life, through her iwi, her family and ancestors. We commend Hon te Heuheu for her talents, and aspirations.

On behalf of all of us here present and in particular on behalf of the Fijian Community in Wellington, I would like to say….

Ni Mata vinaka saka ka Bula vinaka mai .

E na vuku i keimamami na lewe i Viti ka sa vaka i tikotiko e Wellington, keimami gadreva me keimami vakaraitaka na neimami vakavinavinaka cecekia kei na marau vakaitamera e na nomuni cabeta cake na nonmuni i tutu cerecere vaka Minista e na veiqaravi e vei keimami ma lewe ni kai Pasivika. Sa meimami masu ni na vakalougataki kemuni na Tuaraga na Kaloua sa cecere sara…....

We congratulations you in ascending to your new portfolio; a call to one of the highest opportunities for the Vanua / Iwi /or Land of your people, your ancestors of Aotearoa to serve not only as an Honourable Member of Parliament, more so as the second Maori woman to be appointed to the New Zealand Cabinet.

You have eloquently and consistently over the years, displayed courage and deliberately demonstrated your true love for Aotearoa as a faithful indigenous daughter to serve in your capacity as the Honourable Member of Parliament and you have been unique in numerous ways in being the :

- first Maori woman to gain a law degree and be admitted to the High Court as Barrister and Solicitor;
-the first Maori woman to gain election as an MP for the National Party; and
-the first Maori woman to chair the Maori Affairs Select Committee,

You have a long way and have accomplished a rich and diverse socio political journey. Congratulations.

You have paved and challenged a way forward for us as Pacific and indigenous people and in particular to the younger generation of Aotearoa of the importance of commitment and dedication. You have role modeled and bridged the gap of women’s participation in socio political development for nation building.

Hon. te Heuheu, we assure of our prayers. May the Lord continually strengthen and shower you with His wisdom and to be His instrument and to bring joy and peace to the people of Aotearoa through all whom you serve.
Tena koto,
………tena koto
……………tena koto katoa.

.........................Vinaka saka vakalevu.
Hon Georgina Te Heuheu - Her Profile (ref.
List member, National Party
QSO for services to the public 1993
Current parliamentary roles
Minister for Courts
Minister of Pacific Island Affairs
Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control
Associate Minister of Maori Affairs
Former parliamentary roles
Chairperson, Maori affairs select committee 4 March 1997-19 October 1999
Member, Regulations review select committee 12 March 1997-19 March 1999
Minister for Courts 31 August 1998-10 December 1999
Minister of Women’s Affairs 31 August 1998-27 November 1999
Associate Minister in Charge of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations 31 August 1998-10 December 1999
Associate Minister of Health 31 August 1998-10 December 1999
Spokesperson, Maori Affairs 15 August 2002-3 February 2004
Deputy Chairperson, Maori affairs select committee 27 August 2002-11 August 2005
Spokesperson, Women's Affairs -2 November 2003
Spokesperson, Treaty -2 November 2003
Spokesperson, Associate Constitutional and Treaty of Waitangi Issues 2 November 2003-3 February 2004
Spokesperson, Broadcasting 2 November 2003-1 December 2006
Spokesperson, Arts, Culture and Heritage 27 April 2004-26 October 2005
Associate Spokesperson, Foreign Affairs and Trade 27 April 2004-26 October 2005
Associate Spokesperson, Treaty of Waitangi Issues and Maori Affairs (Maori Development) 26 October 2005-1 December 2006
Deputy Chairperson, Foreign affairs, defence and trade select committee 9 November 2005-5 December 2006
Member, Maori Affairs Committee 9 November 2005-3 October 2008
Personal details
Married with two adult sons. Iwi affiliations : Ngati Tuwharetoa, Te Arawa, Ngati Awa, Tuhoe

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by Kevin Maguire

The recent removal of the judiciary in Fiji by the military should come as no surprise to those who have followed events in the Fiji judiciary since the coup in 2000. Following that coup, serious divisions occurred in the judiciary over the relationship of some of its judges with the then illegal government.

These divisions have existed up until the recent dismissal of the judiciary by the Fiji military. All attempts to resolve the divisions have failed with some members of the judiciary becoming intransigent, losing a proper sense of objectivity and failing to consider the overall good of the judiciary and ultimately the citizens of Fiji. These divisions weakened the judiciary and respect for the independence of the judiciary in Fiji.

The extent of the bitterness of this dispute evidenced itself in the coup of 2006, when following the removal of the Chief Justice two judges acted to replace him. These judges were, Justice Nazhat Shameem who usurped the role of the Chief Justice on the Judicial Services Commission, and Justice Anthony Gates who accepted the role of acting Chief Justice. Their actions were driven by these divisions in the judiciary and were opportunistic acts of vengeance against their “enemy” Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki.

This could not have occurred without the military removing the Chief Justice in the first place, and therefore giving the opportunity for Justices Shameem and Gates to do what they did and to ultimately take power in the judiciary. This further weakened the already weak judiciary by placing those that took power in the judiciary in the debt of the military. These actions therefore came at a price, in that the military now expected the judiciary to support their illegal coup. The military would rightly have concluded that the judiciary was now compromised and could be expected to support them.

The judiciary largely fulfilled this expectation with the unconscionable delays in the important constitutional cases that had been filed in the courts, the marginalisation of the Appeal Court which led to their mass resignation, the overturning of injunctions made against the military, to name a few events following the removal of the Chief Justice. Finally the judiciary delivered the grand prize, the judgement in the Qarase case in the High Court of Fiji which “legalised” the coup.[i]

The military would have been pleased with the support of the judiciary up to that point. It would have therefore come as a shock to them to see the judgement that was handed down by the Appeal Court which overturned everything that the military had planned for itself and Fiji. It should not have come as a surprise to anyone that a now very weak, divided and hopelessly compromised judiciary should be removed. The military would have felt betrayed and acted with swift vengeance in removing those that they believed were in their debt; the judiciary.

One should go back to the events of January 2007 and the removal of the Chief Justice to suggest that the judiciary may have survived the actions of the military following the coup if it had remained united and strong in the face of it. They had a plan for some time on how they should act if the military again launched a coup but ultimately this all fell apart when Justice Shameem, acting without reference to the panel of judges who were then deciding what to do about the removal of the Chief Justice, acted in the manner she did to replace her “enemy” the Chief Justice and which ultimately, and hopelessly, compromised the independence of the judiciary.

There should be an independent enquiry into what happened to the judiciary in Fiji and the actions of all judges since the coup in 2000, including some of those foreign lawyers who accepted judicial positions in Fiji and who so willingly immersed themselves in these controversies. No one involved should be allowed to rewrite history about their role in these sorry events in Fiji.

There are many lessons to be learned about the protection of the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law from what happened in Fiji. These lessons are not only for Fiji to consider, but also for the rest of the world who believe that the independence of the judiciary is fundamental to democracy and its role in protecting the rights of all citizens to live their lives free from oppression. The Fiji judiciary ultimately failed the good citizens of Fiji and it should not be allowed to happen again. An enquiry is needed.

