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Hon. Mr Peter Dunne -'Chief Guest' @ Race Relations Day Project.

On behalf of our Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community group, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following people for making our Race Relations Day Project a memorable event.

1. Member of Parliament, Hon. Mr Peter Dunne & his wife Mrs Dunne for taking time out to be with us & share the Fiji Meals we had prepared.

2. Matt Kilgour & his wife Erin, Manager Keith Spry & Tawa Pools for working so hard & assisting through the preparations to have this event at your venue.

3. Wellington City Council - for giving us this opportunity for the venue & also to Matt & the Marketing team for the awesome posters printed out.

4. Human Rights/Race Relations Commissioner's Office - Josephine for gracing us with your presence.

5. Members of the Fiji Community - for all those that gave up their valuable time to be a part of this day. Mastr Donasio Ruru & Rafaele Brown for being our 'Kaumautua'. The Youths & Fiji students from Victoria University, Maria D, Bulou Marawa E Tuisue & others that played hostesses for the evening.

6. Friends of Fiji & the wider Community - for supporting our course for this event.

Just a note to sincerely say to the Hon. Mr Peter Dunne & his beautiful wife Mrs Dunne, we enjoyed listening to what you had to say. Your Race Relations Day message to us is indeed invigorating & has challenged us as well as those from the wider Community. We appreciated that you both had
availed yourselves, to be present at our event.

Though we were later told, that the messages had been sent out by someone within the Fijian Community that all had been cancelled, this however, did not dampen our spirits.
To those of us that turned up, we all had a wonderful time & thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
We will of course become better at it given time. Some photos has been posted which Mstr Dona had kindly sent out & the best of course is the group photo taken with Hon Mr Peter Dunne & his wife as well as smiley Matt & his georgeous wife Erin.
Thanks Josephine for bringing us all those materials from Race Relations' Office, the tattoos were the most popular for the Youths that were there.
Vinaka vaka levu to all those that made the effort to support this project.

PS - Do tune in to the Fijian Radio Program, Niu FM and Radio 531 PI. on Saturday night @ 9.25pm, 28 March 2009, to listen two members of our Trustees, Mrs Sally Bialas & Adi Samanunu . They will be outlining Luvei Viti's plans for some Upcoming Projects for 2009.

The Core Team

Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community group


Friday, March 27, 2009

Congratulations To Sir Anand Satyanand for being awarded this new honour.

As reported by TVNZ today.

It's official: Sir Anand Satyanand

The Queen has approved the government's request to restore knighthoods in New Zealand and we already have a new Sir.
Prime Minister John Key announced earlier this month he wanted to restore the honours system.

Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) takes this opportunity to congratulate Sir Anand Satyanand for this new Honour bestowed on Him.

We wish you & your family well. We thank you for being such an awesome Role Model for all of us especially those from Fiji living in Aotearoa.

Sir Anand's parents migrated from Fiji in the early days however, Sir Anand is a Kiwi born gentleman with roots that goes back to Fiji & also to India.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fiji's Lost Grail

A Reflections By Adi Samanunu in a posting by John Liebhardt on Global Voices

Latest posts by John Liebhardt
March 23rd, 2009
Fiji: ‘It was stones, now it's molotov cocktails'
John Liebhardt · 19:58, March 23rd, 2009 · Oceania
At least six people in Fiji who could be termed “public opponents” of the country’s military-backed government have been targeted by unidentified individuals who late at night have thrown large stones at their houses and severally damaged their cars. During the stonings, much of Fiji’s political blogosphere have claimed the rock attacks were perpetrated by members of the country’s military. 1 comment · read »

This is Adi Samanunu's Reponse to John's Comment:

Vinaka John,

It is ironic that this line ‘race based elections code’ is so conveniently argued by many journalists, academics etc & more so those that support this regime’s line of actions who claims this is the root of all evils in Fiji.

We say think again. Because it is just another excuse to ‘Rape Fiji’, Claim power, Disrupt the livelihood of people, De-Construct Fiji at its core while the Coup perpetrators enjoyed the perks of Power that comes with it.

The outcome Fiji & its people are deprive of a peaceful existence & growth for its already ailing Economy.

Fiji’s History as written in (The Pacific Way) by the Late former President & High ranking Chief Ratu Sir KKT Mara where he took the Fiji Delegations including, late former leader of Opposition at the time & a well Diverse group of senior Politicians (i.e First People/Indigeneous Fijians, Europeans, Indans).

The team arrived in England with their credentials as to their proposal on a pathway for Fiji prior Independence. One of these was the Electoral Voting system which at the time had been closely scrutinised & consensus reached by the Fiji delegations & the Commonwealth Team in UK as to be the model that will work for Fiji.

