Friday, January 30, 2009

Fiji 's FB self proclaimed leader claims 'alls legit' Is he on 'Dream Mode'?

Again it appears FB constantly uses this radio station as his mouthpiece in Aotearoa which we will deliberately not name.

Unfortuantely FB 's story via this network is now revealing a storyline that can be likened to that of Jesus & Judas in the Christian Bible.

For those that do not know the story, in a short blurp, the story stipulates how Judas accepted a Bag of Gold for Jesus's death. It appears FB has got a good grip on the 'Bag of Gold' and does not wish to let go. It must taste too sweet to do so.

Though FB claims he runs a legitimate government for the people of Fiji, one can only remind him that he ascented to where he is at due Power of Guns not the Ballot Box.

The moral of the story: Judas hung himself!!!
Read below for Stuff's latest take on FB s comments Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fiji’s military leader Frank Bainimarama has continued his attack on John Key, accusing New Zealand of using chequebook diplomacy and bullying the Pacific Island Forum’s smaller members.

Bainimarama has also said that the Pacific Forum has over stepped its boundaries by issuing an ultimatum to hold elections by May 1, and reiterated Fiji would hold elections in its own time.

“I just want to make it clear to the population of New Zealand and the people of New Zealand that Fiji’s position is not going to change. Fiji’s position is that electoral reforms must be in place before any election is called,” he told Auckland-based Indian station Radio Tarana.

The military strongman accused New Zealand - and Australia - of wielding unwarranted influence over smaller countries.

"You see, not only have Australia and New Zealand applied chequebook diplomacy to Kiribati and Tuvalu … They have done it in the worst possible way; they have isolated Kiribati and Tuvalu from Fiji."

They had once been Fiji's friends but were now enemies, he said.

He also said the forum had moved beyond its mandate by interfering in the internal politics of its member countries.

“It was never a mandate of the forum that it determine what type of government members should have.”

Individual members had their own governance structures, which should be suited to the individual circumstances of those countries, he said.

Bainimarama defended his government as legitimate, saying that there was a functioning and independent judiciary and there was a constitution. “As I have said continuously … various arms of government are in place and they are operating legally - right now.”

Bainimarama riled at Key’s comments that forum leaders were trying to help Fiji.

“Help Fiji? In what form? What has he done for Fiji besides alienating Fiji from Tuvalu and Kiribati and the rest of the forum island countries?

“That is utter rubbish. We have a legal president, a legal government, a functioning and independent judiciary – we have a constitution,” he said.

Bainimarama said that, if New Zealand wanted to help, it should help with the flood relief effort.

The New Zealand Government has pledged $600,000 to help with flood relief.

Today’s comments follow Bainimarama yesterday accusing Key of being rude and uninformed.

He also told Radio Tarana that he had never heard of such an ultimatum – around the election deadline - before.

"I have never come across a situation where a country gives an ultimatum to another country unless, of course, there is a declaration of war," he said.

Key responded by calling the comments “ridiculous”.

"Fiji can't be helped unless it wants to help itself. It's up to Fiji to accept the hand of friendship."

Key said Bainimarama’s response was to be expected: "Neither New Zealand nor Australia has a beef with Fiji. Our position is quite clear - we are fond of the people of Fiji and we want to help that country,” he said.



Hospital closes
Friday, January 30, 2009

Staff at the Navua Hospital wade through water yesterday.
THE Navua Hospital was closed yesterday after floodwaters flooded the hospital compound and entering into three staff quarters at around 10am yesterday.

Sub Divisional Medical Officer, Doctor Kusitino Tiko said they would only attend to emergency cases only and advised people to go straight to Colonial War Memorial Hospital if the rain continues and Navua gets flooded.

"We have transferred three in- patients to Suva and I am liasing with the Provincial Administrator in Serua if we can use the PA's office as our make- shift hospital if the Hospital gets' flooded again," Dr Tiko added.

PA Serua, Pauliasi Nene told Dr Tiko that his office will be available for the Health officials to use at this time of natural disaster.

"When the Navua Hospital was affected by the flood last year, we did the same thing by having our make- shift hospital at the PA's office, so we are going to do the same thing again, if the Hospital is flooded again," he added.

When the Fiji Times arrived at around mid- day yesterday, nurses on day shift were helping shifting household items from the staff quarters to the bachelor's quarters located on the second floor of the Hospital.

Dr Tiko said the staff quarters are always hit first by rising flood waters from the streams around the Hospital compound, and if the Navua River burst it's banks, then the Hospital would get flooded.

Dr Tiko said they will monitor the situation, and if the need arises, then they would move to the PA's office as the make- shift hospital.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hardship is now a Reality in the Fiji Islands? Post Coup Born Fiji Kids will only have this experiences to share in their old age!

Further to Ratu Radrodro's blog on Hardship faced by Fiji children in Rural areas as well as those falling between the cracks, one cannot help but look to what the experts are monitoring with regards to what the people are experiencing in Fiji since the Coup-de-tat-ISM came into play.

Fiji as per the UNDP experts rated as, quote, "The Human Developement Index (HDI) for Fiji is 0.762", unquote, which equates to being 92nd out of the 177 countries rated in UNDP table in their web page. This is as at 2008 & it will be interesting to view where Fiji is at after the end of 2009 if Fiji continues to stall the process of getting back to the Ballot Box & restore Democracy.

Further to this, Asia Development also undertook a study which revealed at the time of their study that Fiji people at all segments were feeling the pinch and agreed that Hardship indeed was being felt.

The story echoes hard facts of what is being also currently experienced in Fiji, more so after the recent Floods & excerbated by Fiji not accepting 'the Olive Branch' offered by Pacific Leaders as well as International Communities.

Priorities of the People: Hardship in the Fiji Islands
Is Hardship Really a Problem in the Fiji Islands?

All communities perceived that hardship exists

All ethnic communities (Fijians, Indo-Fijians, non-Fijian Melanesians, and mixed) involved in the assessment perceived that hardship exists in the country and is characterized by lack of or limited access to basic services such as education, health, good roads, and safe water supply. Hardship, rather than poverty, was the term that most people involved in the assessment used to describe their difficulties.Poverty was said not to exist in Fiji by most people living in the rural areas and some urban residents. However, a majority of the people in the urban areas said that poverty is already occurring in Fiji as evidenced by the number of people begging in the streets of Suva (both Fijians and Indo-Fijians) and depending on others for survival.


2007/2008 Human Development Report
The Human Development Index - going beyond income

Each year since 1990 the Human Development Report has published the human development index (HDI) which looks beyond GDP to a broader definition of well-being.

The HDI provides a composite measure of three dimensions of human development: living a long and healthy life (measured by life expectancy), being educated (measured by adult literacy and enrolment at the primary, secondary and tertiary level) and having a decent standard of living (measured by purchasing power parity, PPP, income).

The index is not in any sense a comprehensive measure of human development. It does not, for example, include important indicators such as gender or income inequality and more difficult to measure indicators like respect for human rights and political freedoms. What it does provide is a broadened prism for viewing human progress and the complex relationship between income and well-being.

