Monday, March 23, 2009

Fiji Children Should be Protected at all times: Shame on the current regime for their Ghetto style attack on innocent victims.

As posted by Raw Fiji & recorded in Intelligensya's site.
Netani Rika & Raivoce’s children must be protected

March 22, 2009

Frank & Co’s bomb attack on Netani Rika and Raivoce’s children while they lay asleep, should not be laid to rest or continued to be addressed as “only for big peoples” issue until the culprits are jailed.

This is terrorist against Fiji children and must be challenged at all cost.
Rika and Raivoce’s children represent the children of Fiji and all right thinking adults must stand up to fight for the protection of their children.

These are harmless vulnerable children whose sanctuary have been terrorised by Frank and Co.
We resist, in its strongest possible meaning, Frank & Cos attack to kill the children of Fiji.
We say to all parents, NGOs and citizens of Fiji, wake up and put a stop to all the madness around you.

No one else can help you unless you help yourselves first.
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