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Fiji's Lost Grail

A Reflections By Adi Samanunu in a posting by John Liebhardt on Global Voices

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March 23rd, 2009
Fiji: ‘It was stones, now it's molotov cocktails'
John Liebhardt · 19:58, March 23rd, 2009 · Oceania
At least six people in Fiji who could be termed “public opponents” of the country’s military-backed government have been targeted by unidentified individuals who late at night have thrown large stones at their houses and severally damaged their cars. During the stonings, much of Fiji’s political blogosphere have claimed the rock attacks were perpetrated by members of the country’s military. 1 comment · read »

This is Adi Samanunu's Reponse to John's Comment:

Vinaka John,

It is ironic that this line ‘race based elections code’ is so conveniently argued by many journalists, academics etc & more so those that support this regime’s line of actions who claims this is the root of all evils in Fiji.

We say think again. Because it is just another excuse to ‘Rape Fiji’, Claim power, Disrupt the livelihood of people, De-Construct Fiji at its core while the Coup perpetrators enjoyed the perks of Power that comes with it.

The outcome Fiji & its people are deprive of a peaceful existence & growth for its already ailing Economy.

Fiji’s History as written in (The Pacific Way) by the Late former President & High ranking Chief Ratu Sir KKT Mara where he took the Fiji Delegations including, late former leader of Opposition at the time & a well Diverse group of senior Politicians (i.e First People/Indigeneous Fijians, Europeans, Indans).

The team arrived in England with their credentials as to their proposal on a pathway for Fiji prior Independence. One of these was the Electoral Voting system which at the time had been closely scrutinised & consensus reached by the Fiji delegations & the Commonwealth Team in UK as to be the model that will work for Fiji.

Prior to this , intensive research & travels had been done by Ratu Sir Kamisese to map out the closest model that could fit Fiji. Considerations were given to the fact that Fiji had the Indentured labour system & Fiji looked to those Commonwealth countries that had similar lines of system and learn what worked for them & vice versa as was the case in West Indies etc

My point is, considering the depths of Research, Dialogue by highly skilled Fiji Members of Parliament at the time & who were from different Ethnicity in Fiji added the painstaking task of finding this model and took it with them to England where they were met with further questions & deliberations.

How then can all these so called ‘experts’ blogging now & writing articles with their 'poison pen or poison fingers' on keyboards saying its all wrong & unfair.
Its time the ever so silent Indigenous Fijians cry “Foul Play” to all these people adding fuel to the fire!!

In conclusion, all those ‘Hard Efforts’ for building Fiji by Fiji’s forefathers & those hardworking Fiji leaders of Fiji irrespective of what Ethnic background, who helped brought Fiji to be on par with the rest of its neighbors & the world has just gone to blazes all because of a handful of ambitious & self centred group of Fiji people bent on destroying Fiji..!!

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  1. John Liebhardt

    Thanks for the comment, Adi.

    You make some good points. However, I’d like to clarify my position. In my posts I refer to the current government’s desire to change the electoral code because that’s what they claim they want to do. If they wanted to change Fiji’s flag, I’d talk about that. It’s my job to inform people.

    I do think this is a great time for the blogosphere covering Fiji to dig in and really debate these issues — electoral code, constitution, etc. — because no one provides a better alternative viewpoint than bloggers. The press in Fiji (and abroad) only speak to politicians or NGO heads, who have their own agendas to get across. But it’s the bloggers (and everyone else) who have to live with their decisions.

    Thanks again.

    # 2009-03-25 at 9:37 am Reply to this
    Adi Samanunu ( from Aotearoa)
    Vinaka John,

    Whilst I appreciate and respect your postion in this - what I would like to ask is “What Fiji government ??”. Fiji at this point in time is declared a Failed State by the world. Military Dictatorship or ‘Jungle Rule’ is the name of the game which has bedevilled Fiji for the last decade on & off!!

    To debate while these Military Juntas are sucking the very essense of what sustains Fiji be it Economy, the people, Land, susbsistence farming, sugar cane farming, Fiji’s Ethnic Culture, The Diverse Community that make up the rest of Fiji, Fiji’s Rule of Law or its Judicial system, Fiji’s Political balance i.e Elected Political Parties, Tourism & so forth can almost be equated to that of the famous movie ” Titanic”. The bottom part of the ship is underwater while the tip is about to be submerged too but left jutting in mid air!! Locals in Fiji are witnessing these Juntas driving around or changing their vehicles from the little cars they once had to Pajeros or four wheel drives!!

    That is my point as to where Fiji is at at this point in time. There are of course bloggers/journalists/academics & the likes that enjoy to see Fiji tip over & be totally submerged however for some they will enjoy the perks of power while it lasts. There are some out there who are propping up this Jungle regime in Fiji and they too will be exposed. So mark my word.

    Voreqe Bainimarama & his current regime should just ‘tools down’ & go back to the Naval ship & the Army barracKs & do the duties they are best at ‘Protecting Fiji & its people’ not hellbent in destroying Fiji.


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