The HDI for Fiji is 0.762, which gives the country a rank of 92nd out of 177 countries with data (Table 1)........(refer website:

The human development index gives a more complete picture than income

This year’s HDI, which refers to 2005, highlights the very large gaps in well-being and life chances that continue to divide our increasingly interconnected world. By looking at some of the most fundamental aspects of people’s lives and opportunities it provides a much more complete picture of a country's development than other indicators, such as GDP per capita. Figure 2 illustrates that countries on the same level of HDI as Fiji can have very different levels of income.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reflections Time after the Floods: 'The mood of Fiji People & Where To From Here ?

As rightly written by Ratu Radrodro in his most recent blog on this site, life does become harder for the rest of the Fiji Grassroots. Read his posting to get a sneak preview of some of the moods of Fiji people. Is it oppression of the common people at its highest?

The Pacific Leaders that met on Tues 27/01/09 @ PNG with NZ & Australia are very much a part of, has set a deadline for Fiji IG to come forward and name a date for restoring Fiji back to a Civilised Govt. Will this come to pass ? The answer lies with the IG. If we may just revisit comments made by current IG Military leader, FB, as written by Philipa Fogarty, BBC News, Thurs 4 Dec. 2008, quote, "

"Our island nation must be rebuilt on the solid, rock-like foundations of equal rights, social justice, democracy and good governance," he told the UN General Assembly in September.

Only after the charter was passed, he said, could elections take place. The creation of a stable and unified Fiji was, he implied, surely worth the wait. unquote

The situation now appears to have taken a twist and what is surfacing is that Coup-de-tat -ISM is fast becoming a Political Ideology in Fiji.

Read below to get a glimpse of what the Pacific Leaders are thinking as written by NZ Herald.

Wednesday January 28, 2009
10:01AM NZT

Somare's speech highlights gap in forum opinion on handling Fiji

4:00AM Wednesday Jan 28, 2009
By Claire Trevett

The stark differences in Pacific Islands Forum leaders' views on Fiji became clear last night when Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare took the unusual step of releasing his speech to the forum while the leaders' meeting was still under way.

The 15 leaders were meeting last night to decide whether to discipline Fiji after its interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, backed down on promises to hold elections by March.

Sir Michael's speech to the other leaders urged against punitive action.

"I am of the strong view that adopting an isolationist approach would be unhelpful."

Releasing the speech while the meeting was still going on highlights the split in opinions between the Melanesian countries and others such as Australia, which is expected to push for Fiji to be suspended from the group until a democratic government is elected.

It could also undermine one of the fundamentals of the forum, which is based on decisions by consensus.

Traditionally, all leaders are expected to publicly back the forum's decisions and forum discussions remain under wraps after a compromise has been reached.

In the build-up to the meeting, the leaders refused to say what outcome they wanted because of the consensus approach.

Sir Michael told the other leaders that he had been frustrated at Commodore Bainimarama's refusal to attend last year's Niue meeting and the seeming lack of progress toward elections, but he did not believe punitive sanctions would help.

"The challenge for us, I believe, is to resist the temptation of giving into our frustrations over broken promises and the seeming lack of progress towards restoring democracy in Fiji.

"Let us help Fiji finetune a roadmap with realistic timelines to return her to a durable democracy.

"Let us identify specific areas in the roadmap where we can provide financial and logistical support to Fiji."

He also took a swipe at New Zealand and Australia, reminding them that when the predecessor to the Pacific Islands Forum was set up, there was much debate about whether to leave the "metropolitan powers" out in case they overwhelmed the smaller countries.
The leaders considered a report from a group of the forum countries' foreign ministers, which was expected to say there was no evidence that Fiji could not hold elections within six months. It was also expected to suggest the forum set a firm deadline by which Fiji had to hold elections.

Under the Biketawa Declaration, the leaders had an open slate on what they could do with Fiji. The declaration does not specify any actions to discipline recalcitrant states, leaving it to the leaders to decide what measures are suitable.

Commodore Bainimarama pulled out of the meeting last week, saying he was needed in Fiji to focus on the aftermath of the floods - a decision that was criticised by New Zealand and Australia.

He sent in his place interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum, who spoke to the leaders and then said he had not given them a timeframe within which elections would be held.

He said he told them Fiji was happy to work with international agencies on its electoral reforms and once the new system was developed it would take from 12 to 15 months to prepare for an election.

He also reminded the forum they had not taken punitive action against the Sitiveni Rabuka regime after the 1987 coup.

In the past week Commodore Bainimarama has sacked his foreign affairs secretary after he commented on Commodore Bainimarama's decision not to attend the forum.

He also recalled Fiji's envoy over the issue and yesterday he deported Fiji Times publisher Rex Gardner to Australia, nine months after ejecting his predecessor.

Prime Minister John Key said yesterday such actions were provocative and would not help Commodore Bainimarama's case with the forum

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rural School Students Neglected of Transportation

I have been very saddened to note that some of our rural school students around the Fiji Islands are still being neglected proper means of transportation to their individual schools & back. Most if not all are still using the means of transportation that our forefathers used, hoofing it, walking or paidar, or otherwise on horseback.
Some of these students walk for two hours to reach their respectiive schools. Wet from sweat & tired for the long walk most of these students doze off to sleep because of very early morning walks.
I am very concerned and am doing a survey with the Vanua Committee together with the District Officer's assistance to be able to put a figure on the number of parents & students who are using these means of transportation in the District of Vuna in Taveuni Island in the Fiji Islands.
I have been offered a very generous offer by a bus owner for two busses for F$35K.
Until I get all these documentations in order, than only would I be in a better position to seek funding for the busses on offer.
But, at the same time I would like to hear from those with the same sentiments how they would be of any assistance to these idea.
May God Bless Fiji & it's future generations.

Ordinary Fiji people appears to be in a State of Captivity!

One wonders whether Fiji IG has learnt from how the International Community moved in to help the ordinary Fiji people after the recent National Disaster. The saga just seems to drag on much to the dismay of many Fiji ordinary people alike be it back in Fiji & offshore. It seems imminent that Fiji will be axed from the Pacific Forum & International Community - Does Fiji really need this??? Its time the general public gets told of who are the Coup Perpetrators & those that are raking the benefits of this Contra - Deal????


Radio NZ 's recent take on the happenings in Fiji!!! below

Fiji to expel newspaper publisher

Updated at 11:07am on 27 January 2009

Another newpaper publisher has been ordered to leave Fiji by the interim government of Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

The deportation of Fiji Times publisher Rex Gardner was announced on the newspaper's website. Mr Gardner, an Australian, is expected to be flown out of the country on Tuesday.

The High Court has fined the newspaper $100,000 for publishing a letter criticising the court's validation of the 2006 military coup.

Mr Gardner's predecessor Evan Hannah was deported by the Fiji government in May 2008.

The Fiji Times is the island nation's oldest paper.

Meanwhile, Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting in Papua New Guinea were considering on Tuesday how to respond to the refusal of Fiji's interim government to hold democratic elections by March as promised.

The leaders are expected to consider a range of actions, which may see Fiji excluded from leadership meetings, but would allow activity at officials level to continue.