Prior to this , intensive research & travels had been done by Ratu Sir Kamisese to map out the closest model that could fit Fiji. Considerations were given to the fact that Fiji had the Indentured labour system & Fiji looked to those Commonwealth countries that had similar lines of system and learn what worked for them & vice versa as was the case in West Indies etc

My point is, considering the depths of Research, Dialogue by highly skilled Fiji Members of Parliament at the time & who were from different Ethnicity in Fiji added the painstaking task of finding this model and took it with them to England where they were met with further questions & deliberations.

How then can all these so called ‘experts’ blogging now & writing articles with their 'poison pen or poison fingers' on keyboards saying its all wrong & unfair.
Its time the ever so silent Indigenous Fijians cry “Foul Play” to all these people adding fuel to the fire!!

In conclusion, all those ‘Hard Efforts’ for building Fiji by Fiji’s forefathers & those hardworking Fiji leaders of Fiji irrespective of what Ethnic background, who helped brought Fiji to be on par with the rest of its neighbors & the world has just gone to blazes all because of a handful of ambitious & self centred group of Fiji people bent on destroying Fiji..!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fiji Children Should be Protected at all times: Shame on the current regime for their Ghetto style attack on innocent victims.

As posted by Raw Fiji & recorded in Intelligensya's site.
Netani Rika & Raivoce’s children must be protected

March 22, 2009

Frank & Co’s bomb attack on Netani Rika and Raivoce’s children while they lay asleep, should not be laid to rest or continued to be addressed as “only for big peoples” issue until the culprits are jailed.

This is terrorist against Fiji children and must be challenged at all cost.
Rika and Raivoce’s children represent the children of Fiji and all right thinking adults must stand up to fight for the protection of their children.

These are harmless vulnerable children whose sanctuary have been terrorised by Frank and Co.
We resist, in its strongest possible meaning, Frank & Cos attack to kill the children of Fiji.
We say to all parents, NGOs and citizens of Fiji, wake up and put a stop to all the madness around you.

No one else can help you unless you help yourselves first.
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Fiji Reports on Jungle style brutality on those Brave Fiji Men & Women that are standing up against the current regime.

Article By Fiji Times Online

NGOs condemn terror attacks

Monday, March 23, 2009

FIJI's NGO coalition on Human Rights has strongly condemned the stoning of the house of prominent unionist and pro-democracy activist Attar Singh last week.

Mr Singh, his wife and former Suva City councillor Priscilla Singh and their family were awakened early in the morning by the sound of breaking glass in their Samabula home.

The family later found their two cars and a window of their home smashed.
NGOCHR chairperson Virisila Buadromo said they were appalled by the attack and urged the police to investigate the crime.

"The Singhs are respected citizens of Fiji, who have spoken out for the protection of human rights -- we now need to ensure that their rights are protected also," Ms Buadromo said.
"No family should have to live in fear of terror tactics in the middle of the night." The stoning followed the attack on the property of a Fiji Times editor-in-chief Netani Rika.
On March 10, vandals smashed Mr Rika's car. Mr Rika's house was attacked again on Saturday night.

Last month, former politician Kenneth Zinck also had the windows of his car smashed by unknown persons.

"These attacks appear to be targeted at free speech and human rights defenders, with dire implications for human rights in Fiji," Ms Buadromo said.

"Our basic human rights, including free speech, are protected by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, as well as international human rights law.

"We call on the authorities to comply with their obligation to protect all our human rights, and ensure the criminals who perpetrated these acts are brought to justice."

Mr Singh, who was arrested and detained by soldiers early in 2007, is an outspoken unionist.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking Back @ Fiji's Flood Disaster & What UN (OCHA) recorded.

