Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dodgy 'Interim AG: A. Sayed-Khaiyum' conveniently removes Sweeney

Is Khaiyum feeling rattlled & scared that the Fiji public and the rest of the world will get told more ugly stories.

We once watched this Khaiyum being interviewed by the bigwigs at the Pacific Forum & he looked as if he had his tail between his legs. Is this the best that this current Regime send out as their spokesman. If so its such a shame because he is a poor choice. How on earth did he become the Interim AG. Are'nt there any more men or women with high calibre left to represent Fiji in these important Forums?

Heres what Fiji Times Online has to say........

Sweeney baffled at removal

Sunday, March 01, 2009
FORMER Commerce Commission chairman Charles Sweeney says his removal does not identify any grounds for dismissal.
"I received a letter from the Attorney-General, apparently sent after the press conference," he said. "The letter does not identify any grounds for dismissal".
Mr Sweeney said under the Commerce Act, Schedule 1, clause 2, a member may only be dismissed for "misbehaviour, incompetence, incapacity or failure to comply" with the pecuniary interest provisions.
"The purpose of that is to ensure the Commerce Commission is independent of the minister and cannot be dictated to by government. None of the grounds apply to me. The Attorney-General's letter refers to "current issues" in telecommunications," he said.
Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum announced Mr Sweeney's removal on Thursday. He said Under the Commerce Act the minister "is authorised to remove anyone on the commission and that is what has happened".
Dr Mahendra Reddy is the new chairman.


  1. Charles, please don't be such a puppy.
    The Commerce Act is SUPPOSED to be independent and so on, but this is Vore's Fiji. NOTHING is as its supposed to be. There is no accountability.
    We are all subject to Vore's whims, or those of his henchmen, and the same applies to the henchmen until such time as they are themselves removed at Vore's whim. Attorney General MyArse knows he is accountable to no one (other than Vore), neither is he subject to the Rule Of Law. And that's exactly how he is behaving.
    God bless Fiji

  2. Dodgy Ahhhhh needs to axed too!!

  3. Deep in the Fiji Jungle, 'Bera Na Liva' Phantom, is preparing his army of Pigmies & are moving in to shoot their Poison Arrows @ Vore Bhaini, Dodgy Khaiyum & all the cronies that are propping up this IIG.


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