No member of the forum has ever been suspended, however that option is on the table.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Stakes High For Key's First Forum Meeting
Sunday, 25 January 2009 - 1:00pm
By Maggie Tait of NZPA
Wellington, Jan 25 NZPA - Prime Minister John Key says unless the Pacific Islands Forum shows leadership by sending a strong message to Fiji on the need for democracy, another body will have to step up.
Stakes are high at Mr Key's first meeting with forum leaders in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday as the regional body discusses whether to take the groundbreaking step of suspending a member or imposing other sanctions on Fiji over self-appointed Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama's failure to take steps towards reinstating democracy.
Suspension would be a first for the forum's 16 member states, and is unlikely but discussions will be intense.
The forum, which is based in Fiji, has no formal process for suspension and it will be up to leaders to thrash out measures they can take. It could be that Fiji is banned from participation in certain programmes, for example.
Forum nations are disappointed at the lack of progress towards elections since the December 2006 bloodless coup and over Commodore Bainimarama's decision not to attend the meeting because of domestic flooding.
PNG Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare on Friday said he had delayed the meet to allow Cdre Bainimarama to attend but Sir Michael's office was forced to back down after chairing nation Niue overruled the decision yesterday.
Cdre Bainimarama is expected to send attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, in his place to the Port Moresby gathering.
The meeting was called after Cdre Bainimarama reneged on a pledge he made to a forum meeting in Tonga in 2007 to hold elections this March. He says electoral reform is needed first. The group will consider recommendations in a ministerial contact group report to be presented to leaders.
Mr Key said the forum was the right group to send a message to Cdre Bainimarama that he needed to put his country on a pathway to democracy.
"There needs to a recognition that if this group fails to send that message then it weakens the group over all and leaves that responsibility to another body," Mr Key told NZPA.
Mr Key said he had a view on what action would be taken but would not prejudge the outcome of talks.
Mr Key said the forum was only as strong as its weakest link.
"We need to demonstrate the leadership that's required. That doesn't mean there's not flexibility and we're not sympathetic to some of the issues, particularly the flooding, nor should we be heavy handed but we do need to see progress.
Pacific academic Dr Jon Fraenkel has said external pressures would not lead Fiji back to democracy because elections would mean Cdre Bainimarama would lose his hold on power.
Mr Key agreed that political willingness was needed for change but said the forum was not impotent.
"In the end Frank Bainimarama will look to at least some of the Pacific Island leaders for support for his position and if that support's not forthcoming that will have some impact on him.
"I am more optimistic than some commentators that the Pacific Islands Forum can achieve a good outcome but I am also conscious of the fact that won't occur unless there's a willingness on Bainimarama's part to see that occur."
The coup culture in Fiji was hurting the country.
"What we can be sure of is an interim illegitimate government in a country which has been dominated by coups is not a recipe for economic success in the Pacific."
Cdre Bainimarama was not commenting on how he feels about the possibility of further sanctions or suspension.
"That's for them to decide, not me. It's their call," he told AAP.
Australia and New Zealand have imposed sanctions, including a ban on Government members, officials or their families getting travel visas, and last year New Zealand's acting high commissioner was expelled.
Fiji has accused New Zealand of being heavy handed but Mr Key said New Zealand was not trying to bully the nation.
"This isn't a matter of Australia and New Zealand acting out of sync with the rest of the Pacific leaders."
Cdre Bainimarama has also accused New Zealand and Australia of being callous for expecting him to front up when floods claimed 11 lives in his country.
He failed to attend a meeting in Niue last year and Mr Key doubted the commodore would have attended in any event.
Melanesian countries are reluctant to act against Fiji but they want to hear from the interim Prime Minister.
Last week PNG Prime Minister Michael Somare said he did not want to see Fiji suspended from the forum or Commonwealth.
"I think with our own Melanesian senses we should be able to get him talking to us."
NZPA PAR AAP mt kn sl

Friday, January 23, 2009


From Ruci & Nemai 's Desks :
Vinaka Vakalevu Ruci & Nemai for work well done!!

Two of our Fiji Community Radio & Journalism personalities are promoting a Radiothon. For everyone in the Fiji Community in Aotearoa, most of us who are keen listeners to the National Fijian Program every Saturaday nights especially those around the social networks over 'Tanoa (bowl) of Yaqona' will know the sweetness of this Adi Dau-ni-Walesi's voice. She is thorough in her Native Mother tongue and its just a joy to listen to her week in week out. She is entertaining & has an art of getting to the Grassroots here in Aotearoa which makes her ever so popular in her 'On Air Time'.

From all of us here in Aotearoa Nemai - thank you for connecting us and making this Saturday night Fijian Radio Program of which you are the Host the best ever!!
May God Bless the airwaves that you touch us through & best wishes for your Radiothon.
Press Release for Immediate Release – Friday 23 January 2009
Pacific Media Network is pitching to help victims of the recent Fiji floods by holding a
radiothon through its Radio Networks; Niu FM and Radio 531 PI.

‘Rebuild Fiji Radiothon’ will invite all communities throughout New Zealand to show their support and donate monies to assist Fiji.
Acting Chief Executive of Pacific Media Network, Tom Etuata said “This will be a first for
our Network, and will provide an opportunity for all our communities here in New
Zealand to help in Fiji's recovery. All donations will go through the Red Cross".
Producer of the Fiji Community Radio Programme Nemai Vucago said “times are tough -
give what you can and help get Fiji back on its feet again”.
‘Rebuild Fiji Radiothon’ will simulcast over the networks, bringing radio personalities
together to deliver one programme for all to enjoy and support.

For further information contact:
Pacific Media Network
Pacific Media Network
Marketing Executive
Fiji Community Programme Producer
Nina Fa’amausili
Nemai Vucago
NOTES: Pacific Media Network is New Zealand’s national Pan Pacific public
broadcasting network governed by the National Pacific Radio Trust. It has three major
arms: NiuFM broadcasting throughout New Zealand, Radio 531pi broadcasting in
Auckland only and Pacific Radio News providing hourly bulletins and current affairs

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Tribute to President Barack Obama & His Family: On behalf of Fiji Flood victims.

A Fijian ‘Talanoa’ written in Native Fijian as a ‘Tribute to the American President Barack Obama & his family. (on behalf of all the Children of Fiji who are Victims of the recent Fiji Floods.)

Author: A young Fijian teenage girl – Bulou Marawa E. Tuisue

Ref: Pictures: Obama Family Album
Ragone (or Children)…Once upon a time…..
(Translated & Written in Native Fijian Language for the Children of Fiji).

E tikotiko kina edua na gone tagane ka a sucu o koya mai Honolulu, Hawaii. E kainaki ni o Tamana e Turaga toka mai na nona vanua o Kenya mai Aferica.

Na yacani gone oqo o Barack Obama ka susu tuga vei na marama tinana kei rau na nona Bubu kei Tukana. E marama toka ni Valagi on tinana ka rau sa vei biu kei na nona Tata na cauravou lailai qo. Mani vakamau tale na marama tinana ka sa mani ratou toki sara ki Indonesia. Tubu cake mai na gone qo ka toso vata kei na nona dau sasaga kei na nona vuku ena veika vakai vola e koronivuli kei na veitarogi edau rawata.

Eda rawa ni raica toka, ka vakadikeva ni na gone qo e rairai taura ruarua mai vei rau o Tamana dina na kai Kenya (turaga loaloa) kei Tinana (na marama ni Valagi se vulavula) na nodrau vuku.

O rau na nonai tubutubu erau rawata ruarua na nodrau Koroi ni vuku ena vaka tagedegede ni University. Sa raica toka na marama tinana ni sa toso na nona rawa ka e koronivuli na cauravou oqo ka sa mani dewa sara yani vei rau o Tubuna ena tikina vei Tinana ki Hawaii me laki tomana kina na nona vuli torocake.

