Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hardship is now a Reality in the Fiji Islands? Post Coup Born Fiji Kids will only have this experiences to share in their old age!

Further to Ratu Radrodro's blog on Hardship faced by Fiji children in Rural areas as well as those falling between the cracks, one cannot help but look to what the experts are monitoring with regards to what the people are experiencing in Fiji since the Coup-de-tat-ISM came into play.

Fiji as per the UNDP experts rated as, quote, "The Human Developement Index (HDI) for Fiji is 0.762", unquote, which equates to being 92nd out of the 177 countries rated in UNDP table in their web page. This is as at 2008 & it will be interesting to view where Fiji is at after the end of 2009 if Fiji continues to stall the process of getting back to the Ballot Box & restore Democracy.

Further to this, Asia Development also undertook a study which revealed at the time of their study that Fiji people at all segments were feeling the pinch and agreed that Hardship indeed was being felt.

The story echoes hard facts of what is being also currently experienced in Fiji, more so after the recent Floods & excerbated by Fiji not accepting 'the Olive Branch' offered by Pacific Leaders as well as International Communities.

Priorities of the People: Hardship in the Fiji Islands
Is Hardship Really a Problem in the Fiji Islands?

All communities perceived that hardship exists

All ethnic communities (Fijians, Indo-Fijians, non-Fijian Melanesians, and mixed) involved in the assessment perceived that hardship exists in the country and is characterized by lack of or limited access to basic services such as education, health, good roads, and safe water supply. Hardship, rather than poverty, was the term that most people involved in the assessment used to describe their difficulties.Poverty was said not to exist in Fiji by most people living in the rural areas and some urban residents. However, a majority of the people in the urban areas said that poverty is already occurring in Fiji as evidenced by the number of people begging in the streets of Suva (both Fijians and Indo-Fijians) and depending on others for survival.


2007/2008 Human Development Report
The Human Development Index - going beyond income

Each year since 1990 the Human Development Report has published the human development index (HDI) which looks beyond GDP to a broader definition of well-being.

The HDI provides a composite measure of three dimensions of human development: living a long and healthy life (measured by life expectancy), being educated (measured by adult literacy and enrolment at the primary, secondary and tertiary level) and having a decent standard of living (measured by purchasing power parity, PPP, income).

The index is not in any sense a comprehensive measure of human development. It does not, for example, include important indicators such as gender or income inequality and more difficult to measure indicators like respect for human rights and political freedoms. What it does provide is a broadened prism for viewing human progress and the complex relationship between income and well-being.

The HDI for Fiji is 0.762, which gives the country a rank of 92nd out of 177 countries with data (Table 1)........(refer website:

The human development index gives a more complete picture than income

This year’s HDI, which refers to 2005, highlights the very large gaps in well-being and life chances that continue to divide our increasingly interconnected world. By looking at some of the most fundamental aspects of people’s lives and opportunities it provides a much more complete picture of a country's development than other indicators, such as GDP per capita. Figure 2 illustrates that countries on the same level of HDI as Fiji can have very different levels of income.

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