Friday, February 6, 2009

Its Waitangi Day in Aotearoa & Wellington says 'Haere Mai" Fiji Sevens Players without 7's Favourite Serevi!!

For Wellingtonians its Welcome to the Players!! The boys were received @ a Welcome Service at Methodist Church on Taranaki St as organised as always by Nai Vakatawa Edward Bower assisted by Viliame Naliva & the the Fijian Congreagration there.

Everyone is always welcomed to attend & share a Fijian meal with the boys.

It is a humbling experience for all especially when home turf is so troubled as viewed by the rest of the world.

It has been noted due to a quick rehash of the teams Management with 7's favourite Serevi abscent many supporters did not turn up. This has dampen the spirits of the Fijian locals here however, their love of Fiji Sevens rugby still shone through in the end.

As from previous years the Fiji Community have been able to mingle freely with the players but not so this year. It appears the new Manager has put in place the 'Bai Paodi' security rules.

In short, the players freedom of speech, movement, interactions with relatives here etc has been barred to a point. All calls or messages to any players are put through to the Manager's room. Players are conveniently told to go for walks or vanish when relatives call in to check on an individual. Surnames of a few have been changed?? ...the list goes on......

One wonders whether the 'instructions to gag'...has filtrated the core of Aotearoa especially when everyone who are Fiji supporters are on the upbeat for the Players.


  1. Ooooops, it appears the much adored Fiji 7's players 'lost their game plans' with England - 2009 7's Champ!

    Well what can we say, Serevi's silent Prayers got answered ..big time!!

  2. Comments: Below is a Fiji Times article on the Fiji 7's players. For those of us that saw the Management style of leadership for these boys almost predicted that these young talented Fiji 7's players needed to be nurtured psychologically besides the fitness regime.

    They were expected to give their best which they did after being thrashed by United States 7s boys & played Niue. The performance was brilliant and as the sports commentator said,..."this is the Fiji players we know."

    Rokodiva was the Serevi in the making, he was the star player & won himself the second top scorer in the lineup for all teams participating. Why did'nt they perform the same the next day when they played England? Were they rattled? NO! The answer lies with the Team Management.

    A little bird informed us , all other countries Team players got given their free passes for their rellies or friends. The Fiji 7's boys, their tickets were being sold in the 'black market' by the Manager himself. So one wonders whether the money raised went back to the boys for their pocket money as the story goes....?? This has been an ongoing sideline deal for several years as being noted by some smart observers within the local Fiji Community here in Aotearoa.

    In short,the 7's boys do have a role to play but hey, as expert says, "Solia vei Sisa na ka sa nei Sisa.."

    It will pay if these young boys are not treated like toddlers!!


    It's a worry
    Monday, February 09, 2009

    High-flyer ... Filimoni Botitu goes airborne against the Cook Islands but Fiji were brought back down to earth by England anmd Wales in Wellinton
    NATIONAL coaching director Ilivasi Tabua is concerned by the high number of missed tackles by Fiji players in the Wellington Sevens.

    He said it was caused by fatigue and only lead to "all sorts of problems" for the side before it was bundled out by England in the cip quarter-final.

    The former Wallaby flanker sided with coach Iliesa Tanivula, saying the players lacked fitness.

    "I think the one-on-one tackling situation is one of the main areas of concern," he said.

    "Indiscipline, unnecessary penalties and the inability to maintain possession are all areas that need to be addressed if we are to do better in San Diego."

    Tabua believes national team players need to shoulder greater responsibility and show a far better commitment to training.

    "Aerobic fitness is the players' oxygen intake ability.

    "The challenge now is to improve.

    "We need to play the running game we're known for world over.

    "Create space, improve support play and use possession well."

    He said despite failure, Fiji's overall performance was heartening.

    "It's encouraging considering that for most it's only their first outing but these players got to get fitter.

    "It's a young side with only two senior players and they showed great character in bouncing back from the loss to USA by overcoming Cook Islands and Samoa."

    Tabua picked Peni Rokodiva as Fiji's best in Wellington.

    "Young Peni, I believe, showed a lot of improvement.

    William Rasileka and Niumaia (Cakacaka) showed with more game time they can play better," he said.


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