Rawata kece sara na cauravou oqo na nona vuli torocake ka yacova sara ni curu ena dua na University rogo levu sara mai Mereke (America). Na yacani vanua qo ko ‘Harvard University’.Oqo Ragone, na University era dau lako ga kina o ira na ‘vakai caqe’ se levu na nodra i lavo ka ra rawata tale ga na maka levu sara ena nona veitarogi. Na kena i vosavosa beka vaka valagi e vaka koto oqo ’Elite students with excellent marks’.

Sa da rawa sara toga ni raica na nona dau sasaga na cauravou qo. E dina ga ni kainaki toka ni cauravou loaloa ka tikitiki vaka valagi toka.

A mani rawata vinaka sara na cauravou oqo na nona Koroi ni Lawa (Law Degree) kei na Koroi ni vakadikevi na Politiki (Degree in Political Science)ka sasaga taka sara talega na nonai vola ni ‘Vuniwai ni Lawa’ (Law Professor). Na ka erawa ni da dikeva toka eke na nona gone ulu vinaka, vuku, ka dau cakacaka sara vaka kaukauwa na cauravou oqo ka gugumatua talega.

Ena gauna a vuli tiko kina mai 'Harvard University' rau mani sota kina kei na marama ka rau mai vei domoni ka qai mai watina sara. Na yacani marama oqo o Michelle, marama yago oaloa toka ka a vuli tale ga mai 'Harvard University' ka rawata tale ga kina na nona Koroi ni Lawa.

Ena gauna e volai tiko kina nai talanoa oqo esa mai cabeta nai tutu torocake 'President of America' enai ka 20 ni Janueri 2009.

E rua na nodrau goneyalewa na weiwatini oqo ka yacadrau o Malia (yabaki 10) kei Sasha (yabaki 07). O Budrau (Grandmother) na gone oqo aya na tinai Michelle eratou qai toki vata ena 'White House' na i tikotiko ni Presitedi mai Mereke.

Ragone, na turaga rogolevu ko President Barack Obama a mani sega ni tiko rawa o rau na tubuna ka a susugi koya kei na marama tinana ni ratou a sa leqa. E mamau sara ni ratou a sega ni raica na gauna talei oqo vei na nodratou cauravou lomani.

Ni bera ni cava nai talanoa oqo, meda sikova lesu eso na vuli e lauarai mai ena bula nona na Turaga oqo. E levu sara na vuli vinaka eda vulica mai kina.

Na vuli eda vulica mai enai talanoa oqo: (Morals of the story).
Fijian version -English Version
Gugumatua -Perseverance
Dau Masu -Faith
Vakarorogo -Obedience
Yalomatua -Maturity
Qacoa na noda vuli -Work hard @ school
Sasaga kaukauwa -Great efforts
Tatadra -Dreams & Aspirations
Rawaka -Achievements
Taqete -Goals or Visions
Yaloqaqa -Drives & strength

Fijian version
Na Vakananu (Reflections)
Kemuni na gone ni Viti, na rawa ni koni sotava ka kunea talega na nomuni Mataniciva vataka na nona a kunea na Turaga oqo (President Barack Obama)na nona Mataniciva talei. Esa rogolevu tu ena gauna oqo ena nona mai cabeta nai tutu vaka Peresitedi. A rau vei solisoli ena dua na soqoni vakairabo ka soli lesu kina vua na Turaga qo nai tutu cecere mai vua na Perisitedi vakacegu ko George Bush. A nona tu nai tutu levu qo ena yabaki walu (08 years) sa oti.

Sa ra marau tu oqo na kai Mereke taucoko ka vaka kina na lewe i vuravura tale eso.Na soqo ni marau baleti President Obama e se caka sara tuga oqo. Nuitaka ni da na veitauri liga ena masulaki ratou vaka mata vuvalena turaga President Obama, Michelle Obama, na watina, kei rau na luvedrau yalewa ko Malia kei Sasha.
Ni se bera ga ni cava nai talanoa oqo, me da laveti Mr George Bush kei ratou na nona matavuvale me ra lesu ena nodrai tikotiko va matavuvale ena vakacegu.

English version
Reflections (Vakanananu)
To all the Fiji Children, you can reach your dreams and goals and find your Precious Pearl just like how this Gentleman (President Barack Obama) found his Precious Pearl. This gentleman is now a very important & well known man after taking over the reigns of Presidency from Former President George Bush who also worked very hard & held the position of President of America for the last 08 years. Celebrations are still being held by many & we remember his wife Michelle & daughters, Malia, Sasha as well as Former President Bush’s wife & family.
(Copyright: BMET2009)


As written by Fiji Times Online:

Alice in Blunderland
By GRAHAM LEUNGTuesday, January 20, 2009
THE recent disaster caused by floods has exposed the regime's near total inability to govern in time of crisis.
They are finding that the easy part was taking over the government by force.
It's a different ball game running the machinery.
The latter takes brains and experience.
If the floods have shown anything, it is that they are in short supply.
Complaints and criticisms
It has been impossible to ignore the complaints and views of the people in recent days that the administration's response to the humanitarian disaster that is facing parts of Fiji has been too little, too late.
Unbelievably some of the regime's lackeys have taken to blaming the flood victims for the predicament they are in.
For not moving in time and not stocking up on food rations in anticipation of evacuation.
One could be forgiven for thinking that we are living in "Alice in Blunderland".
What world do these people live in? The people most affected by the disaster have enough difficulty putting bread on the table in normal times.
They are hardly likely to be able to stock up extra supplies in a cupboard to take with them after the floodwaters have subsided.
Faced with a barrage of criticism, government stooges have now taken to suggesting that its critics are politicising the crisis and should exercise self-restraint.
When the regime is able to show the people of Fiji it is deserving of praise, some might come its way.
But until that day happens, the people are entitled to be disgruntled and dismayed. This is the regime, to use a cliché, that wants to take Fiji forward to a more perfect democracy with its People's Charter.
Accountability and criticism are a hallmark of democracy as is the freedom to criticise.
It's a strange brand of democracy which is uncomfortable with criticism.
Instead of rebuking its critics, the regime should spare no effort in deploying every available civil servant in the massive effort needed in rehabilitation work.
Response Time
The delay and response time to the victims of disaster, put simply, have been abysmal and incompetent.
While hungry mouths have waited for food and blankets, the response of those in charge has been that they are doing assessments.
Why could the distribution of rations and need surveys not have been done together?
A Fiji Times report (FT 15/1) quoted Major Neumi Leweni as saying there were 30 soldiers deployed in the Western Division on relief work.
If this is correct, one wonders where the rest of the military are and why they have not been dispatched to reinforce numbers on the ground.
There has been little sense of urgency and that the West, Nadi in particular, is a disaster.
They need help now, not tomorrow.
DISMAC, the arm of government set up to deal with disaster relief, seems almost clueless in its response.

Surely with all the natural disasters and institutional experience gained over the years (Bebe, Lote, Meli, Eric, Nigel etc), DISMAC should have been in a state of readiness from the start of the cyclone season in November.
By contrast, the Red Cross moved swiftly into action even before the floodwaters had receded.
But for their timely intervention, the effects of the disaster would have been far worse and the humanitarian impact of the crisis much greater.
There is a lesson too to be learnt from this.
Institutions do far better when they stick to what they are supposed to be doing.
When they exceed their mandate, they are likely to botch things up through sheer lack of experience and ability.

