Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rural School Students Neglected of Transportation

I have been very saddened to note that some of our rural school students around the Fiji Islands are still being neglected proper means of transportation to their individual schools & back. Most if not all are still using the means of transportation that our forefathers used, hoofing it, walking or paidar, or otherwise on horseback.
Some of these students walk for two hours to reach their respectiive schools. Wet from sweat & tired for the long walk most of these students doze off to sleep because of very early morning walks.
I am very concerned and am doing a survey with the Vanua Committee together with the District Officer's assistance to be able to put a figure on the number of parents & students who are using these means of transportation in the District of Vuna in Taveuni Island in the Fiji Islands.
I have been offered a very generous offer by a bus owner for two busses for F$35K.
Until I get all these documentations in order, than only would I be in a better position to seek funding for the busses on offer.
But, at the same time I would like to hear from those with the same sentiments how they would be of any assistance to these idea.
May God Bless Fiji & it's future generations.


  1. Keep up the good work. Do keep us informed of your findings as this will be a great model for school kids in Rural areas school & those that are falling betweeen the cracks.


  2. Shall keep you informed on further developments.
    DO Taveuni is forwarding me the stats for the whole of Vuna District community.
    Will update you when this info arrives.

  3. Sa malo,

    Whilst you are on that project would you be able to give us a brief on another issue . It is about the two boys that were switched @ birth in Labasa Hospital. The boys are now 16 yrs or 17yrs one a native Fijian who is with his Muslim host parents now & the Muslim boy who is with his host Fijian families. We believe The Fijian/Muslim boy now had to move with his family to Naqara District School from Labasa because of the ridicule the family received. Sources tells us this kid was further mistreated at this school by his then teacher for not being an Indian/Muslim & that he is a Native Fijian. The child we are informed, then told his host mother (Inidan lady) that he did not wish to continue schooling at Naqara School because of this mal treatment.

    It will be great to at least reach out to these two boys and ensure them that there is future for them in their 'circumstances' which had been due to carelessness at the Labasa hospital in the first instance. They do need some sort of help in someway. At this point we can only say a 'Prayer' for them until we ascertain what sort of assistance they do need.


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