Fiji: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
Date: 13 Jan 2009
Full_Report (pdf* format - 42.6 Kbytes)
- Heavy rains have caused severe flooding in the North, Central and Western Divisions of Fiji since 8 January.
- A 30-day state of natural disaster was declared in the Western Division on 11 January.
- 6,591 people were recorded as being evacuated and housed in 110 Evacuation Centres as of 11 am on Tuesday 13 January
- 7 Deaths have been recorded as a direct result of the floods.
- The Fiji Interim Government has not requested international assistance, but reviews assessment information tomorrow 14 January.
- Another tropical depression is expected to bring more rainfall by Wednesday night and Thursday, which may extend and compound the current situation.
Situation Overview
Heavy rain resulting from a tropical depression and falling mainly from 7 to 10 January has caused severe flooding in the North, Central and Western Divisions of Fiji. The affected areas include the major towns of Nadi, Ba, and Labasa. Emergency Operations Centres have been activated in all three Divisions and the Western Division has had a state of natural disaster declared.
A break in the rain for the Western and Central Districts on 11 January has allowed floodwaters to recede in some areas. However, the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) reports that numerous low lying villages and communities remain under water. Further, rain in the Western Division on 12 and 13 January, combined with spring tides, has caused waters to rise again in that region. The Fiji Meteorological Service forecasts that between now and midnight Wednesday 14 January, there will be periods of heavy rain for Labasa (Northern division on the island of Vanua Levu), and Nadi, Lautoka and Ba (Western Division on the main island of Viti Levu), and some rain and thunderstorms for Navua and Nausori (Central division). This rain is expected to compound the flooding that has already taken place and further flash flooding is a risk.
According the NDMO, throughout Fiji a total of 6,591 people were recorded as being evacuated and housed in 110 Evacuation Centres as of 11 am on Tuesday 13 January.
There have been 7 reported deaths due to drowning (4) and landslides (3): four males and three females of which 4 children that can be directly attributed to the rainfall and flooding. A further death (adult male) has been recorded in the form of a road accident which appears to have been caused by poor visibility as a result of the heavy rain.
As of 8 AM on 13 January the NDMO reported that the water levels in all big rivers were back to normal, but by the end of the day water levels were rising again due to continued rainfall. The northern highway (Kings road) is still closed at Wailotua. Nausori Airport was also left without electricity. At a briefing of international partners on Tuesday 13 January the NDMO reported that with the old bridge that was washed away at Sigatoka, also the attached water and sewerage pipes were destroyed. Nadi and Ba also lack water supply and electricity supply. Government agencies are working around he clock to restore services and supply.
Humanitarian Response
The government has activated its disaster response mechanism and the response activities are coordinated both at the district level and national level. Initial damage assessment has been conducted and is still ongoing in affected areas in order to provide a full overview of the damage caused by the floods. 110 evacuation centres have been established by the government in the affected areas and the division authorities are distributing food parcels to the 6,591 people using the centres. Work to repair roads damaged by floods and landslides is also being undertaken. Water trucks are directed Suva and other towns to Sigatoka and Ba to deliver water by truck to affected people. Restoring power and water supply to hospitals in Nadi, Lautoka and Ba has been listed as a priority.
The Fiji Red Cross Society's Situation Report 2 – Fiji Floods, states that FRCS have deployed relief teams to conduct assessment as well as distributing basic non food items including containers for drinking water, black packs, temporary shelter equipment, cooking sets and blankets to affected communities along the Rewa river. The Fiji Red Cross Society has also provided 100 x 20L clean drinking water containers to five flooded villages and evacuation centres located near the Rewa river.
St John's Ambulance visited two Evacuation Centres in the Rewa Delta area and evacuated one elderly woman for treatment before returning her to the shelter and treating another woman on site for a septic wound.
Save the Children Fiji is conducting assessments on education related needs of affected populations, particularly children and the damage to schools.
Both the NDMO and the Fiji Red Cross Society continue to conduct damage and needs assessment although they are being hampered by access in some areas.
A number of international organizations, including UN and ADB, have offered assistance to the government to participate in multi-sector rapid and in-depth assessments should this be required.
Water & Sanitation
Water shortage in Ba is a serious concern because the main dam and pipeline were affected by the flood. Water tanks are going to be dispatched to Ba to relieve the water shortage problem. Water shortage in Nadi especially in the hospital are also reported from Western Division. Restoration of water and electricity supplies at the hospitals are priority for the government response.
Fiji Red Cross points out that contamination of community water source could increase water born diseases. This was also the main reason for the Western Division to declare a state of natural disaster. Specific health assessment will need to be undertaken in order to understand the health risks and health needs of affected population as a whole including both evacuees and non evacuees.
Map - Fiji: Floods (as of 12 January 2009)
Full_Report (pdf* format - 42.6 Kbytes)
(*) Get Adobe Acrobat Viewer (free)

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Donate School Stationery Drive for Fiji Children @ Race Relations Day Project.

Children of Fiji flood victims need our assistance. Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community group as part its ongoing committment to Race Relations Day in Aotearoa will host a Family evening @ Keith Spry Pool in Johnsonville, Wellington.

Everyone is welcome & as part of the evening we are asking for donations of School Stationery i.e pencils, books, rulers, rubbers, pencil cases etc to all those attending. This together with Funds raised will be donated as always to Save the Children for their work in Fiji esp for the Flood victims.

Details of event as follows:

Time : 6pm -9pm
Date : 21 March 2009
Venue: Keith Spry Pool, 1 Frankmoore Ave, Johnsonville, Wellington
Highlights: Fijian Meke or dance by Fijian Youths, Indian Dance by Fiji Bollywood Dance Grp
Fiji Food @ $5.00 per pack & sausage sizzles. There will be spot prizes & more so do come along & join us Celebrate Race Relations Day the Fiji/Kiwi way.