The regime's response to the people's suffering has been callous and indifferent.
In short, very poor.
Such inefficiency would not be tolerated in the private sector.
Through all the tears and tales of woe and destruction, the President has been conspicuously silent and invisible.
I remember past disasters and the congenial frame of the late Tui Cakau, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, touring affected areas soon after cyclones when he was head of State.
It's a pity his good example has not been followed.
The people of Fiji deserve better.
Soul searching
I read that a senior government official said they would ask for help internationally from Fiji's friends.
Given the way we have been shouting at our neighbours recently, I'd be surprised that we have any friends left.
People who throw their weight around don't win friends that easily.
Governments are not that different.
The days of the Orion at Nausori and the Hercules at Nadi (within days of a disaster bringing much needed relief to stricken areas) are gone.
Why should our neighbours care when we publicly scold them and send their envoys home?
The chickens have definitely come home to roost. To their credit, the governments of New Zealand and Australia, regularly on the receiving end of abuse, have shown remarkable grace and generosity towards Fiji in terms of the aid they have promised since the floods.
The attitude of our neighbours should be a salutary lesson that it pays not to burn bridges because one day you might have to cross them.
It is time that the regime and its advisers took time out for a bit of reflection and soul searching.
The current crisis presents a good opportunity for the so-called interim Prime Minister to front up to the Forum leaders' meeting in Port Moresby next week and to announce that he will take Fiji to elections in December 2009.
Eleven months is ample time to undertake the necessary preparations for elections under the current Constitution.
This would be a courageous step that would signal Fiji's return to the international community.
Even the USA is learning that the world today is about building alliances and partnerships, not destroying them.
The last two years have shown that we are adept at the latter.
It's nice to beat the drums and puff your chest out, but where will it get you?
Some good old fashioned courtesy and humility will go a long way.
Isolationism is not an option.
Constructive engagement is.
Fiji has been an independent country now for 38 years.
There is no returning to the womb.
Fiji's recent foreign policy shifts since the latest coup place us in the same league as Syria, North Korea and Iran.
The rhetoric of self-reliance and blaming your neighbours for all the country's ills may sound good, but it is hollow and comes at a huge price for a poor, aid-dependent country.
Maybe it's time to swallow our pride a bit and eat humble pie.
Maybe it's time to ditch the streak of stubbornness and arrogance which has been the modus operandi of the administration since its seizure of power.
When will we learn
The damage to infrastructure, agriculture and small business will easily run into the millions.
It would be foolish and unrealistic to think that as a country, we are capable on our own of fixing the mess left by the floods.
Put simply, we will need outside help.
The international community is more likely to be receptive to requests for assistance if they are assured that credible steps and specific timetables towards returning Fiji to a parliamentary democracy are in place.
Foreign governments are not comfortable handing out their hard earned taxpayers' dollars to regimes that are accountable to no one except themselves.
The effects of the financial meltdown on Wall Street are being felt across the four corners of the globe.
The days of unconditional development assistance are over, if they ever existed.
The mops, buckets and brooms are out in Nadi.
In six months maybe, there will be a semblance of normality. Our wannabe leaders and civil servants will return to their slumber and it will be business as usual. Attention to blocked drains, a sustainable and effective disaster management plan, assessments on the adverse impacts of logging on coastal towns etc will all be but forgotten.
When will Fiji ever learn?
We seem to be a country that continues to repeat the errors of the past.
If there was ever an opportunity for the regime to prove that it is capable of running this country, it was last week in the wake of the disaster.
If it can't get the job done, it should make way for those who can.
Armies the world over have little training in how to run a country.
Their raison d'etre is to defend a country against its external enemies and threats.
The regime should not take advantage of the patience of a docile and politically inert populace.
People can only take so much.
* Graham Leung is a former president of the Fiji Law Society. The views expressed here are his own and not those of The Fiji Times. Email:

Très Désabusé - another Fiji blogger which has posted some interesting blogs in 2007 on Fiji saga.

What they posted in 2007 & which Graham Leung is reiterating in his most recent article 'Alice in Blonderland' on Fiji Times Online 20/01/2009.


"A National Day For Prayer. Say a prayer for Fiji tomorrow citizens.Thursday, June 14. I will be at Sukuna Park @ 1: p.m wearing black. Before you break for lunch, wherever you are say a prayer for all the suffering and hardship people are going through today, those without jobs, those without food and children who cannot go to school. Those who have lost loved ones, lets pray for them. Sa cakacaka tiko na vu ni ca e Viti. Meda masulaki na noda Viti lomani. Kemuni na noda mai vavalagi, please say a prayer at the appointed hour. If you can go without food on that day and break after your prayers, believe that there is power in prayer, then let God do the talking after that. Pass this message around.God Bless Fiji.Tui.
June 12, 2007 5:26 PM

Très Désabusé - another Fiji blogger
Standing up for me, my children and my grandchildren....
Saturday, June 9, 2007

I salute you Graham Leung
I have just read Graham Leung's remarks at the 20th biennial LAWASIA conference and hope that all who read it, copy and redistribute it to as wide a forum as possible.This is one man. Standing up for what he believes in.He knows there will be a backlash. He knows he will be vilified - if not already. But he stood up at this forum full of his peers and he told it like it was. Without embellishment. He told the Truth.If there is any time that is right for the people to realise that the coup is not what it seems. It is now.We have to wake up from this lethargy.I ask the Law Society to stand up as one behind their own on that march to freedom and democracy.Your voice has to be heard. For us. Our children. Our grandchildren. Our future.And we will listen. And we will follow.Because we are many. We are poor. We are nothing. But we look to people like you to stand up for that oath you took to protect people like us.
Standing up for me, my children and my grandchildren....
Saturday, June 9, 2007

I salute you Graham Leung
I have just read Graham Leung's remarks at the 20th biennial LAWASIA conference and hope that all who read it, copy and redistribute it to as wide a forum as possible.This is one man. Standing up for what he believes in.He knows there will be a backlash. He knows he will be vilified - if not already. But he stood up at this forum full of his peers and he told it like it was. Without embellishment. He told the Truth.If there is any time that is right for the people to realise that the coup is not what it seems. It is now.We have to wake up from this lethargy.I ask the Law Society to stand up as one behind their own on that march to freedom and democracy.Your voice has to be heard. For us. Our children. Our grandchildren. Our future.And we will listen. And we will follow.Because we are many. We are poor. We are nothing. But we look to people like you to stand up for that oath you took to protect people like us.

'The Transfer of Power ': A Tribute to former President George Bush & now President Barack Obama .

Whilst our Fiji Children, Youths, Families & Individuals back in Fiji are just resurfacing from the onslaught of the recent National Disasters, we just cannot help but take a break and wish these two key figures 'Congratulations" for what they have done & will be doing for their American people & the rest of the world us included.

Bravo to the TWO!!!

Thank you Save the Children for your work in Fiji esp for the Fiji Flood Victims.

For those wanting to help out:

You can donate via our Community group @

Account Number:· 100012 030539:0244383 00
· Account Name: Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji)

Do send us an email if you wish to be acknowldged individually.

Funds raised will be given to Save the Children New Zealand for the Fiji Flood Victims.