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Graham is no stranger to any of us from Fiji. He is an astute lawyer that has a wide knowledge and understanding of the inticate details of Fiji's governance more so Fiji's Electoral system as he was not only the Chair for Fiji Electoral Commission a few years ago but was also the Chair for Fiji Law Commission.
We thank Graham and all those hard working lawyers like him in Fiji that are standing up for the rights of Fiji and its people.
God Bless you Graham and all your fellow laywers. Do keep up the good works.
A response to Bainimarama’s coup (As Published in 'The Australian")
By Graham Leung

Graham Davis's article published in The Australian of 16 April, 2009 presenting Commodore Bainimarama as a visionary democrat is an interesting but flawed perspective.
The argument is centered on the Commodore’s purported intention to reform the electoral system to make it more equitable.

He claims these noble ideals justify the illegitimate seizure of power and disregard for the Constitution, the rule of law, democracy and human rights. Two years after the 5 December 2006 coup, there has been little if any progress on electoral reform beyond platitudes. On 10 April 2009, the Commander was afforded another opportunity to do so. He effected a fifth coup by abrogating the Constitution and received a further ‘mandate’ of five years from the head of State whom he reappointed on 4 January 2007.

It was also suggested that the ethnically divisive policies of the Qarase Government prompted the Commander to intervene as he did. Some of the actions of the ousted Prime Minister Qarase were indeed egregious and questionable. Yet at the time of the 5 December coup, the Multi Party Cabinet had been governing successfully for some months. Prime Minister Qarase had agreed to shelve some of the controversial legislation after the most open and protracted public debate in recent times. The Fiji Labour Party ministers were participating fitfully in cabinet and there was real hope of creating a new paradigm in our governance.

Commodore Bainimarama terminated this promising experiment in political co-operation after a sustained media campaign to undermine the Qarase Government. This significant aspect, a genuine example of rare bi-partisanship, is lost in the polemic over the alleged racism of the Qarase Government. The elections it won in 2001 and 2006 were subsequently dismissed as fraudulent by apologists for the 5 December coup in concerted efforts to legitimize the Commander’s actions. Interestingly, none of these concerns were either raised or pursued at the relevant time. The 2006 election was later the subject of a partisan inquiry established by the Director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission in 2007. Its findings were a foregone conclusion.
Much has been made of the flawed democracy Fiji has in the form of our electoral system as well as the nature of the appointment of the head of State. Such criticisms do not take account of the context. It is the direct result of our history and the compromises reached by our leaders. It is far from perfect. But it was always understood that it was an evolving process. The reservation of the presidency for Fijians of chiefly rank was recognition of the indigenous Fijian population and their social structure. Such arrangements are not inconsistent with democratic ideals if they are underpinned by widespread acceptance.

The first coup occurred when one of the assumptions underpinning the system, ie Fijian unity, collapsed and allowed the Opposition to gain power. Then as now, the head of the military arrogated to himself the right to determine what was best for Fiji: different agenda, same modus operandi rendered possible by the machinations of disaffected politicians, parties and other groups.

The appeal of Commodore Bainimarama’s 5 December 2006 coup lies in his stated claim to create a ‘non racial Fiji’. Significant sections of our society have ignored or overlooked his treasonous act and lionised his takeover of government. It is perceived by some as redressing the balance and restoring some semblance of a level playing field to our political structure. Part of the rationale involves the view that the complexities of our situation, in which indigenous rights and Fijian nationalism have been exploited for ulterior ends, requires a more sympathetic appraisal of the Commodore’s approach. These issues cloud a basic proposition: a coup carried out albeit with the best of intentions is still a coup.

It also conveniently glosses over the fact that the key plank in the Commodore’s seizure of power was good governance and the alleged corruption of the previous government. There is little of the former and the latter is largely unsubstantiated. Now we are promised a new electoral system that will herald the dawn of a new era. However, it is unlikely to change the ethnic nature of our politics. The demographics suggest a decisive shift in numbers towards the indigenous Fijian population. The social engineering in attitudes the Commodore hopes for, will take at least a generation. It will not occur merely because he wishes to frogmarch us in that direction.
And how genuine is the Commodore about a multicultural tolerant society where there is equal opportunity for all? It is difficult to say with any certainty despite the rhetoric. In the decade he has led the military, it remains overwhelmingly Fijian. As is the cabinet. The militarization of the public service has seen many senior Fijian military officers occupy executive positions in government. The appointment of Indo-Fijians to a number of senior public service and corporate positions camouflages the comparative disadvantage of the Indo-Fijian community in receiving government largesse. The Commander’s condonation of the Commissioner of Police’s recent Christian crusades within the police force without regard for the beliefs of others raises further questions in this regard.

But the Commodore continues to attract significant support from the Indo-Fijian community because he validates and affirms them in his public utterances and actions. He also has a measure of indigenous-Fijian support because they respond to strong leadership.

Notwithstanding these considerations, the Commodore and those who support him have dealt our body politic a severe blow. No previous coup has received such sustained support from academia, professionals and trade unions, united in acclaiming the indefensible. In the elaborate reasoning to sanction the events of 5 December, 2006 truth is the casualty of casuistry. The five coups we have had have been used by different groups under some pretext or other to legitimize their usurpation of power. It is an indictment on all those who would substitute the barrel of the gun for the electoral and democratic process.

As for Australia and New Zealand, there is reason to suggest that they engage the regime. The lack of communication and dialogue limits their capacity to exercise some influence. But this is a mutual exercise and the regime has not helped its cause by dissembling and intemperate action. What is required is breathing space for both sides to reflect on the way forward. Our relationship with our two significant neighbours is far too important to be left in abeyance.

The purported vision the Commodore has for Fiji is a worthy one. Many of us share it. But if it is to be sustainable, it has to be achieved within a framework that respects the rule of law, democracy and human rights. The Commodore and his cohorts are either unwilling or unable to appreciate that simple proposition. His arbitrary methods merely ensure our country remains hostage to the messianic visions of military commanders in future, fed by opportunists and other ne’er-do-wells. The world is replete with such examples.

Graham Leung is a former president of the Fiji Law Society and council member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association. He practices law in the Fijian capital Suva
21 April 2009

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Listeners view on Fiji in their latest Editorial 'From bula to bully'

Heres an excerpt below & you can click the title to read the full article. NZ LISTENER is a must read magazine as it contains alot of robust article.
From bula to bully

Indonesia is a shining example of why it doesn't have to be like this in Fiji.
It is increasingly clear that the only group that can lead Fiji out of the disaster in which it now finds itself are the very people who created it – the military. It is they who must depose their leader, uphold the constitution, restore the judiciary and ensure the restoration of democratic freedoms to their fellow citizens.
Impossible? In the very month that Fiji crossed the line into military dictatorship, Indonesia's successful demonstration of democracy in parliamentary elections is a clear example to Fijians that it does not have to be like this. The final count in the Indonesian elections – the first where Indonesians will be able to directly choose their legislators, as opposed to voting solely for parties as happened in the first elections since the country shook free of dictatorship 10 years ago – is not expected until May 9. But in a statement that would once have seemed pure fantasy, the Golkar party so closely tied to Indonesia's military dictatorship has already gracefully conceded defeat. "We're disappointed," says the Golkar general-secretary, "but that's the voters' decision and we'll accept the results."
From bula to bully
Indonesia is a shining example of why it doesn't have to be like this in Fiji.
It is increasingly clear that the only group that can lead Fiji out of the disaster in which it now finds itself are the very people who created it – the military. It is they who must depose their leader, uphold the constitution, restore the judiciary and ensure the restoration of democratic freedoms to their fellow citizens.
Impossible? In the very month that Fiji crossed the line into military dictatorship, Indonesia's successful demonstration of democracy in parliamentary elections is a clear example to Fijians that it does not have to be like this. The final count in the Indonesian elections – the first where Indonesians will be able to directly choose their legislators, as opposed to voting solely for parties as happened in the first elections since the country shook free of dictatorship 10 years ago – is not expected until May 9. But in a statement that would once have seemed pure fantasy, the Golkar party so closely tied to Indonesia's military dictatorship has already gracefully conceded defeat. "We're disappointed," says the Golkar general-secretary, "but that's the voters' decision and we'll accept the results."

