Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reality Checks: "Current National Disasters brings Fiji's Interim Government to its knees" - A Chilling story!!

Graham takes us on a journey to get a glimpse of his 'Review & Analysis' of Fiji's Interim Government's Response to the current National Disaster

Graham reveals all in his article titled 'Alice in Blunderland' which appeared today Tuesday 20/01/2009. For those of us that resides offshore, this is a must read. One will have to take the Moral High Ground & accept the hard facts outlined in this article.

The article is very thought provoking, gripping, echoes 'the thin lines' Fiji is at with almost every thing from Fiji's Administrations, Economy,Sufferings,Needs,Rebuilding of Fiji, Pulse of the people in all walks, & most important the Response by Interim Government. Last, but not least 'The Blame Game' thats coming through the aftermath of the Floods, & thats in the air at the time of this posting. One wonders whether 'mud slinging' is the name of the game by those that are controlling the Fiji reign at the moment.....???

One can be assured the line of thoughts given by Graham is detailed, an educated view (after all he is the former President for Fiji Law Society & also former head of the Electoral Commission and got sidetracked by none other than someone we all know!!) & Graham is versed with current legalese words that can describe Fiji at its worst.

Thank you Graham for such an eye opening article.

Footnote: Read more about Graham's previous stand on Fiji issues via this blog link: http://tresdesabuse.blogspot.com/2007/06/i-salute-you-graham-leung.html

Adi Samanunu
For the article check out the Fiji Times link below:

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