Kia ora Tatou , 'Vinaka' & Thank you

Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji Team

Below is a story as featured in Fiji Times Online 22/01/2009.

School priority for Save the Children

Thursday, January 22, 2009

SAVE the Children Fund Fiji has taken on a challenge to help more than 1000 children coming from flood-affected families to get back to school.

Chief executive Chandra Shekhar said the Fund would provide the required school stationery, bags and bus fares where required and lunch provisions for a period of 10 weeks.

Mr Chandra said some school fees would be paid for needy students.

The Fund anticipates to help about 1500 children at more than $250,000.

Mr Shekhar said the Fund's focus was education because it might be given the least priority as families at the moment were struggling to rehabilitate themselves by meeting the immediate needs of food, water, shelter and clothing.

The Fund believes help will only ensure children continue school in a safe environment.

under the careful supervision of the teachers while the parents would be toiling to meet other family needs.

"SC Fiji staff teams are currently surveying the flood stricken localities to identify the number of children from each family needing assistance. This is being done in liaison with heads of schools and other authorities that are currently in action. The survey will determine, in a most-needs hierarchy, the children that are to be assisted," said Mr Shekhar.



Maori party launches Fiji floods fund

As writtem by Otago Daily Times: Click Link below:

The Maori Party is launching its own appeal for Fiji flood victims.

The party's co-leaders Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia today said they and their MPs would enlist the help of iwi radio stations and Maori Television to encourage New Zealanders to donate money to those affected by last week's flooding in Fiji.

Eleven people died in the floods, while thousands have been left homeless and tens of thousands put at risk of respiratory illnesses, malaria and dengue fever.

Mrs Turia said images of people being driven out of their homes were heartbreaking.

"We must create a climate in which the care and welfare of our neighbours is important, and in this respect the people of Fiji deserve our support." The party was setting up an account for the donations, which could be made through the ANZ bank.

Dr Sharples said Maori were usually not directly encouraged to get involved in general appeals, but the party was making a special effort to do so because the Fijian people were part of the same Pacific family.

Dr Sharples said the Maori Party itself would donate $10,000.

He said the party would take advice on the best way to use the money.

The Government has pledged $600,000 in aid.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reality Checks: "Current National Disasters brings Fiji's Interim Government to its knees" - A Chilling story!!

Graham takes us on a journey to get a glimpse of his 'Review & Analysis' of Fiji's Interim Government's Response to the current National Disaster

Graham reveals all in his article titled 'Alice in Blunderland' which appeared today Tuesday 20/01/2009. For those of us that resides offshore, this is a must read. One will have to take the Moral High Ground & accept the hard facts outlined in this article.

The article is very thought provoking, gripping, echoes 'the thin lines' Fiji is at with almost every thing from Fiji's Administrations, Economy,Sufferings,Needs,Rebuilding of Fiji, Pulse of the people in all walks, & most important the Response by Interim Government. Last, but not least 'The Blame Game' thats coming through the aftermath of the Floods, & thats in the air at the time of this posting. One wonders whether 'mud slinging' is the name of the game by those that are controlling the Fiji reign at the moment.....???

One can be assured the line of thoughts given by Graham is detailed, an educated view (after all he is the former President for Fiji Law Society & also former head of the Electoral Commission and got sidetracked by none other than someone we all know!!) & Graham is versed with current legalese words that can describe Fiji at its worst.

Thank you Graham for such an eye opening article.

Footnote: Read more about Graham's previous stand on Fiji issues via this blog link:

Adi Samanunu
For the article check out the Fiji Times link below:

An Old Irish Blessings for the People of Fiji especially the Flood Victims & those that are suffering.

An Old Irish Blessing
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
A Tribute to Sr Loyola SM who has just celebrated her 90th Birthday in' Flood Stricken Nadi' in Fiji. This also includes all those Irish Missionaries/ Marist Nuns, Priests, Church Ministers of other denominations, Brothers & Lay people and Business entrepreneurs that helped educated & shaped or funded any of these Children of Fiji in the hey days & and are still now.

Sr Loyola was a shining role model for the students of Loreto High School in the old Capital of Levuka on the Island of Ovalau, she taught until she retired.

In one of her comments to someone that recently visited her at Marist Convent in Nadi after her birthday, quote:
" Oh its so wonderful to know that all these young women I had taught still remembers me for example, Ro Temumu Kepa, Na Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, The highest ranking Chief of the Burebasaga Province & others still come and visit me. I must have been good to them."

We wish you well Sr Loyala.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Special announcement as presented
by Adi Samanunu on behalf of the Trustees & Advisors for Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji.
Text written in Native Fijian Language.
An English version will be given upon request.

Radio Interview
Host Nemai @ Fijian Radio network
Date : 17/01/2009
Time 8.41pm

Ni sa bula vinaka mai o kemuni kece sara na noda o ni sa mai vaka I tikotiko voli oqo e Aotearoa. Era nanumi talega o ira na wekada mai Rotuma, o ira na Banaban se Kilivate, o ira na Idia, Valagi, China, kei ira kece sara na noda vasu ka vaka kina oira na Pacifica era tubu cake mai se a susugi mai ena noda vanua o Viti.

E kerei walega me da solia e ‘Dua na Miniti’(Minute of Silence) meda nanumi ira tou na lewe tinikadua ka sa kilai tiko ni ra mai leqa ena vukuni vaka caca ni kena mai luvu eso na vanua vakabibi mai na vualiku kei na yasayasa vaka ra. E oka talega ga eke o oira kece sara na wekada mai Viti ka ra sotava tu ena gauna oqo na dredre ni bula se leqa ena draki ca ka mai vakacaca sara vaka levu.

Ena vukudratou na veiluitaki se Trustees ni soqosoqo na Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) e Aotearoa keirau via vakaraitaka taumada na neitou vaka vinavinaka vei Nemai na marama dau kacikacivaki e na retio oqo ena nona solia edua na gauna me rawa kina ni da mai veiwasei ena so nai tuvatuva ni veivuke kina noda vanua lomani o Viti ka sa namunamuci tu oqo e Aotearoa.

E vei tomani tiko ena vei talanoa oqo kei au o Sally Bialas na marama ni Koro vaka turaga o Sevaci, Tikina o Vaturova, yasana ko Cakaudrove. Na marama oqo e dua talega vei iratou na Trustees enai soqosoqo qo na Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji). E na qai solia o Sally edua na tukutuku lekaleka me baleta ga na veika e yaco tiko mai Viti vaka bibi ena so na vanua e dredre tiko kina na veitaratara se na veivuke me yaco yani kina.

Vei kemuni beka na loma tarotaro taka tu - se se qai rogoca vakadua na I soqosoqo oqo; au na wasea ga yani e vica na veika baleti tiko nai soqosoqo. E sega ni yalani o cei me mai lewena ka soli raraba tu na veisureti vei kemuni kece sara mo ni mai veitokoni. E dui kaikai na lewe ni soqosoqo oqo ka sega ni vaka tabaki dua ena dua na mata tamata – tabuyani. O koya ga e kila ni dua na kenai tiki e Viti se vei ira na vulagi ka ra via kila tu na veika baleti keda, qo na I soqosoqo era rawa ni ra mai lewena. Soli tuga na galala mo mai lewena ka sega ni yalani na koro cava ga o tu kina e Aotearoa. Na veika tale eso baleta na soqosoqo erawa ni qai wiliki ena kena website. (se) kei na luveiviti@vuw vei ira era vuli se cakacaka ena Victoria University e Wellington.