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For Fiji's 'Cradled' Coup de tat Kids: A Reflection written especially for you.(click link for a song)

1987 was the year that Fiji witnessed the begnning of a Coup era. Sitiveni Rabuka executed the first coup and at that time most of the innocent people of Fiji irrespective of their background, did not have any idea what Coup de tat meant. To them it was just too many soldiers dressed in gurkas & parading up & down the streets of Suva armed with guns. To ordinary people these soldiers looked like something that just came out of a war zone. The feelings were horrible, and it looked like people's every day life & existence seems to have been robbed from them by soldiers with guns.. The people appear to no longer have rights nor freedom to do anything freely. They had no control over the soldiers who now dictated what they can or cannot do. Their rights has been snatched from them. This is a glimpse of what has been happening on & off for the last 20 odd years. All kids born after 1987 or even a little before would not know what Fiji really was before all these coups.
On a gentler note, to give these soldiers the benefit of doubt, one would think, perhaps they are still trying to recover from the post traumatic effects of having served in a war torn countries outside Fiji. This is something Fiji people are so often use to that is saying farewell to their families who have joined the army and are required to serve in peace keeping duties. overseas. This not only bring money to their loved ones but added to the Military coffers thus boosting Fiji's economy.
For those that survive and return home to their families in Fiji are fortunate. But for some unfortunate ones, they come back in body bags and which is one of the saddest occasions for families back in Fiji.
When these soldiers take to the streets after a coup, questions are often asked when these soldiers are seen flexing their muscles in the urban streets of Suva & other big cities in Fiji - " have they not sussed out the difference of being back to their once peaceful island of Fiji as opposed to being in a war torn land "
For the average adult reality then strucks because, these once peace loving soldiers have been trained to turn against their loved ones & the country they once gave allegiance to for the sake of 'Obeying orders from their Military Masters'. After all this is their 'bread & butter'. They are not allowed to think outside the square. Such is the IRON CURTAIN OF COUP DE TA ISM that has bedevilled Fiji and its people for a long time until now.

20 years of being in Coup Mode is far too long and this all began after the first coup of 1987 where Rabuka Coup was born in Fiji. This was the beginning of a long & rough/dusty road back to the 'woop woops land that saw Fiji suffer the onslaught of coup after coup. Ask anyone one in the streets what coup stands for & they will smartly give you a long list of what it means to them even the kids after all it has become part of their everyday life.
On reflection, Fiji has not been given any opportunity to resurface or take a 'breather; by these Military opportunists . Included in this lineup is a civilian who had a crash course on how to execute a coup but drastically failed and now serving time as he had committed a crime or so the legal experts says. Whispers says the poor civilian guy was only following orders as orchestrated by none other than Voreqe Bainimarama himself.
Wait theres more, why on earth did this civilian man got thrown into the cell and Rabuka walked free ? Dicey indeed? Bainimarama will also try and work his way through so that he and his team will have the same type of immunity but its now upto the people to see that justice is done.
Last night Saturday, 18 April,, we heard Rabuka being interviewed on air by Ruci Farrell (nee Salato), our very own Fijian journalist on the Fijian/Pacific Radio program Niu FM/PI531 and hosted by Mrs Nemai Vucago. The interview was detailed and as usual Ruci was able to extract intricate details from Rabuka as to his take on the role of Fiji military in the coup culture that has plagued Fiji for over two decades.
Just to digress abit, we wish to take this opportunity in thanking both Ruci & Nemai for making it possible for the Fiji Community here Aotearoa & the rest of the world to tune in to such an eye opening interview which was indeed, a far cry to the Qarase interview last week by Ruci.
Rabuka came out as a bit of 'shocker' in his interview as to our dismay as we listened & heard from the horse's (Rabuka) mouth himself as to the reasons why the very first coup happened. To put it simply, reasons he gave were weak and pathetic. Either he did not prepare himself well or the questions that Ruci asked were too intelligent for Rabuka to figure out his answer and respond in an intelligent manner knwoing well that people are tuning in intently to hear his take. The answers given by Rabuka totally lacked depth.. To cite an excerpt of what Rabuka said, in brief, he stated that what he had done in 1987 coup & which has been repeated by Bainimarama in 2006 & a 'rigged twist' in April, 2009 is well within the framework of what is expected when a coup has been executed, meaning 'na Yavu ni Vakavulewa me bokoci" or the Constitution needs to be abrogated, Added to this, the Judiciary has to be removed as those Judges that presides over these court cases are not representing the Government's interests as they have a different legal framework to work within. Rabuka then said by doing this it then allows the Coup perpertrator to proceed with what changes that he wishes to bring about. This is the normal process immediately after a coup he says.
Furthermore, Rabuka in his own arrogant ways, continues on to say that should in the future, another Military man comes along & does not like what he sees in the Constitution can again re-invent the wheel & 'execute another coup'!.

Yes, its whhhhhhatttt iiiss hhhe sasying???? Can you believe that the whole Fiji Community in Aotearoa is listening in and Rabuka elects to say these to the people who are hurting because of the diffiulties being faced by those back in Fiji. ....We rest our case at such absurdity!!

  1. It is obvious that Rabuka had to cover his ugly track records on the series of coups he had earlier initiated.

  2. It appeared that he was indeed propping up what Bainimarama has done and theres very little the Fiji people can do about it.

  3. He seems to blame the Fiji Indigenous people for their divisions (forgetting that both he & Binimarama have carved these divisions deep into the minds & hearts of the Fiji people)

  4. Rabuka assures the people that time will put things right & he forgets that 20 years have passed since his 1st coup & now Bainimarama's coup & Fiji is on a fast track spiralling downwards in its economy, etc etc

  5. Rabuka had opened a 'Door of (Evil) Opportunity' in creating a coup after coup culture in Fiji.

To conlcude :



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Fiji Situation

Bula to the whole world.

Fiji is again at its Cross roads of progress. Many will not be able to comprehend the events leading up to what has transpired in the last week or so. God undrestands & He has His own ways. Not our ways or the highways or any other ways but just, HIS WAYS!

May I ask all who believe to commit Fiji to God in Prayer & thank God for His Eternal plan for this nation of multi cultural society diverse with its beauty.