The Core Team
Luvei Viti(Children of Fiji) Community Grp.

Appears Fiji's Military Leader & Interim Government using Milgram experiment method!!

A experts says , this Milgram experiment is noted in his 1974 article, "The Perils of Obedience".It reads that quote, "legal and philosophic aspects of obedience are of enormous importance........ The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority.....Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority".

Read further on Fiji Girls'take on Sakiusa Rabaka Case.

When Is Murder Not Murder?
Posted on March 13, 2009 by fijigirl
I suppose I should be relieved that the verdict was manslaughter. Certainly the family and friends of the late Sakiusa Rabaka will be relieved, not least because the completion of the trial gives them a chance to give meaning to his untimely death and start rebuilding their shattered lives. Our hearts and prayers are with them.

But will this verdict and their criminal records teach the guilty soldiers, and the military in general, anything about their conduct, and the conduct of their illegal leader? I’m not so sure.
The malodorous Chodokant is a convicted manslaughterer, and sadly for our country that has never stopped him from rising to the top and becoming PM (not ‘rising to the top’ like cream in milk, but ‘rising to the top’ like the sh*t that he is). And, perhaps the soldiers look upon the commuting of the verdict from murder to manslaughter as a benefit of being in the military. Certainly a Police officer would not have enjoyed the same leniency.

But nothing under this illegal regime is as it seems. F’rinstance :
To paraphrase Voltaire, even the Presidential Political Dialogue Forum is neither Presidential (our President being decidedly incapacitated), nor Political Dialogue (no one will be allowed to debate issues, take sides, or thrash out differences), nor a Forum (participants are expected to sheepishly agree with Vore). The media, our last standing bastion of democracy, has been excluded while Vore reads out pre-prepared, completely uncharacteristic statements that do not reflect one jot of his rule to date, except if he were speaking in opposites, like the children’s game. I wonder what instructions Chodo will bring him back from India?

Fiji National Provident Fund, as pointed out succinctly by Dr Wadan Narsey, is in the military’s sights to line their insatiable pockets rather than used for the purpose for which it is intended, a Fund for the Nation (as in, all of us who contributed to it), for Providence (not just for fun) specific to Fiji (instead of India and China who so far have benefited the most from this coup).
Regime-appointed judges are being shown, like the Emperor, to be without the necessary clothes. Not at all what one would expect from an esteemed judge. Judges who have precluded themselves from impartiality … there must be a joke for that.
At least there is one comfort in the topsy-turvy life under

Mrs Rabaka deserves to be compensated by the current regime for the wrong committed by these killer soldiers!!

Rabaka 9 'guilty'
Reports by MARGARET WISE Friday, March 13, 2009

Soldier Joeli Lesavua outside Lautoka court yesterday after the assessors returned a verdict of guilt against him and eight others of manslaughter and assault.

EIGHT soldiers and a former policeman were yesterday found guilty of manslaughter by the assessors in the Sakiusa Rabaka murder trial.

The assessors had rejected a murder charge but were unanimous in their opinion that the nine accuseds were guilty of manslaughter and five counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Lautoka High Court judge Justice Daniel Goundar agreed with the outcome but reserved conviction until Tuesday after a request from defence lawyer Haroon Ali Shah.

Mr Shah said he wanted the judge to hold on entering a conviction because consideration should be given to the group of accused with nil or negligible evidence of assault. He said he wanted to mitigate separately for them.

To that, Justice Goundar said he had not seen any sign of remorse. He reminded Mr Shah that such gestures carried "great weight". The judge asked if the accuseds would consider apologising to Rabaka's mother, Alanieta.

Outside the court, an emotional Mrs Rabaka said she had no time for reconciliation now.
"I waited two years for one of them to come and tell me what happened. To say they were sorry. To feel my pain. But no one came," Mrs Rabaka said.

"I am a Fijian, they are Fijians. I am a Christian, they are Christians. I would have accepted it then. It is before the courts now so we just have to let the law take its course."
Rabaka died in February 2007, a month after he and a group of friends were assaulted at the Black Rock military training base in Votualevu, Nadi.

He was hospitalised and underwent surgery for brain injuries in the days prior to his death.
Former policemen Patrick Nayacalagilagi and soldiers Taione Lua, Ulaiasi Radike, Etonio Nadura, Ratunaisa Toutou, Joeli Lesavua, Jona Nareki, Ilaisa Kurimavua and Napolioni Naulia will know their fate next week.

'Bringing up Children' - Perhaps Society needs to be relook @ 'Spare the Rod Spoil the Child' Christian concept.

