Friday, February 13, 2009


Mixed reaction to forum dialogue
By REJIELI KIKAU and MARY RAUTOThursday, February 12, 2009

SDL leader Laisenia Qarase
A POLITICAL party has expressed concerns about the non-progressive political forum.
At the same time, another party says meeting with the United Nations and Commonwealth Technical Team on Tuesday afternoon was useful.
Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party leader Laisenia Qarase said they expressed their doubts about the hosting of the political forum.
"We told the team there was supposed to be a meeting last December but it was cancelled.
"We hear there will be one at the end of the month but we have not received any invitation to the meeting," Mr Qarase said.
"This is the only forum that will enable the country to move forward and the process should be started as soon as possible."
He said the outcome of the political forum could mean the election being held this year.
Mr Qarase said the purpose of the UN and Commonwealth technical team's visit was to follow up on a meeting held in November.
He said the team confirmed they had been invited by the interim regime to provide a mediator at the next forum.
National Federation Party general secretary Pramod Rae said the meeting was a good one.
"The UN and Commonwealth team is taking a more active role in facilitating the political dialogue," he said.
"The team is on a fact-finding mission and at the end of the week should come up with a decision on how we can continue the dialogue process.
"They are trying to get a consensus on a mediator for the dialogue and have narrowed down the issues of discussion.
"The last time the discussions were general."
The United People's Party was expected to meet the UN Commonwealth team yesterday but there has been no details of their talks.

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