Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fiji Day Celebrations In Wellington NZ

10 Th October 2008

Bula Night was held on Friday night for the young & young at hearts. The evening was a buzz with lots of Fiji music & everyone ending up in a 'tuiboto' led by none other but our favourites Sam & Soko (Jone Naivalu).
We felt at home with our music & surrounded by those that just wanted to have fun. It was a success. Our most senior there was Bubu Kelera who also chose the lucky winners of best bula dressed male & female. The winners were Sam - best Bula shirt & Bubu Kelera's Rarotongan friend who wore a beautiful idland muumuu.

The party ended around 2am Saturday morning.
11th October 2008

Kids Fun & family day

We had children coming through from 1pm to 5pm just to have fun. They drew what they remember of Fiji. We had their fingers imprinted. Took lots of photos. We sang & played & drew lucky prizes for best drawings etc. We painted children's faces & they loved it.

All in all everyone had fun.

We managed to pull the event together for the "Love of our homeland Fiji".

We bid you farewell in memories of all our forefathers & forgone leaders of yesteryears & to those upcoming ones, that have a genuine & authentic interest of Fiji in their hearts.

We leave you to recall the 'lyrics of the famous song as written by the Paramount Chief of the Vanua o Lau & our former President & former Prime Minister, Hon. Ratu Sir Sir Kamisese Mara

" Ciri Koto" (English - Floating by)

& one other very popular Fijian song titled "Na noqu Mataciva"

English transalation - 'My Pearl' in this instance is FIJI!

From the Luvei Viti Core Team.
Sally Bialas, Valencia Mar-Melesea, Elisapeci Samanunu Waqanivalu, Taniela Naitini
Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Wellington NZ. www.huttcity.com/luveiviti email: luvei.viti.community@gmail.com

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