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Fiji People " Theres Light at the End of a Very Dark Tunnel" Read one of the Sons of Fiji - Sai Lealea's latest update.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frank's Days Running Out

Warning letter sent to Frank today
April 14, 2009

We are told that a group of ex-military top brass sent a letter today telling Frank that he has come to the end of his dictatorial journey.It is reported that the letter was signed by all of them.Sources say that these ex-military people have challenged Frank to take them in if he wants to and that they were willing to die as real soldiers protecting the best interest of the people if it comes to that.They also stated that Frank has brought shame to the RFMF institution and Fiji as a nation and that he can not carry on the way he is.“Since you have chosen to live by the sword, you should be prepared to die by the sword”, the letter said.
Narube turn down Minister of Finance role

April 14, 2009

Latest from our Fiji sources is that Savenaca Narube, the ousted governor of Reserve Bank, was offered the role of Minister Finance by Frank but Narube turned it down.These sources say that an open invitation was then given to Narube to choose whichever ministerial portfolio he’d love to take up but Narube flatly refused saying that his principles does not allow him to swear allegiance to a military regime that not only usurped a democratically elected government but also abrogated Fiji’s constitution (not yet fellas and keep that registered in your brains).They say that it was because of Narube’s stubborness refusing Frank’s many carrots dangled before him that really pissed the coupster off, hence, his directive that Narube be sacked and to move out from the bank’s residential property in Tamavua. Great stuff Narube for sticking to your good principles!

Posted by rawfijinewsAnother mayhem loomsApril 14, 2009

Aiyaz Khaiyum is expected to announce his new line up of illegal judges and magistrates.We don’t doubt at all that there are some men and women who honestly believe that Frank and Aiyaz will be able to pull this one through for donkeys years, hence, their unrelenting commitment to go with their flow.That’s fine - this world is all about choices and it is only fair that they are allowed to exercise those personal choices.But expect another pandemonium when these unlawful judges and magistrates take to the court houses.We believe that a good number of lawyers and their well informed clients will not allow their cases to be heard by these bunch of lawbreakers.And fair enough too.So what then Khaiyum?You obviously will have a clause forcing people to accept these false judges and magistrates or else face losing the case.But that kind of approach Khaiyum will only birth a new kind of enemy for your fictitous state.Posted by rawfijinews

Hypocritical Aiyaz Khaiyum and his exploitation of Fiji media before censorshipApril 14, 2009By islandboy57Bloggers! We have managed to get access to the private e-mails of that treasonous wannabe Attorney-General Khaiyum. So don’t panic! Like our moles in the FHRC got hold of her partner in crime Shaista, we can tell you that Khaiyum had used the media to attack the regime’s critics.From the private e-mails we can tell you that he had disclosed to Victor Lal that the Government had issued a directive that the law firms of Munro Leys and Howards were not to be given work by any Government department and or Government controlled entity.

Victor Lal has confirmed to us that the e-mails to him from Khaiyum are authentic. “I know Munros is feeling the pinch as one of their partners wants to meet up with me when I get back to discuss the matter. The argument that their staff will lose jobs is superfluous because those persons will easily get snapped up by those firms which will now be given instructions,” Khaiyum wrote to Victor Lal from Hong Kong in an e-mail dated 11 June 2007.Khaiyum added:

“It should also be noted that the hourly rates of good law firms in Australia, such as Minter Ellison which has done a lot of work in Fiji are most times cheaper than what is charged by Munros/Howards, in particular when Government and related entities are charged. Rather ironically Graham, I was told, was complaining to LawAsia Exco about the fact that Howards no longer gets Government contract while in the same breath he stated that he did not recognise it. The irony was not lost on some of the Exco members. ” Khaiyum had worked for Minter Ellison in Sydney some ten years ago.So don’t despair bloggers! Victor Lal, please disclose to us what you have on these coupsters, so we can begin to prepare the cells in Naboro.Posted by rawfijinews

Another reason why Narube was stood downApril 14, 2009By islandboy57We hear the goons wanted Narube to print money like the bankrupt Zimbabwe but the MAN stood up to them.Posted by rawfijinews

The 3 appeals judges who ruled Frank’s military regime illegal said on their ABC radio interview yesterday that ex-Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, is a man of intergrity, honour, and without bias.While we agree that Gates has those attributes which he succulently expressed during the ruling of the Chandrika Prasad case, the same couldn’t be said in his Qarase vs Iloilo Frank & Co. high court ruling legitimizing the usurpation of a democratically elected functioning government.Something happened to Gates in the period after the Chandrika Prasad case and his high court ruling that just didn’t sit well with peoples spirit-man.We accept that Gates is also an imperfect man just like the rest of us but given his position of authority, much was required off him that called for an extraordinary wisdom that went beyond the man-made constitution and rule of law that was there for him to base his judgments from.He stuck to that principle in the Chandrika Prasad case which gave him much prominence and respect from all of us but as we had said, something twicked.But having said all that, we still think that Anthony Gates did the right thing by stepping down as soon as his CJ oath to Iloilo was ruled illegal by the 3 appeals judges.That decision to resign confirms that Gates has accepted the repercussion of his choices and if he has repented from that, sure we will forgive him.But that again is all entirely up to him to reflect on.Posted by rawfijinews

Aiyaz Khaiyum still weaving his dung yarnApril 14, 2009One of Fiji’s most hated and targeted man, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is soo obsessed with his bull dung weaving that he continues to name-drop the people of Fiji as if they are mindless robotic machines wired up to accept all his deceitful lies.Speaking to Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, he said, “The people of Fiji do not want to hold elections for the sake of holding elections to satisfy Australia and New Zealand, if the credibility of the elections are in doubt … Because [Fiji has] a commander of the military forces who is also a prime minister does not make it a military dictatorship.”May we beg to differ Aiyaz.We say, irrespective of which electoral reform you and Frank are claiming to be working on, only two possible outcomes are there for the two of you:1. You will not see that day because of obvious reasons i.e you’ll either be in prison or 10 foot under.2. The people of Fiji you referring to will vote in a political party you won’t like.Therefore Aiyaz, it is not about the electoral system or anything else for that matter - all this is about you guys trying to dodge life behind bars.That is as clear as daylight!Posted by rawfijinews

Dear independent bloggers,I wish you all the very best in continuing to spread news to the world of developments in Fiji. I hope that the sentiments below from the former Law Council of Australia President Mr W Ross Ray QC to the Fiji Law Society Annual Convention in July 2008 provide some inspiration and hope for you.How prophetic those words seem now.I particularly hope that his words provide inspiration and comfort to Mr Naidu and all members of the Fiji legal profession and judiciary, the international legal profession stands behind them.I have attached a copy and link to the speech:

“Lawyers and Bar Associations cannot protect the Rule of Law through public advocacy alone.Unless the Rule of Law is clearly enshrined in, and safeguarded by the law, society has no means under the law to seek to enforce the principles of equality and justice protected by the Rule of Law.The role of lawyers is to promote and defend the law in order that that society is equipped with the laws – the tools – to maintain the Rule of Law as a foundation for a just and equitable society.More succinctly and in the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero; whose words have been studied by advocates for over 2 000 years:“We are slaves of the law so that we may be able to be free.”There can be – no – greater – purpose.”ComicPosted by rawfijinews

Edwin Nand expected to be released todayApril 14, 2009Fiji TV One journalist, who slept at the Suva Central Police Station cell for the 2nd night last night is expected to be released later today.The brave Edwin Nand, who like some of his detained peers before him, is said to be ok and coping with the harsh environment he is in.We can also report that Fiji TV external lawyers, Munroe Leys, were refused from seeing Edwin Nand yesterday, neither were his family members and friends.The order remains that only the Fiji TV lawyer, Waqanita, be the only other person apart from the police officers, that Nand can have contact with.Posted by rawfijinews

Somebody said ….April 14, 2009By somebodyIm not surprised Fiji is heading down the same slope as Zimbabwe now, A well proven track that unfortunately only impacts the people in the endPosted by rawfijinews

We can’t help but continue to praise Dorsama Naidu for offering himself as the lamb on behalf of Fiji’s disjointed, self-serving and cowardly, back-stabbing Fiji Law Society lawyer members.From the information we’ve gathered so far, we are told that the expected 100+ lawyers Naidu was relying on to show Fiji and the world that Fiji’s lawyers uphold the living 1996 constitution as supreme law, only about 20 lawyers in Suva and Nadi/Lautoka turned up.