Nai soqosoqo qo e davo toka ena loma ni bai ni veiliutaki mai vei iratou na Save the Children New Zealand ka vaka rawarawa taka tu kina na veika vakai vola me vaka ni da kila vinaka na dredre ni kena cicivaki edua nai soqosoqo. Esa yabaki 07 na kena a mai tauyavu taki.

E vica na ulutaga keirau na via wasea toka yani vei kemuni raraba ena bogi nikua.

· Na leqa se ‘National Disaster’ e yaco tiko mai Viti ena qai vosa tiko o Sally ena tikina oqo.
· Na vakadidike se ‘research & analysis’ ni veivuke se ‘Response’ e laurai ni sa vakatura na Matanitu e Aotearoa
· (New Zealand Government) kei ira na vei Community tale eso e Aotearoa: Unicef, Save the Children NZ, NZ Salvation Army, Red Cross, Fiji Indian Community through Radio Tarana se Apna kei na Lotu Waisele (wasewase vaka Viti) mai Wellington vata kei keitou na Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji)
· Na veika esa tukuni mai vei keitou mai vei ira na kena dau ni taumada sara ga na kena sagai me vaka vinaka taki na medra wai, aya e soli vei ira na vuanikau me vaka vinaka taka kina nai vakatagedegede ni medra wai. E laurai na vanua era laki vaka ruru tu kina, nai sulu, tutuvi kei na kakana kei na nodra qaravi vaka vuniwai o ira era tauvimate se mavoa.
· E leqa taki sara tiko vaka levu na vu cake mai ni vei Tauvimate ni na gauna e oti kina na uca kei na draki ca. Sa kerei tiko oira na lewe ni vanua mai Viti me ra qaqarauni sara ena tikina oqo.
· Oqo gona eso na vanua esa tuvanaki tu mai vei ira na kena dau ka a vakadewataki mai ki NZ me na gole kina na veivuke esa yaco tiko yani.
· Mai na veitalanoa vata kei ira na veta i cake e laurai tiko ni sa sagai sara vakalevu me ra na rawa ni gole yani ki Vuli o ira nai solisoli ka me na qai ra vukei ena veika vaka vuli, na peni, nai vola se kakana kei na veika tale vakaoqo. E sa vakadeitaki mai ni sa toso na gauna ni vuli mai Viti me na qai tekevu enai ka 26 January ga oqo.
· Na neitou vaka mamasu vei kemuni na noda lewe ni vanua mo ni veivuke ena kena soli nai loloma vaka i lavo me rawa da veivuke kina vei ira gone. Nai solisoli kece vakai lavo se i loloma ena soli mai ena qai soli vei iratou na Save the Children New Zealand me veivuke ena veituvatuva baleti ira na gone vuli mai Viti kas sa tukuni toka e cake.
· Ke rawa ni koni gole ga ena dua na Westpac Branch ena vei yasana ga o ni tu kina ka vaka curuma edua na nomuni soli ena:
· Account Number:
· 100012 030539:0244383 00
· Account Name: Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji)

. email:,

Friday, January 16, 2009

'Most recent Fiji Flood Photos' as sent in by Ratu MJ Radrodro of Suva taken by his colleagues, Fiji.


Eye witness photographers capturing some unforgettable shots of people trying to make sense of the whole National Disaster thats hitting Fiji right now.

To the Ordinary People of Fiji - though we may not be there with you all, our FAMILIES, CHILDREN, FAMILIES, LOVED ONES, FRIENDS,NEIGHBORS & ALL - Our Hearts are with you & we are doing our very best to help you all through these very very difficult times of National Disaster.


We leave you with a Reflections from an author named, Greg Herrick Th.M., Ph.D. ( the famous Psalm: 23


" We live in a world in which many, if not most, people are engulfed with fear and anxiety. Some fear the future; they’re anxious about what’s going to happen. Others fear the past and they’re anxious about what has happened. And still others fear even the present, anxiety has gripped their souls and they cannot imagine how they can cope with the ugliness of present circumstances in their lives. Thousands of people each day wake up with untold burdens to bear and anxiety with which they must deal. Are you one of these? Bearing secretly a heavy burden...."unquote


May God Bless the Ordinary Grassroot people of Fiji that are experiencing difficulties at this time.

Your host: Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Comunity Group in Aotearoa.

'SPECIAL 'MANA' OR 'LOLOMA' is pouring in to help the 'Grassroot People' of Fiji from NZ

Hot off the Press!!! Friday 16 Januray 2009
5 minutes ago the Governement via TVNZ, Radio networks, NewstalkZB & Radio NZ are all reporting that NZ Govt. has pledged a further financial 'Stimulus Package' to alleviate the sufferings of Ordinary Fijians, Rotumans, Banabans, Indo-Fijians, Europeans, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Part Europeans, & others that make up the Fiji population & as a result of the recent National Disaster in Fiji.

Reports from Fiji after days of heavy downpour & more bad weather are aniticipated. Meanwhile thousands of people are homeless & looking for shelter & warmth, food, medical care etc, as well as loosing their homes & belongings & at least 11 people are dead & some still missing.

Prior to this the NZ Governement had initially given an amount of $100,000
via NGOs or Aid Agencies but not directly to the current Military Regime.

As quoted from Radio NZ, "The Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says $300,000 will go towards supplying items identified as being urgently needed - in particular water tanks and containers, purification tablets and rehydration salts.
Up to a further $200,000 will be available for organisations with an established presence in affected areas, subject to a proposal process.
The Government says it will consider further requests for assistance as more detailed assessments come in from Fiji.



This is indeed well received by the Fiji Comunnity in Aotearoa & we are deeply humbled by this gesture. As the expert from the MET office in Nadi said earlier in his statement, quote, 'This is the worst of its kind that has ever hit Fiji during his watch at the weather office..."unquote.

Another very relaible source in the Rural area out in Taveuni over the Northern part of Fiji says in her text, quote,


Fijian version

"Keimami sa vakaloloma e Viti. Keimami vakila tiko na cagi kaukauwa kei na uca bi. Sa kerea meda vei nanumi ga ena masu ena gauna dredre oqo. Loloma.

nb..The 'wrath of God' has started up a Clean up Campaign for Fiji!!..unquote

English version:

We are in a very sad state in Fiji. We are experiencing strong winds & heavy downpour from heavy rains. We ask for your prayers during these difficult times. Regards.


Your host:Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community group in Aotearoa


NZ may give Fiji more aid says Prime Minister John Key via TVNZ - one news & NewstalkZB (ref link)

Friday: 16 January 2006 @6.15pm
A REFLECTION BY - Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community grp


to the Hon. Prime Minister -John Key & the People of Aotearoa/NZ
for your support to the people of Fiji at this difficult times & especially when the political climate back in Fiji is so very 'FLUID' at this point in time.

It is warming to hear that NZ Government has looked to the Grassroot People of Fiji more so than the 'flip=flop' happenings that have inflicted Fiji's administration over the last year or so.

