Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hon. Mr Peter Dunne -'Chief Guest' @ Race Relations Day Project.

On behalf of our Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community group, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following people for making our Race Relations Day Project a memorable event.

1. Member of Parliament, Hon. Mr Peter Dunne & his wife Mrs Dunne for taking time out to be with us & share the Fiji Meals we had prepared.

2. Matt Kilgour & his wife Erin, Manager Keith Spry & Tawa Pools for working so hard & assisting through the preparations to have this event at your venue.

3. Wellington City Council - for giving us this opportunity for the venue & also to Matt & the Marketing team for the awesome posters printed out.

4. Human Rights/Race Relations Commissioner's Office - Josephine for gracing us with your presence.

5. Members of the Fiji Community - for all those that gave up their valuable time to be a part of this day. Mastr Donasio Ruru & Rafaele Brown for being our 'Kaumautua'. The Youths & Fiji students from Victoria University, Maria D, Bulou Marawa E Tuisue & others that played hostesses for the evening.

6. Friends of Fiji & the wider Community - for supporting our course for this event.

Just a note to sincerely say to the Hon. Mr Peter Dunne & his beautiful wife Mrs Dunne, we enjoyed listening to what you had to say. Your Race Relations Day message to us is indeed invigorating & has challenged us as well as those from the wider Community. We appreciated that you both had
availed yourselves, to be present at our event.

Though we were later told, that the messages had been sent out by someone within the Fijian Community that all had been cancelled, this however, did not dampen our spirits.
To those of us that turned up, we all had a wonderful time & thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
We will of course become better at it given time. Some photos has been posted which Mstr Dona had kindly sent out & the best of course is the group photo taken with Hon Mr Peter Dunne & his wife as well as smiley Matt & his georgeous wife Erin.
Thanks Josephine for bringing us all those materials from Race Relations' Office, the tattoos were the most popular for the Youths that were there.
Vinaka vaka levu to all those that made the effort to support this project.

PS - Do tune in to the Fijian Radio Program, Niu FM and Radio 531 PI. on Saturday night @ 9.25pm, 28 March 2009, to listen two members of our Trustees, Mrs Sally Bialas & Adi Samanunu . They will be outlining Luvei Viti's plans for some Upcoming Projects for 2009.

The Core Team

Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community group


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