The Suva gathering attracted lawyers like Imrana Tuisolia, Bose, Qionibaravi and a few others while the Lautoka one had Dorsami Naidu, Tupou Draunidalo and again, a few others.We are proud though that these few brave lawyers stuck their necks out to the oath they had given and were not disillusioned by the lack of support from their peers.When two or three stand in agreement on the upholding of Fiji’s supreme law, who can break their spirit?

Together with the likes of Graham Leung, Richard Naidu, and others, these selected few brave men and women knew they were up for possible arrest and possible torture but their spirit directed them to continue fighting for the truth -showing and telling it like it is without fear in a peaceful respectable manner.And these few lawyers have created history today with their names remembered as those very few who stood up to make a difference for the future generation of Fiji.Not even the full of excuses, politically biased, don’t rock the boat cowards but wait when all is set then start chasing after clients money again kinda lawyers, are the ones we have no time for - and Fiji has lots of them who fall under this category, unfortunately.

So where exactly were they when their source of professional identity, the judiciary and the legal fraternity, was being raped?Where was the solidarity they were supposed to demonstrate as role models to the Fijian communities?Didn’t Fiji get to where it is today because some legal fart warts (you know who) decided to twist and turn the interpretation of the constitution into some elusive fairy tale precepts that completely put Frank on a permanent dull-witted state of mind?Now, Fiji and the world have witnessed first hand how much faith and trust they can put in their Fiji lawyers - not much really considering the lack of faith and trust these lawyers have for their own professional bible, the constitution, which they base their arguments and counter-arguments on all these friggin years, but something which they have found not worthy of protecting today.Something is definetely wrong somewhere with these lawyers.Perhaps it is indeed a good time for all Fiji lawyers to take time out for self-reflection to determine what exactly it is you guys are there for?If your answer doesn’t have the constitution in it, then you are definitely in the wrong profession.

Posted by Sai Lealea at 9:32 AM

While Fiji is in its worst Political Turmoil lets focus on how can we help our Fiji people who are suffering under the Military Dictatorship.

We are all aware of the many stories that are being told by those that are keeping abreast with the 'goings on' in Fiji.

If theres one thing we are clear on, it is that we do not wish any more harm or sufferings inflicted to all our families, friends, Fiji people, various political parties, NGOs, Churches, Media organisations, various Companies & busineses big or small, Fiji bloggers, Foreign diplomats in Fiji, visitors to Fiji, foreign media reporters, journalists etc.

Perhaps it is timely that we take time out and focus more on those that we love and are dear to us back in Fiji as well as the country itself. By doing this we can actively tell the military dictator, Voreqe Bainimarama & his regime they are no longer at the centre stage as we will put the Fiji people as our main focus as they deserve this more than what he is dishing out to them i.e incease political instability, loss of income/jobs, increase number of poverty stricken families, economy in direstrait, increase in rape cases, children have no food or cannot go to school because of ill health or lack of money etc etc.

Lets take a lesson to what Pope Benedict said during his Easter message to the world It is reprinted below as written in Los Angeles Times. The message is so important that when we reflect on it, one can see the relevance to whats happening not only in Fiji but also around the world

When Bainimarama realises that we, as Fiji loving people have shifted our attention to the people, he will not like it after all he has been in the limelight for far too long and will surely want to regain this but it will be too late.


5:01 AM PDT, April 12, 2009

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI said today that reconciliation was the only way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, adding that the entire world needed to rediscover hope to end wars, poverty and financial turmoil. In his Easter Sunday message, delivered from the central loggia of St. Peter's Basilica, Benedict noted that he plans to travel to the Holy Land in just a few weeks and said he would bring a message of hope and love to the region.

Pope offers a message of love in vigil Mass
Italy begins to bury its quake dead; toll grows to 275
In Cameroon, pope says condoms won't solve AIDS crisis

The 81-year-old pope tripped as he climbed up to his gilded chair on the loggia, but recovered without incident and delivered his speech to the crowds below."Reconciliation -- difficult but indispensable -- is a precondition for a future of overall security and peaceful coexistence, and it can only be achieved through renewed, persevering and sincere efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict," he said.Benedict delivered his "Urbi et Orbi" speech -- Latin for "to the city and the world" -- at the end of his Easter Sunday Mass, attended by tens of thousands of people who packed St. Peter's Square and the boulevard leading up to it.

The piazza, decorated with yellow tulips, azaleas and other spring flowers, overflowed with the faithful who came out on an overcast day to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection, the most joyous and important day in the Christian church calendar.The crowd shouted "Benedetto" -- Italian for Benedict -- as they waited for him to appear at the loggia. They cheered as they awaited his Easter blessing, this year being delivered in 63 languages.In his first greeting -- in Italian -- Benedict offered special Easter wishes for the victims of Italy's devastating earthquake, praying that they have "the courage necessary to go forward together to build a future open to hope." In his speech, Benedict said it was "urgent" to find hope around the globe, despite mounting reasons for despair.
"At a time of world food shortage, of financial turmoil, of old and new forms of poverty, of disturbing climate change, of violence and deprivation which force many to leave their homelands in search of a less precarious form of existence, of the ever present threat of terrorism, of growing fears over the future, it is urgent to rediscover grounds for hope," he said.
He recalled his recent trip to Africa in urging the faithful to keep up hope to combat poverty and wars."Africa suffers disproportionately from the cruel and unending conflicts, often forgotten, that are causing so much bloodshed and destruction in several of her nations, and from the growing numbers of her sons and daughters who fall prey to hunger, poverty and disease,"
Benedict said.Benedict celebrated Easter Mass after presiding over the solemn, three-plus-hour Easter Vigil ceremony Saturday night. At the end of that service, Benedict sounded hoarse and looked tired.But the pope -- who turns 82 on Thursday -- appeared well-rested by Sunday morning and held up well throughout the Mass.He is expected to travel Sunday afternoon to the papal summer retreat in Castel Gandolfo, in the hills south of Rome, for a few days of rest after the busy Holy Week services.The pope's May 8-15 Middle East tour, his first to the region as pope, will include Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories, with stops in cities including Amman, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.,0,4882032.story

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fiji Military Dictator's rule for Fiji 'to Obey' Authority' or else - comes under scrutiny by Defence Talk or Voice of America

As we had said in one of our earlier postings & we will again say, Bainimarama, the Military Dictator is using Milgram method on the army, the Fiji people, members of Fiji Media & Press etc to execute total control on the Nation. For those that may wish to know more of this method we attach a video link of what it is all about and we leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Read more.....