Warning over narcissistic pupils
By Katherine Sellgren BBC News, at the ASCL conference

Dr Craig said restricting criticism undermined learning
The growing expectation placed on schools and parents to boost pupils' self-esteem is breeding a generation of narcissists, an expert has warned.

Dr Carol Craig said children were being over-praised and were developing an "all about me" mentality.

She said teachers increasingly faced complaints from parents if their child failed a spelling test or did not get a good part in the school pantomime.

Schools needed to reclaim their role as educators, not psychologists, she said.
Dr Craig, who is chief executive of the centre for confidence and well-being in Scotland, was speaking at the Association of School and College Leaders conference in Birmingham.
Negative characteristic

She told head teachers the self-esteem agenda, imported from the United States, was a "a big fashionable idea" that had gone too far.

She said an obsession with boosting children's self-esteem was encouraging a narcissistic generation who focussed on themselves and felt "entitled".

They (schools) are not surrogate psychologists or mental health professionals
Dr Carol Craig
"Narcissists make terrible relationship partners, parents and employees. It's not a positive characteristic. We are in danger of encouraging this," she said.
"And we are kidding ourselves if we think that we aren't going to undermine learning if we restrict criticism.
"Parents no longer want to hear if their children have done anything wrong. This is the downside of the self-esteem agenda.
"I'm not saying it's of no value… but you get unintentional consequences."

Parental responsibility
Since 2007, there has been a statutory responsibility on schools in England to improve pupils' well-being and primary and secondary schools are increasingly teaching social and emotional skills.

Indeed it is possible that Ofsted inspectors will soon appraise schools' performance in this area; and well-being could be one of the measures used in the school report card system that the government wants to introduce.

But Dr Craig told head teachers that this was not the role of schools.
"Schools have to hold out that they are educational establishments," she said.
"They are not surrogate psychologists or mental health professionals."
Learning about feelings from a professional in a classroom did not send out a positive message, she added.

And she warned there was a danger the more schools taught emotional well-being, the less parents would take responsibility.

"We run the risk of undermining the family as the principal agent of sociability," she said.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Article on Fiji: What some Kiwi thinks of Fiji's saga & its Backlash to Ordinary Fijians!!

It is interesting to note that there are some Ordinary Kiwis monitoring 'Troubled Fiji' s ongoing saga.

Time is ticking like a time bomb against the current regime & their known inner circle while their tainted tentacles 'crawl ' deeper into Fiji's Governance. Sooner or later their time on centre stage will be over & then it will be the people's turn to demand answers as to why Voreqe Bainimarama & his regime created such a state of Conflict & Coercion.

New Zealand’s Imperialist attitude toward Fiji
Byron Clark The Spark March 2009

In what John Key has described as sending “a strong message” Pacific Forum leaders voted earlier this year to suspend Fiji from the Forum unless the interim government sets an election date before May 1. The suspension means that Fiji cannot attend meetings between forum leaders, ministers or officials; it will also be excluded from benefiting from any regional initiatives run under the forum. Both Mr Key and forum chairman Toke Talagi said the decision was made by consensus, a surprising result given smaller Pacific nations were expected to vote against suspension, with Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare stating in his speech (released to the media before the meeting) “I am of the strong view that adopting an isolationist approach would be unhelpful.”

Fiji has already lost the benefits of one “regional initative” - participation in the seasonal work scheme allowing Pacific Islanders to work in New Zealand. Fiji was suspended from the scheme by the previous Labour government. So far this sanction has done little - if anything - to destabilise the military regime, instead it has effected ordinary Fijians. The Fiji based Coalition for Democracy and Peace, consisting of citizens’ groups and non-governmental organisations, had said that the poor are the ones most affected by sanctions imposed by New Zealand. Even when New Zealand sent aid to Fiji (via the Red Cross) in the wake of horrific floods, local Fijians said a better way for the New Zealand Government to help them would be to let them work in New Zealand, rather than give aid money. A petition was circulated asking Prime Minister John Key to issue special directions for one-year work visas for flood victims, and for an equivalent to the Pacific Access Category for Fijian citizens already in New Zealand.

Its doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to conclude that Australia and New Zealand used their influence as imperialist powers in the region to sway the votes of other forum members. New Zealand governments -both the current National led government and the previous Labour led one- have taken a strong stance against Fiji’s interim government. The line from the Beehive has commonly been that Fiji should “Return to democracy”; this phrase can be seen in government media releases, or editorials in the mainstream media, but what “democracy” does Fiji have to return too?