Two hours or so ago Hon. John Key revealed his plans so read more details as to what s written in the above link:

New Zealand remains open to giving more aid to flood stricken Fiji.
The government has already allocated $100,000 but Fiji is seeking more help after heavy rain and flooding caused substantial infrastructure damage.
Prime Minister John Key says more financial assistance may be given to Fiji via Non Government Organisations.
He says Foreign Affairs officials are looking at the matter and assessments are being made as to whether more aid is required.
Eleven people have died, including several village children, since the tropical storm began lashing the coast last Friday.
Almost 10,000 people have been displaced, while more than 300 businesses have been destroyed in the tourist town of Nadi alone.
Fiji's weather bureau has predicted more wind and rain in coming days but says the tropical depression is very unlikely to develop into a cyclone.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

UNICEF Provides Aid To Flood-Hit Fiji
Thursday, 15 January 2009, 1:38 pm
Press Release: UNICEF

UNICEF Provides Emergency Aid Supplies To Flood-Hit Fiji

Wellington, 15 January 2009. – UNICEF has supplied almost $37,000-worth of medical, water and sanitation supplies to help people made homeless in Fiji’s flooding.

The Fiji authorities declared a state of emergency on Monday in its western region, which have been affected most by flooding. At least eight people have died and thousands left homeless.

UNICEF Fiji has provided relief supplies to the Fiji Ministry of Health to help children and families sheltering in evacuation centres in western areas. The supplies include 1,000 collapsible water containers, 4,800 water purification tablets, 2,000 one-litre packets of oral rehydration salts, and a range of medicines.

Rough seas have delayed delivery of five 1,500 litre water storage containers, but these are expected to be sent within the next day or two.

Fiji’s interim government has requested further relief supplies to meet immediate relief efforts. These include 16,000 oral rehydration salts packages, 6,000 family water containers and 16,000 water purifying tablets. UNICEF Pacific has stock on hand to provide almost all of these supplies and is currently releasing its pre-positioned stock as well as ordering additional supplies.

UNICEF staff are carrying out assessments on the situation of children in 18 evacuation centres in Fiji’s Western (Sigatoka and Nadi) and Central (Nausori) Divisions. Assessment results will provide a basis for a potential response with
further relief supplies.



Latest news - Relief Agencies are moving in to assist the Flood Stricken Families of Fiji. Salvation Army in NZ have also mobilised a National appeal for Kiwis to come forward & give generously.

We do sincerely thank these donors for their kind efforts to those Families & their Loved ones that are suffering or struggling to find Clean Water, Sanitation, Warmth, Food,Shelter, Medical Supplies & Attentions to those injured or sick & the list goes on...

God Bless the Families & their Children in Fiji.

Host: Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Aotearoa

A Prayer for Fiji as written by Peceli & Wendy's blogspot

Saturday, January 10, 2009
A prayer for Fiji
from w
When there are disrupting and unforgiving floods in many parts of Fiji it's an opportunity for neighbours to pull together, and they often do this in Fiji. In troubled times people can become generous and barriers put there by schemers and plotters are lowered. Others of course are opportunists and that's why two towns in Fiji have curfews at present to stop possible looting. Our prayers go out to all the people affected by the floods that occur in low-lying areas and near rivers. Meanwhile the politicking goes on and we pray for sensitivity, good sense, and good listening in the word-fests that are going on this month in relation to Fiji, a country of such possibilities and beauty.

Francis of Assisi says it better:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury,pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Below are some pictures forwarded from Ratu M. Jioji Radrodro of Taveuni, residing in Suva which had been taken by Abhay Nand & sent out regarding 'Flood in Ba...' Jan 09'.

The flood stricken town of Ba & the rest of the affected areas in Fiji will indeed pose alot of health risks for Infants, Children, Youths & Families alike. The pictures is enough to tell us all. As the saying goes, quote, "Pictures are worth a thousands of words." unquote. (author unknown).

It is a sad state particularly when Fiji's Economy is so down & out at the moment & excercebated by the current 'Global Crunch'. These most recent Natural Disaster of Jan 09 is almost the final straw for the people of Fiji.

Do take the time to reflect on what the families of those that has lost loved ones & are suffering at this very moment due this.

Please, remember these people, should there be some sort of appeal going in your neighborhood or country for the Flood Victims of Fiji.

For our Kiwi Fiji Community, there will be an announcement in the next day or so & you will all be updated via Radio networks, community emails, word of mouths, this blog & other sources, as to whats the 'PLAN'.
Do keep tuning in.

Lets hold hands in Prayers & keep that Candle lit - for all those that believe in Divine Providence, that there will indeed be some sort of Relief (s) given & reaches every affected infants, children, youths & their families during these very difficult times.

Your host:
The Core Team for Luvei Viti(Children of Fiji) Community Group in Aotearoa.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Ordinary People of Fiji suffers yet again but this time from Natural Disaster.

News from Fiji states further floods are expected as per the Fiji Met office.
Police are warning families to ensure their chidlren are kept away from danger areas as there has been two teenage deaths already.

Nadi, Ba and Sigatoka are the worst affected towns on Viti Levu Island and the North part of Fiji. Superintendent Erami Raibe more than 6000 people have already been evacuated - and will remain in evacuation centres until the worst is over. 8 people are reported dead & few are missing.

A recent text message from a close contact in flooded stricken Nadi says, shopping for them can only be done in Martintar & Namaka as all the town areas are under water. Those with trucks or lorries are lucky as they can get through but for others its a wait & see until the flood water level resides.

As noted by Radio NZ , ...."the Red Cross intends to try to deliver a truck load of supplies on Tuesday to about 1000 people in a remote part of Viti Levu Island.
A 3-tonne truck loaded with dry clothing, shelter and first aid is to go into the Wainibuka River area. Disaster manager, Vuli Gauna, says the Red Cross has not been able to get to this particular northern are because the roads have been washed out. But he says a team will set out on Tuesday morning despite a forecast of more bad weather.

Luvei Viti (Children fo Fiji) Community group is closely monitoring the situation & will be letting the Fiji Community in Aotearoa of what the proposed plans of actions after consultation with Save the Children New Zealand.

Do watch this Space.

The Luvei Viti Core Team

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Congratulations to Fiji Youths for forming a new group in Fiji

Fiji Times
/ Front page / News
Fiji has new youth group
Sunday, January 11, 2009
Update: 11:35AM FIJI has a new youth group - Youth Inc - a brainchild of some youth workers who believe there is a need to have one.
But unlike other youth groups, Youth Inc strives to assist youths overcome challenges in life such as accessing education and other facilities.
The non-governmental organisation focuses on catering the issues of youths between the ages of 12 years to 24 years through a case management system.
Its main areas of focus are youth development programs, education, training and research, healthy lifestyles and youth justice.
"Most groups do cater for the youths but they do not monitor the progress of these youths," says case manager Olive Compain.
"We would like to know where our youths are, where do they reach after we train them."
Youth Inc has life skills trainers and other skilled personnel who at some point worked with the Youth Ministry.
"We are a small team but we will cater for all youths who need our assistance," says Ms Compain.
Youth Inc is located at Suite 1, Level 1, Vanua House in Victoria Parade. Youths can contact the organisation through 3547568 or email: - All about Fiji
Things you can do in Fiji: is the definitive - and curent - guide to Fiji for locals and visitors.
» Where to stay» Good places to eat & restaurant reviews» Movie guide and trailers» Things to do and see» Upcoming events for your calendar

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