"Press Muzzled as Military Strengthens Grip on Fiji"

By VoiceofAmerica on April 14, 2009 at 4:23 am

Fiji's military government has moved to censor the media as it tightens its grip on the South Pacific country. Under a 30-day state of emergency, newspapers and broadcasters are banned from carrying stories that are critical of the army.

Editors at Fiji's newspapers as well as its television and radio stations have been ordered not to publish or broadcast any material that shows the military in a bad light. Journalists must submit sensitive stories to government officials for approval.

Censors have been placed in newsrooms to ensure the new rules are obeyed.
Ignoring the regulations could get a news organization shut down.
Security officials say news that causes "disorder" or "promote disaffection or public alarm" is banned.

Police spokeswoman Ema Mua says the sweeping measures are necessary to maintain calm.
"It is only for the good of all that we do this because it is at this time that people, sometimes some people, really do give out inciting issues and maybe it is a good thing that we discuss with the newsroom editor the issues that is (are) to be printed," Mua said.

Some newspapers and broadcasters have attempted to show their displeasure. The Fiji Times left one of its pages blank except for a message which said that that certain stories could not be printed because of government regulations.

Fiji Television's main evening news bulletin was canceled in protest at the restrictions. It was replaced by a program about fishing.

The Fiji Media Council said the censorship is a tragedy for a country where free and vigorous reporting has become a proud tradition.

Fiji has been run by its army chief, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, since December 2006, when troops ousted an elected government that senior officers said was corrupt and discriminated against the ethnic Indian minority.

Last week, the Court of Appeal declared the military takeover illegal, prompting Commodore Bainimarama to step down as interim prime minister. Fiji's president, who supports of the armed forces commander, responded by scrapping the constitution and dismissing the judiciary. The military administration was reinstated, its grip on power now stronger than ever.

The army warns that dissent among the population of 800,000 will not be tolerated.
International condemnation of developments in Fiji has continued. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the country had become "virtually a military dictatorship."

More from VoiceofAmerica

Militants Torch Supplies Bound for Troops in Afghanistan - April 13th, 2009
North Korea Fires Missile over Japan - April 7th, 2009
French Parliament Votes in Favor of Bigger Role in NATO - March 20th, 2009
More in War & Conflicts News
Thai Political Protests Turn Deadly - April 14th, 2009
Militants Torch Supplies Bound for Troops in Afghanistan - April 13th, 2009
Captain held as US crew battles Somali pirates - April 9th, 2009

Kiwi Blog Shows support for Fiji Bloggers in view of recent Media Gagging by Military Dictator Bainimarama.

As quoted from Kiwibloggers: read more ....
Blogs only uncensored news from Fiji
The blogs are now the only source of uncensored news from Fiji. The media are now now allowed to report news that is “negative”. And even the blogs are at risk - there is talk that the Commodore has ordered Fijian telcos to cut off Internet access to Fiji.
I encourage people to read and promote these blogs. Also I am always happy to do a guest post from any Fijians who don’t want to set their own blog up.
Raw Fiji News
Discombobulated Bubu
Luvei Viti: Children of Fiji
Soli Vakasama
Tears for Fiji
Coup Four and a Half
Talking Fiji
And here is the news that they don’t want people to know:
Fiji Reserve Bank Governor arrested
Two Fiji Sun journalists detained
A Fiji TV reporter detained
TV3’s Sia Ashton detained and deported
Fiji Times publisher to be deported
The former head of the military legal service appointed a High Court Judge and another military person as Court Registrar
That Internet access may be cut off in the very near future.
Soldiers have taken control of banks and petrol stations
The head of the Dept of Public Prosecutions has been arrested
The President of the Fiji Law Society may have been arrested
I suspect Fiji is going to have a run on its foreign reserves, due to the Reserve Bank sacking.
Hat Tip: Andrew Bartlett and Roarprawn
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fiji High Chief Ro Temumu Kepa Defends the Rights of Fiji People in Freedom of Expression via modern technologies.

Read what the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Temumu Kepa has to say on Fiji Times Online. It is critical to show Bainimarama that we are not going to be sunservient to his orders more so now that Bainimarama & his regime attempt on their 'Gagging Spree' in their desperate attempt to control Freedom of Media & Freedom of Speech.

Ro Teimumu defends bloggers

BLOG sites are an expression of freedom of speech and serve as a forum that should be entertained at a time when media freedom is heavily censored, said Burebasaga high chief Ro Teimumu Kepa yesterday.
Her response comes in the wake of the military's effort to track bloggers of at least three websites which 3FIR Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti had said contained lies and stirred agitation and defamation.
Ro Teimumu said blog sites were part of the latest technology and indicative of changing development in society.
"When people are prohibited from saying things and the media censors news items to the extent where there is no byline except in the sports pages, they will find other means. The coconut wireless is very healthy," she said.
Reacting to the government statement on human rights abuse after the arrest of Losena Salabula and Ulaiasi Taoi, she said "does the interim administration know what its talking about?"
Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said there had not been a breach of Fiji's commitment to the EU.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fiji People Lets 'Take-a stand-Wear-black-armband-to.PROTEST the April 10 Treason! (Lets Join Hands & show our Solidarity)

Read Intellygensiya's Blog for a 'Black Arm band' Protest .

The blog just has to be fully reprinted as it is important for all those Fiji loving people - The message is clear - Fiji no longer has a Constitution to abide by as it has been abrogated!!!

April 12, 2009

Take a stand: Wear a black armband to protest the April 10 Treason
Let's not play with words and just tell it like it is - we are now well and truly living under dictatorship. With the Constitution now torn up, our rights taken away, and self-appointed rulers imposing their will on us, it's time to make a stand.If you feel, your actions as an individual cannot make a difference, think again.

There's the saying about the straw that breaks the camel's back - any little resistance from those of us who are suffering the brunt of the actions of this illegal junta will make a difference - if not immediately, it will eventually.We congratulate the Sunday Times for taking a stand today. Page two was blank in today's edition with the notice that "The stories on this page could not be published due to Government restrictions." Same thing on Page 3, where there were six "holes" from which articles had been removed.

The cartoon on the editorial page could not be printed too because it was deemed critical of the military's president and their actions since the treasonous events of April 10 - yet another Black Friday to add to Fiji's list. The mere fact that there were empty pages spoke more than words alone could have achieved.Because of the Fiji Times' brave stand, don't be surprised if they are forced to close and the publisher deported. Media freedom is under attack, and by extension, your right to know what's going on has been taken away.

It's a case of the military dictatorship telling the people, "When we want your opinion, we'll give it to you."We say wear a black armband everyday as a silent, yet powerfully symbolic way of resisting this illegal junta. A black armband is simple and states that you are in mourning. We need to mourn the murder of our Constitution.Bainimarama told the nation on TV on Saturday night that it is a fresh start, along with all usual rhetoric.

But what a start it has been with enforced media censorship and absolutely no toleration of criticism. He claimed that ordinary people from the rural areas and everywhere else had been praising the interim government for what they've done. Says who? How do we know he's not just making this all up? At least they should not insult ordinary citizens' intelligence, because we doubt the ordinary people believe the rhetoric any more.People of Fiji must reclaim what's been taken from them.

Watching Bainimarama and his ministers take the "oath" of office, was gut-wrenching. They used whatever words were suitable from the 1997 Constitution and swore to do what's right "according to law"! What law? Their law? What they really meant was they would do what's right according to their own vision of what that is.So wear a black armband to show you do not consent to this high treason.