Fiji has since colonial times had a racially segregated voting system, 46 of the 71 seats in parliament are ‘communal’ electorates in which voters vote according to their ethnicity. The electorates are based on provinces, not population distribution, leading to further inequality of representation. Crosbie Walsh of the University of the South Pacific wrote of the 2006 election;
” [T]here were on average only 9,437 registered voters in [Ethnic] Fijian, 4,607 in General Voter, and 5,373 in Rotuman communal electorates. This compared with 16,065 for Urban Fijian electorates and 11,014 for Indo-Fijians. Urban Fijians and Indo-Fijians were grossly under-represented”

Walsh goes on to note that the over-represented electorates are among the least “developed” making voters prone to influence by chiefs and church ministers. Those electorates where people were under represented had in the past produced multi-ethnic parliamentary leaders from the Labour Party; Dr Timoci Bavadra, the first Labour Party prime minister, ousted by the “Rabuka” coup in 1987, and Adi Teimumu Vuikaba Speed, Deputy Prime Minister in the Mahendra Chaudhry Labour-led government ousted by the “Speight” coup in 2000.

New Zealand’s attitude toward Fiji after these coups was remarkably different from their stance toward the current regime. After the 1987 coup New Zealand engaged with the coup installed government for 5 years following the removal of the elected leader Timoci Bavadra and the 1970 Constitution, it also engaged with the government installed after the 2000 coup, despite it being ruled illegal by Fiji’s high court (unlike the current interim government). Today New Zealand continues to support the undemocratic monarchy in Tonga, despite a strong movement there calling for democracy. The difference in stance toward Fiji seems to be that the previous coups both represented the overthrow of governments led by a party formed along class lines rather than ethnic ones, with a strong union movement as its base. The 1987 and 2000 coups were both led by racially motivated leaders pledging to protect native Fijian interests (in reality meaning the interests of Fiji’s elite).

The current interim government however, is pledging to hold elections once there has been electoral reform, disestablishing the racially segregated voting

Friday, March 6, 2009


What would the late High Chief, ' Na Turaga Tui Nayau', Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, known as Father of Fiji's Nation & former Prime Minister/ President of Fiji, who led Fiji out of Independence from Great Britain in 1970 would say of his beloved Fiji now.

For those that witness his leadership style, Fiji enjoyed a 'Honeymoon Period' of two decades. This is the Fiji everyone knew hence Air Pacific's slogan in its heydays: 'Fiji the Way the World should be'.

Fiji people were friendly & no one felt threatened at least for that period. Roads were good & there were not much potholes as there are today. A close contact had said of the roads in Fiji, there are more potholes now, than the road itself.

Villages on coastal lines were well kept & tidy as an attraction to the now frail Tourism Industry. There was a much vibrant upcoming Diversity & Racial tolerance felt at all levels. Now everyone looks at each other very suspiciously, be it your family member or another person from a segment of the diverse Fiji society. Because of this, fear has filtrated right to ones neighbor, be it a Fijian, Rotuman, Banaban, Chinese, Fiji Indian, Fiji European, other Pacific Islander from Fiji etc. The question on most people's lips are, can I really trust this person? Does this person act as an agent for the current regime. A wave of 'fear & uncertainty on a larger scale have swept through Fiji people whether you are living in Fiji or offshore', a feeling that never existed before.
Prior to this, the friendly army personnel, some who are family man & some still single are known to remain in the barracks where they learnt the art of protecting Fiji & its people. Not anymore. What the current regime has done first & foremost, they have caused a division within the fabrics of Indigeneous Fijian families. First up it looks like they are out to descontruct the Native Fijian way of life & its fabrics of existence be it the Chiefly system or the people themselves. The peripheral who are other segments of society in Fiji that really does not agree with this regime are included. For most Christians that knows their Holy Bible or Word of God can reflect & say that evil intentions has entered & caused division amongst its people in Fiji.

Fiji under V.Bainimarama & the Interim Regime is echoing signs of Marxism style coming through in their hold on power. There is a definite shift from valuing the Traditional Fijian Chiefly system of leadership at the non politico level & its influence in the Senate. Fiji now under this IG with Bainimarama as its head puppet is dancing to the tune of Fiji's Capitalist or the rich Fiji -Indian & other inner rich Fiji business circle in & offshore. These group appears determined to do away with the very essence of Indigenous Traditional Fijian existence which is a hallmark of a true First people of Fiji or Indigenous.

Definite signs of divisions at all levels @ the Core of First people or Indigenous Fijians penetrating their homes, families,villages, province, urban & rural, tension mounts which has been created by this regime. Native Fijian soldiers are forced to haul into the army barracks their own Native Fijian families, friends, colleague & people and interrogate them and/or inflict pain & suffering. Just look to the Rabaka case for evidence.

