Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fact: Post Coup 2006 'Fiji Human Rights' took a downward spiral & its a shame'!!

Is the Fiji Human Rights Commission trying to deny what the world saw' post coup 2006'.
All the bashings in & off the Military Camp. How much of the 'bag of gold' is this Shameem taking to blatanly deny what the many Fiji witnesses saw. Has she forgotten virtual archives has pictures of those bashed well coded & tagged.
The horror stories that came through from those that were bashed up both local people & visiting offshore Fiji people is still rife in people's minds. Children will remember the loss of their dads, uncles, brothers etc for many generations to come. The stories will be repeated over & over again....! Perhaps we may say, that it will be a horrible bedtime stories for kids in rural Fijian villages. These same stories will penetrate future history books for children in Fiji. In fact we intend to invite interests from anyone that may wish to send in their stories for inclusion in a book to be put out as stories forFiji Children.

'Pulling wool' over ones' eyes will not work & neither does 'white washing' as these methods does not work anymore esp. when new high tech method of virtual communications are now in play.
The damage has been done & sadly no matter what Shameem tries to say on behalf of the current regime, nothing will alter the damage i.e deaths of soldiers & civilians alike as well as bodily injuries sustained by many as a result of the regimes' brutality.
Fiji Times online has this to say........

US human rights report 'unfair'
Saturday, February 28, 2009

Inmates make their way to their dorms at the Suva Korovou Prison
The 2008 Human Rights report released by the United States Department of State is not fair and balanced, says the Fiji Human Rights Commission Chairperson, Shaista Shameem.

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  1. Perhaps Sh*tster Shameem is trying to become the first ever UN employee to be sacked for incompetence?
    God bless Fiji


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