What happened on Friday after the Appeals Court ruling, was just another coup. Yet this has been the most blatant of power-grabs since Fiji's coup-cycle began in 1987.This time the President himself has been involved, even though we all know he is just a puppet for the military junta.Mobilize your family, friends and yourself - wear a black armband when you go to work on Tuesday, school or out in town.

Do not think for one moment that such a seemingly small act will not have an effect. Just imagine in the weeks ahead if hundreds of people begin emerging in the streets with black armbands. That will be one way to show this junta and Bainimarama that they do not have the consent of the people - consent they claim to have.Do not take this treason lying down.

The aims of what they are trying to do make look good on paper, but history shows us that force of arms never works in the long-term.Grahame Leung, the constitutional lawyer, put it well when he said that no matter what the military tries to do - rubbish up the Constitution, take people's rights away, sack the judiciary, whatever, the people's desire to live in freedom is very hard to kill.Wearing a black armband will show that your desire to live in peace and freedom has not been killed, even if they have killed the Constitution.In solidarity,Chief

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fiji reinstates the sacked Military Dictator as cunnigly orchestrated by The Dictator Bainimarama himself.

Nothing comes as a surprise anymore as Fiji appears to have sunk deeper into a pathway similar to that of Mugabe's in Africa. As one reliable source from Fiji said this morning in a telephone conversation, quote, " Please Lord, do not bring back Bainimarama as interim PM, we do not like him, HE IS NOT GOOD." The person went on to say that Fiji is very tense at the moment and one could almost feel it. They will continue to pray this Easter. This certainly gives us a reminder that Fiji is approching a 'stale mate' situation and somehring drastic has to be done to wake this Military Dictator, Bainimarama up, that Fiji does not belong to him. People are only keeping a low profile because he keeps the keys to the 'Gun house' @ the military camps where he trully belongs.

When can Foreign Intervention take an active role in restoring Fiji to normalcy. Surely this will assist at the very least in implanting in this dictator's brain that International Law & order still prevails and that his regime is not the carrier of Justice in Fiji. At the very least this intervention will bring some sense of peace & Goodwill to a small island Nation like Fiji. This dictator seem to think and has kidded himself in thinking, he is the law . We say, not so Bainimarama as there will be a way out to end the sufferings of the Fiji people.

It is well known that this matter cannot be left to the Fiji people to handle on their own as they will be taking on the guns held by these once peace loving people turned guerrillas by none other but Bainimarama himself.

Indigenous Fijians soldiers are now well armed with guns to slaughter their own Indigenous Fijians families if the need arises. There are very little Inidans and others in the Fiji Military. What is being revealed under our eyes is serious. Fiji Militray regime comprises of majority Indigenous Fijians in the army and these people are now being used as scapegoats. Question we now ask how can Bainimarama use the core of Fijians in the army against their own Fijian families & people. Is this what those that are behind Bainimarama wanting to see as an end result
'Fijians in the army being coerced to fight their own Fijian people.' If we may cite what is written in their Fiji Army website, quote,

a. Vision. We want to be ‘A smart military force that enhances its capabilities beyond its size through professionalism, resourcefulness, knowledge and skills, leadership, discipline and adherence to its ethos and values’.
b. Mission. The RFMF mission is to enhance the security of the Fiji islands and protect its people and interest in peace, in crisis and in conflict.
c. Ethos. Our enduring ethos is based on fairness translated to “Na dina, dodonu kei na savasava.
d. Values. The RFMF is a value based institution. It is through our values that we know who we are and through which we are bonded together to achieve our vision and serve the nation. Our values are:
(1) The will to win;
(2) Dedication to duty;
(3) Integrity;
(4) Teamwork;
(5) Courage; and
(6) Family.
What is written on their webpage does not reflect what is taking place in Fiji right now. It is the total opposite. If nothing is done soon by International Intervention, Fiji will surely reanact what happened in Rwanda many years ago during the genocide where Native Rwandas fought fellow natives. Fiji is on the verge of that right now and people's patience are thinning out. What this dictator has in his hands are guns which is lethal and which the people of Fiji do not have.

The Fiji army boasts of 'Na dina, dodonu kei na sasava' as written in their webpage, just how true is this statement when they are showing elements of corruption beginning from Bainimarama himself .

We wait and pray with all the Fiji people that are suffering right now this Easter.
Read further BBC News' take on the Fiji Military rule......
The court said the military government - the product of the country's fourth coup in 20 years - was illegal and should be replaced with an interim government, led by neither Mr Qarase nor Mr Bainimarama.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fiji hang in there! Ailing President becomes once again the puppet of Failed Military Dictator Bainimarama.(Click this for a laugh!)

Fiji witnesses another attempt by falied Military Junta, Frank Bainimarama to ochestrate yet again his last ditch to regain Fiji's Political power via the President, the clock ticks and the world watches.

We are not surprised that Bainimarama has again executed a 'mini coup within a coup' in order to hang on to power as if it was his dear life. His life on the centre stage almost came to an end but he had his plan B to fall back on. The President who is at the tail end of his Political career is once again signing off letters & making national radio & tv announcements about Fiji state, as dicated from behind the coconut fronds where Bainimarama & his militray junta stand ready with their guns.

Who knows what verbal briefs were given by Bainimarama to the President. Questions we now ask, was the President threatened & given an ultimatum to make these National announcements. No man in their right minds would have carried this out, at least not for the President. These are some of the questions that needs to be asked. Who knows what went behind the scene here? The President may have been given very little choice in this matter and yet the world is told that under his Presidential powers he has repealed Fiji's constitution etc. Fiji's people should now hold hands in Prayers this Easter & appeal to the Pacific Forum & International Communities to aggressively step up their intervention as Fiji's economy & its people continues to spiral downwards on a faster rate than what was perceived before.

The Fiji people have been subjected to much mental torture over the last few years under Bainimarama & his regime, more so now that it has taken another twist. How long will the International Communities apply 'soft approach intervention' to a Nation like Fiji that have suffered the onslaught of ambitious Military dicatorship. We, as Fiji people. say, "Enough is Enough" and we earnestly ask for help!!

On a final note we say, Bravo to the '3 Judges' that made the famous Court ruling on Thursday 9 April 2009 stating that Bainimarama's accent to power & their control on Fiji 's government has been illegal. This ruling will forever be etched in the minds of many Fijians. All is not lost & Fiji people need to regroup their energies & fight this 'cancerous disease' of military style ruling that has plagued Fiji.

Ratu Iloilo, the current President is sickly and suffers from Parkinson disease. Quoted, below are some explanation of what the disease is all about,

" Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the brain characterised by tremors, stiffness and rigidity, and slowness of movement (bradykinesia). Parkinson’s disease is named after Dr James Parkinson, who wrote the condition’s first authoritative description in 1817, calling it “The Shaking Palsy."

