Thursday, January 22, 2009


Maori party launches Fiji floods fund

As writtem by Otago Daily Times: Click Link below:

The Maori Party is launching its own appeal for Fiji flood victims.

The party's co-leaders Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia today said they and their MPs would enlist the help of iwi radio stations and Maori Television to encourage New Zealanders to donate money to those affected by last week's flooding in Fiji.

Eleven people died in the floods, while thousands have been left homeless and tens of thousands put at risk of respiratory illnesses, malaria and dengue fever.

Mrs Turia said images of people being driven out of their homes were heartbreaking.

"We must create a climate in which the care and welfare of our neighbours is important, and in this respect the people of Fiji deserve our support." The party was setting up an account for the donations, which could be made through the ANZ bank.

Dr Sharples said Maori were usually not directly encouraged to get involved in general appeals, but the party was making a special effort to do so because the Fijian people were part of the same Pacific family.

Dr Sharples said the Maori Party itself would donate $10,000.

He said the party would take advice on the best way to use the money.

The Government has pledged $600,000 in aid.

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