There is a feeling of superiority complex emnating from Bainimarama himself & which has had a trickled down effect. This is damaging & is tearing at the hearts of those who truly love Fiji & its people. The Indigenous Fijians has reported/recorded more beatings & deaths more than any other within other societies in Fiji. An example is the late Sakiusa Rabaka who was bashed to death by his fellow Indigenous Fijian soldiers, case currently being heard in Court. The stories are endless & painful to divulge, but on hindsight, these stories need to be told over & over again.

According to writer N. Chomsky who cites in his book titled, 'Failed States': says,

....."a failed state & therefore a danger to its own people & the world".

"Failed states," are those "that do not protect their citizens from violence and perhaps even destruction, that regard themselves as beyond the reach of domestic or international law, and that suffer from a 'democratic deficit,' having democratic forms but with limited substance."

Voreqe Bainimarama & his IG Regime have just revealed that they care less if booted off the Comonwealth, a sure sign of utter arrogance maybe. These reactions just reaffirms the notion that Bainimarama & his inner circle can be viewed as having been ‘Seduced by Honey of Power’, to use bluntly what Mr Fidel Castro recently said on BBC News when referring to two high ranking politicians.

Fiji saga as progressively being critically analysed & examined by experts & academic thinkers alike which is revealing many cracks in current regimes's type of Governance.

Many issues surfacing which includes plans to review its current electoral system just adds in the long list of failures by the current regime to fulfill its obligation. This certainly does frustrates genuine political alternatives, creating more barriers towards its path to democracy.

Evidently, the notion that Fiji has become a Failed State as a result of 'Abuse of Power & the current regime's 'Assault on Democracy' is now a Reality & will forever be etched in every ones memory more so for Fiji's future generation .

More intricate details as posted by Intelligensya's below...

Blog of the Month: 'Intelligentsya's take on Fiji 's Interim Government'.

via Intelligentsiya by Keep The Faith on 3/2/09
We've known for a long time that the military junta suffers from Foot in Mouth disease. Unfortunately the symptoms we see them displaying now show us that the affliction has become chronic. So chronic that they now speak with their feet and have shit for brains.

The military junta is out in full force INTIMIDATING witnesses at the Rabaka trial. There is no other term that aptly defines these dismal tactics. Leweni tries to downplay it as "normal" – haha there ain't nothing normal about this case and Justice Gounder's outcome will be monitored globally to see if it lends credence to the US State Departments assessment of our un-independent and un-impartial judiciary.

Leweni's foot-IS-mouth disorder flares up perhaps after some internal pressure, and he clarifies that Bainimarama's footmen will get salary hikes but only after things normalize economically. That's another big whopper. Our economy has flat-lined and is in its dying stages.

Just to show you how important the Rabaka trial is for the junta, one of Bainimarama's key hatchet men, Colonel Mohammed Aziz, takes time off from all the private Fijian Holdings Ltd entity where he executed a boardroom coup, to "observe". The media reports are evidently insufficient for their real intentions.

For Aziz, the clearing of his otherwise busy & overnight corporate schedule which includes regular jaunts to India to partners denotes a fizzle in the attempts at their making a mark in the petroleum sector. For a company that is making just a profit of under FJD$13 million it sure looks like it will suffer from lock-jaw soon by attempting to bite off more then it can chew. This venture appears to want to gush out foreign exchange that is more needed NOW in our economy. The frustration-filled tinge in the public voice of the Reserve Bank chief is hard to miss. With Standard & Poors walloping us it's no wonder Narube is going white very quickly.

Anyhow. Stand strong Rabaka witnesses – you can make a stand for the justice owed to Rabaka and the people of this country. Will these young, unassuming gentlemen be the heroes Fiji is aching for?

The Baleiloa file is STILL missing. Someone involved here is also suffering from foot IS mouth and it looks like it will fall squarely on the spin doctor. She is dispensable after all. Poor heffer.

On the stock exchange arena all is quiet apparently. But the delisting of Yaqara Group Limited leaves a nice entry point for Fiji Water and their designs on using Yaqara to expand into cows , nuts and what have you. Jeez donating to Bainimarama's private (and still unclear purpose) purse sure has some perks.

The Auditor General's report into Bainimarama's episode of helping himself to public money will be out next week.

Meanwhile Bainimarama's comments back at Samoan PM Tuilaepa become increasingly flaccid. He's met his match.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pressure mounts for Fiji IG : 'Fiji will be axed from Commonwealth if no Election details by May say Commowealth Forum in London'.

A news flash this morning @ 7am, 05 March 2009,
on Southern Star Radio says Fiji has to produce some evidence
of Plans for Election by May or Fiji will be expelled from the

The news also stated that the Forum had aligned with the Pacific Forum Leaders in their stand for Fiji's return to Normalcy via a democratically Elected Government.