As interested Fiji citizens, one need to be concern that Bainimarama and his illegal regime are trying their very best to manipulate this ailing President who supposedly has the power as cited in the most recent Court ruling by the three judges to dissolve parliament as soon as possible. This as we all know has been cut short by Bainimarama's desperate attempt to ensure that magical power wand does not exit his hands. Locking in the President was his only hope

To all of us Fiji people, hang in there as all is not lost. We will see this through as Justice will prevail in the end. Bainimarama & his illegal regime has had to do this as they had not been given time to tidy uptheir acts whilst they held the illegal power..No one is above the Law & Bainimarama is aware of this. He has tasted 'falling from grace' just like Humpty Dumpty when given the recent Court ruling last Thursday. The next fall he will not be able to get up as the sins of his past will come back and haunt him, 'big time'!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fiji coup ruled to be unlawful - TVNZ's take on current News Release on Fiji Illegal Regime.(click this link for more)

Read more of Sai Lealea's comments on the Best News the Ordinary Fijian People have been waiting for.

The best news & Blessings for the Fiji people on the eve of Easter!!!


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Voreqe's appointment as PM ‘unlawful’
Voreqe's appointment as PM ‘unlawful’ - 09/04/2009
Sai Comment:
- Isa sa rogoca na kalou na noda masu! God has heard our prayers for Fiji!
I set down this afternoon to say a word of prayer for a ruling that would be in Fiji's best interest and how grateful to get one we all know speaks to the truth of the issues at the heart of the court case.
That is all I could say at this hour and about this truly livesaving jufgement for our beloved Fiji. The test now is whether Voreqe and his illegal regime and supporters will have the guts and humility to abide by the decision. All indications and past behaviour point to him either ignoring it or moving to abrogate the Constitution of Fiji. May he be punished, his supporters and his descendants, if he chooses to throw Fiji's future and of its people to the four winds!
No Govt, President to make decision soon 09/04/2009Fiji effectively has no Prime Minister, no ministers and no Government in place, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.Bainimarama made the comment moments ago in a national televised address.He confirmed that the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo will soon make a decision following today’s Court of Appeal ruling that Laisenia Qarase’s dismissal from office was unlawful and that a caretaker PM be appointed.Bainimarama confirmed he had visited the President this afternoon informing him of the court’s decision.“I, as commander of the RFMF will ensure there is no disruption to law and order. I assure that no such behaviour shall be tolerated,” Bainimarama said.He added that people should not be swayed by petty politics and opportunists who call themselves leaders.“We need leaders with vision and foresight,” he added.The Court of Appeal today ruled that Bainimarama’s appointment as interim PM on January 5, 2007 is unlawful under the Fiji Constitution.It also declared as unlawful, Qarase’s dismissal from office and the appointment of Dr Jona Senilagakali as caretaker PM, and the order by Bainimarama that Parliament be dissolved.
The appointment of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as interim Prime Minister on January 5, 2007 and his ministers by the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, was an unlawful act under the Fiji Constitution.The landmark ruling was handed down by the Fiji Court of Appeal today after ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and members of his deposed Government appealed an earlier High Court ruling that validated his dismissal from office and the dissolution of Parliament.Other declarations the court made today that were unlawful acts under the Constitution are:
• the assumption of executive authority and the declaration of a State of Emergency by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama;
• the dismissal of Laisenia Qarase from the office of Prime Minister and the appointment of Dr Jona Baravilala Senilagakali as caretaker PM;
• the advice that Parliament be dissolved by Dr Senilagakali;
• the order by Bainimarama that Parliament be dissolved; and
• the purported Ratification and Validation of the Declaration and decrees of the Fiji Military Government Decree of 16 January 2007, subsequently renamed as a Promulgation of the Interim Government of the Republic of Fiji, by which decree President Uluivuda purported to validate and confirm the dismissal of Qarase as Prime Minister of Fiji, the appointment of Dr Senilagakali as caretaker PM and the dissolution of Parliament.
The court also declared that in the events that have occurred, it would be lawful for the President acting pursuant to section 109 (2) of the Fiji Constitution, or as a matter of necessity, to appoint a caretaker PM to advise a dissolution of the Parliament and the issuance of writs for the election of members of the House of Representatives.
Election's best option: Appeals Court - Thursday, April 09, 2009The judges who presided in the Fiji Court of Appeal case. PICTURES: Leca Vunibobo
THE "only appropriate course" of action for the country's political situation is "for elections to be held to enable Fiji to get a fresh start", says the Fiji Court of Appeal.In its judgment on the appeal against the Qarase vs Bainimarama case, the court ruled invalid the decisions endorsed by the President to dissolve Parliament and appoint an interim prime minister. The appeals judges noted that while they were "not in a position to govern the exercise by the President of his discretion", a way forward was for the President to appoint "a distinguished person independent of the parties to this litigation as caretaker prime minister, to advise a dissolution of the Parliament, assuming it is not already dissolved, and to direct the issuance of writs for an election under section 60 of the Fiji Constitution"."This would enable Fiji to be restored to democratic rule in accordance with the Fiji Constitution, and quash any arguments about the legitimacy of Mr Qarase's government or the Republic as currently constituted," the judges said in their ruling.The three judges urged all the parties to the case to "co-operate".They also noted that in recommending this course, they "are also fortified by the public statements of both the President and the Commander that the mandate of the interim Government was to uphold the Fiji Constitution and that the interim Government was anticipated to take the people smoothly to the next elections".
Court refuses stay on order against Govt
An application by Fiji’s interim Government to stay a court ruling that the removal of Laisenia Qarase’s administration is unlawful and that the President appoint a new caretaker Prime Minister, has been refused.Solicitor General Christopher Pryde made the application just moments after the Fiji Court of Appeal made its ruling in Suva this afternoon.The three judges have ruled that the President appoint an independent person as caretaker Prime Minister, who would then advise President to dissolve parliament and make way for elections.The court however ruled against the argument by Qarase’s lawyers that he be reinstated and that he advise the President to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections, given the length of time since Qarase’s removal.But in his argument after being granted leave to appeal the judgement, Pryde said they disagreed with the findings of the court.He questioned how long it would take to appoint a caretaker PM and that “the President cannot just do that”.He said in the meantime, there will be a political vacuum and the Government needed to continue. But the judges said it was difficult to say whether a stay would make any difference.“The reality is that this country has a Constitution that everyone has to obey….That’s the judgement of the court and this Government should obey.”
Decision creates vacuum, says Fiji A-G
Fiji’s interim Attorney-General said the Court of Appeal had not recognised that its decision today for the President to appoint a caretaker Prime Minister on the way back to general elections would create a vacuum in the day-to-day running of the country.“There is a vacuum, because the court has not said that (ousted prime minister Laisenia) Qarase comes back as Prime Minister, the court has simply said that the President has to appoint a caretaker Prime Minister, a third party,” Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said outside court.“So there is a vacuum. That’s what we tried to impress upon the court that there is a vacuum, the State of Fiji needs to continue, people need to catch the bus, people are coming to this country, orders need to be signed, and there are various machinations of the country that is at stake. Unfortunately the court has not recognised this.”Sayed-Khaiyum said the government would be studying the court’s decision.“It is a fairly complex manner in which they have arrived to the decision. We obviously need time to study it, we have put the court on notice that we will be appealing the decision but you’ve also seen the second deck of orders that the discretion is up to the President in the appointment of a caretaker Prime Minister. We obviously will be appealing the ruling.”When asked if the interim government would be vacating office, he said: “We will have to see, we are filing an appeal, we will have to see our avenues of getting a stay on the order.”The Court of Appeal granted Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde leave to appeal its decision, moments after the decision was handed down.
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