The Pressure is now on for Voreqe Bainimimarama & his current regime to answer up to the people of Fiji & the world. They must produce the goods as evryone waits.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"The Problems in Fiji" as written by Cam Riley indicates some hard core issues.

This is an interesting article. It is precise & clear and a must read for those following the Fiji Saga. Cam Riley's web page is noted below for anyone that may wish to read more of writings.

Do read on.......
What a mess in Fiji. The WSJ is writing that the Fijian economy is declining because of it, tourism is down, and sugar exports are in danger, not to mention NZ taking hardline trade sanctions against Fiji. Australia has held out the carrots of aid, which have been ignored. There is also disquiet amongst Fijian elites who want the sanctity of the juducial system returned.
An interesting statistic from the WSJ op-ed is that the 2000 coup led to a 7.7% contraction of the Fijian economy. So far this year the Fijian economy has contracted 2.5%. Bad government is bad for business. I can recall when India and Pakistan were threatening to lob nukes at each other about six years ago. Out-sourcing from the US to India for tech industries was relatively new back then, and when American companies feared the region would become unstable through warfare, they immediately cancelled contracts and backed out investments. The message was clear, and Indian business leaders went straight to the government; political instability is bad for business in a globalised economy. India quietened the sabre rattling, an accommodation was achieved and Indian technology companies went back to trading with US companies. Zimbabwe and North Korea are two stunning examples of this effect. The problem is that a dieing economy doesn't touch the leaders. They can still import Harley Davidsons and Cadillacs even though the North Korean country from satellite at night is pitch black - courtesy of no electricity for lighting outside of Pyongyang. Fiji is not the wealthiest place either, and the economic woes from the political instability Bainimarama has introduced with his coup, will only exacerbate those issues. Very foolish.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fiji Times Online seeks answer from Dodgy IG Khaiyum!!


AG mum on Sweeney dismissal

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

INTERIM Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum did not respond to questions on his dismissal of Charles Sweeney as chairman of the Commerce Commission when this edition went to press.

The Fiji Times sent the following questions to the Attorney General's Office at 1.44pm yesterday.

  • Mr Sweeney says the other commissioners refuse to recognise Dr Reddy's appointment and are not co-operating with him. Would the interim AG issue a court order on this appointment?
  • Has Mr Sayed-Khaiyum met with the other commissioners to discuss his decision and the issue at hand?
  • Could Mr Sayed-Khaiyum please tell us why Mr Tabaleka was sent on leave?
  • Was it because of his submission to the Commerce Commission?

The information officer in the Attorney-General's Office, Sharila Lazarus, said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was out of the office.

In his dismissal letter to Mr Sweeney on Friday, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said "certain issues had arisen out of the work carried by the Commerce Commission under your leadership as chairperson which has forced me to invoke my powers under Clause 2(2) Schedule 1 to the Commerce Act 1998.

"This letter serves to notify you that you are hereby removed as chairperson/member.

"As the minister responsible, I believe that this decision is the best for the Commission and for the country as a whole in light of current issues facing sectorial development including but not limited to telecommunications.

"Accordingly, I ask you to respect this decision and let the matter rest.

"I intend to appoint Dr Mahen Reddy as your replacement.

"Please note all steps shall be taken to ensure that the above changes are implemented without hindrance."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dodgy 'Interim AG: A. Sayed-Khaiyum' conveniently removes Sweeney

Is Khaiyum feeling rattlled & scared that the Fiji public and the rest of the world will get told more ugly stories.

We once watched this Khaiyum being interviewed by the bigwigs at the Pacific Forum & he looked as if he had his tail between his legs. Is this the best that this current Regime send out as their spokesman. If so its such a shame because he is a poor choice. How on earth did he become the Interim AG. Are'nt there any more men or women with high calibre left to represent Fiji in these important Forums?

Heres what Fiji Times Online has to say........

Sweeney baffled at removal

Sunday, March 01, 2009
FORMER Commerce Commission chairman Charles Sweeney says his removal does not identify any grounds for dismissal.
"I received a letter from the Attorney-General, apparently sent after the press conference," he said. "The letter does not identify any grounds for dismissal".
Mr Sweeney said under the Commerce Act, Schedule 1, clause 2, a member may only be dismissed for "misbehaviour, incompetence, incapacity or failure to comply" with the pecuniary interest provisions.
"The purpose of that is to ensure the Commerce Commission is independent of the minister and cannot be dictated to by government. None of the grounds apply to me. The Attorney-General's letter refers to "current issues" in telecommunications," he said.
Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum announced Mr Sweeney's removal on Thursday. He said Under the Commerce Act the minister "is authorised to remove anyone on the commission and that is what has happened".
Dr Mahendra Reddy is the new chairman.

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